Where Will PlayStation Show Off Their Games In 2019, If Not E3?

Sony will not be hosting a press conference at E3 2019, but they do have games to show off, like Last Of Us Part 2. Where will they do it?

By now, we all know that Sony will not be attending next year's E3 event. This was a notable blow to the gaming convention, as PlayStation exclusives typically get a lot of buzz at the show. During this year's E3, two of the most tweeted about games were The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding, according to Twitter statistics. Fans always look forward to seeing what Sony will announce, and what new details the company will unveil. That will not happen next year, which begs the question: where else will Sony showcase its games?

E3 Isn't The Only Show In Town

E3 is not the only major gaming convention. The Game Awards continues to be an important ceremony for the industry. Not only is it dedicated to handing out awards, it is also home to the announcing of new titles. (As an example, Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch was announced during The Game Awards 2017.) Gamescom is another notable convention. Another well-known convention is the Tokyo Game Show. There is also PlayStation Experience, held by Sony itself, and has featured notable announcements. The recent God of War title was announced during the first North American PlayStation Experience, in 2014. Sony did not hold a PlayStation Experience this year in North America due to not having enough new content, according to SIE Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden on the PlayStation podcast. That should not be the case next year.

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One thing to take note of is that Sony seems to be exploring new ways to bring news to the community. In a statement to Game Informer, Sony said they "are exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019 and can’t wait to share our plans with you." This is an important thing to analyze. Clearly, Sony wants to forgo E3, not because of a lack of content, but because the company wants to try something different. Nintendo has found great success in abandoning the traditional stage presence in favor of pre-recorded videos. Going back to the Twitter statistics, Nintendo dominated Twitter during E3 2018, ranking #1 in every category. Perhaps Sony wants to try something similar?

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The PlayStation Experience Could Come Back

It is largely possible that Sony will bring back PlayStation Experience in conjunction with whatever new thing it has planned. There are a number of notable PS4 titles in development that would be perfect for PlayStation Experience. One can assume that we will hear more information on The Last of Us Part II. A release date is likely, as the game was announced during PlayStation Experience in 2016, two years ago. Meanwhile, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima are contenders for new information. Of course, one can expect to see brand new game announcements next year as well.

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Yes, it is a disappointment that Sony will not be attending E3. But, one can expect big things from the company in 2019 regardless. There are a number of major game shows, and a possible comeback for PlayStation Experience. It is also exciting to consider what new idea Sony is considering to engage the community with. Whether it be a new type of presentation, or video recording like a Nintendo Direct, it will be interesting to see. This doesn't necessarily spell doom for E3 as a convention either. Nintendo and Microsoft will be present at E3 in 2019, and the event is still the most popular convention for video games. However, with Sony doing its own thing in 2019, and assuming it is successful, it will be fascinating to see how things are in 10 years from now.

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