20 PlayStation Games Currently In Development (And 10 Possibilities)

This console generation has begun to wind down as it walks towards its third act. It's been an eventful couple of years that has seen plenty of ups and downs for all the major manufacturers. Each console has its pros and cons, as well as their adamant loyal followings at this moment.

Still, it has to be said; even though Nintendo recently came out swinging with the runaway success Nintendo Switch and a shellshocked Microsoft is gearing up to make some major moves for the next console cycle—there is very little doubt that Sony and the Playstation 4 have reigned supreme this entire generation.

Recently, the brand has taken some blows with their stance against console cross-play, non-backward compatibility, and their lackluster game streaming service—but one thing you never hear anyone complaining is their actual content. Why? Because they deliver games, games, and more games!

When it comes to serving up exclusive game experiences you can find on your PS console and nowhere else, Sony is your fixer with this generation has only helped cement that notion as concrete. Even as our current gaming generation has a good two peak years left in it, Sony is still busy blazing the big guns with some great exclusives; from Triple-A blockbusters, to quirky indies, to immersive VR experiences.

This list charts every Exclusive PS4 game that is confirmed in the making, plus speculates anything that is a sure-bet possibility of being worked on. So let us observe the anticipated, the oddly fascinating, and the just plain weird that the PlayStation 4 has planned for us in the upcoming future...

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30 In Development: Ghost Of Tsushima

via: egmnow.com

Despite being one of Sony's star developers, Sucker Punch Productions only made Infamous: Second Son this generation. That was a fun PS4 launch game but was also pretty forgettable—and the weakest out the series.

At PSX 2017 though, they showed off this sleek new I.P they had been toiling away at. Last E3 we also got a stunning sample of gameplay.

Feeling like a hybrid of the Arkham series, Tenchu and Kurosawa cinema classics then glazed over with some incredible graphics—it’s no surprise this has shot up to being one of the most anticipated upcoming PS4 exclusives.

29 In Development: Star Child

via: digitaltrends.com

Respected indie publisher GameTrust Games moves fully into I.P. development with this promising PSVR title. Set in a vibrant colorful Sci-Fi world that feels like a warm slice of Metroid meets Tron.

While it’s available to play as a standard PS4 game, the demo reviews have said the only way to experience it—is in full Virtual Reality. PSVR fans keep your eyes posted on this one when it launches on December 31st.

28 Possibility: New Ratchet & Clank

via: stmed.net

Insomniac Games created four Ratchet & Clank games for the PS2, then a whopping six of them for the PS3. How many did the PS4 get?… One.

Seems odd that the franchise has stagnated since it’s one of Sony’s most championed.

Sure, the studio has their hands full with the current launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man but that hasn't stopped them in the past. With every big title, they usually have a B-Team working on (at least) a smaller scale entry of this series. Don't be surprised if a new installment is announced before years end.

27 In Development: Days Gone

via: gameplaying.info

Out of all of PS4’s upcoming Triple-A exclusives, Days Gone tracks the lowest on the excitement scale.

It doesn’t look like a bad game, just an overly familiar one; the color palette, morose tone and the apocalyptic horror setting all echo Last Of Us. A number of production delays haven't done its buzz any favors either.

Well, finally a release date of February 22 is set and a lengthy gameplay demo showed it off as a deep and intriguing open-world experience. The public hasn’t really bitten though—if it's worthy, let's hope it gets some much-deserved sleeper success.

26 In Development: MediEvil Remaster

via: powerup-gaming.com

The massive success of Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy has lead to ground-up remakes of PS1 games being a hot commodity. Spyro is getting an upcoming re-release.

Also, Sony has announced a fully polished-up version of MediEvil; a fun if completely forgotten hack-n-slash puzzle title.

No gameplay footage has been shown off yet but the potential is ripe for this Gothic and cartoony game to get a new coat of paint, it was one of the PS1’s most charming titles and deserves a chance in the spotlight again.

25 Possibility: Bloodborne 2

via: heavy.com

PS4 exclusive Bloodborne was honestly the first must-have title for the console. Since then From Software has been more than busy; it definitively wrapped up Dark Souls and announced three in-development games.

While the revealed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice takes a similar template to a Soulsborne title, it is also blatantly attempting to subvert and step away from the formula.

So, where the heck is everyone's Bloodborne fix? It’s a massively championed title and a major brand for Sony—it would be crazy to think it hasn’t at least been discussed by this point. Some rumors clarify that is just the case—but we'll have to wait for From's current slate to free up though.

24 In Development: Death Stranding

via: ign.com

The brutal break-up between Hideo Kojima and Konami was one of the most surprising dramas to hit the gaming industry in recent times. Luckily, Sony was there to pick up the pieces and financed Kojima’s start-up and brand new I.P.

The game has been shown off on a handful of occasions, yet its bizarre nature has left most people scratching their heads.

One thing for sure; it’s like nothing else on the market, plus it's the first time that Kojima has been completely let off his chain. The final result will likely be weird and confusing but there's little doubt that it'll have the entire industries attention regardless—let's hope the hype pays off.

23 In Development: Concrete Genie

via: blog.eu.playstation.com

Sony’s PlayStation brand has been synonymous with big AAA franchises, yet in recent years they’ve also come to be known for the financing of a handful of lower-key yet critically adored digital titles (e.g. Journey, Unfinished Swan).

Critical buzz is brewing about this carefully made and unique title. One hopes it’s able to join the ranks of its respected peers; with a lush art-style and a compelling main play-mechanic, it certainly has the potential to do so.

22 Possibility: Agent

via: gamingbolt.com

In 2007, Rockstar Games announced it was developing a Cold War-era spy game exclusively for the PS3. A logo was released, and that’s all we heard ever since.

Rockstar has never officially cancelled the game (it’s even still posted on their website) but it's basically gone—or is it?

Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire all stagnated in development turmoil with the studio for prolonged periods but all eventually released. Could Agent still be in the pipeline? If it is, it might’ve gone through an evolution, not to mention have lost its Sony exclusivity—but never say never.

21 In Development: Dreams

via: digitaltrends.com

Critical darlings Media Molecule have graced Sony consoles with endearingly inventive games like Little BigPlanet and Tearaway. Their most recent game was announced early in the PS4’s lifecycle but it has been radio silent for many years—last E3 finally some substantial gameplay was released and it looks wildly ambitious.

Taking the level-building concepts of LBP and evolving it to a whole other level; it’s a fully playable video game that essentially allows you to create fully playable video games and post them as ‘dreams’. Who knows if the concept will pay-off? One has to admire Molecule for trying though.

20 In Development: Erica

via: mcvuk.com

Coming to PS4's PlayLink system; a software that lets you interact with games via Smartphone (and has yet to make any substantial impact). Erica also takes that rare notion of creating a video game from of live-action footage—something that has nary gelled in the past.

Regardless, what has been shown remains intriguing; a tense cinematic tale where all your actions (in theory) will have major repercussions on the bigger picture.

PlayLink is likely to disappear quite soon without anyone really noticing, while this interactive adventure is the closest we’re getting to a stellar app for it—fingers crossed it pays off.

19 Possibility: Ico Remake

via: coolstufftheblog.wordpress.com

One of this year's highest-rated titles was the revamped Shadow Of The Colossus for the PS4. It was also a massive commercial success, which is weird considering the original PS2 game was mediocre in the sales (even though it grew a massive cult reputation).

With its late success story, why wouldn’t the same treatment be given its spiritual predecessor (and equally underselling) Ico?

The gameplay holds up incredibly well and it’s influence across the industry (especially the indie scene) is undeniable. It seems like a sure-bet that BluePoint Games should focus on this one next.

18 In Development: Final Fantasy VII Remake

via: wccftech.com

At a PS3 launch demo, it showcased Final Fantasy VII cutscenes remade in (then) spanking new tech—ever since, gamers have been obsessed with the chances of Square Enix remaking this beloved classic for the modern age.

The long-sought rumor was finally confirmed that the Enix was officially developing it for the PS4 exclusively.

Then a whole bunch of stalling and false starts occurred. Be patient though, it will come but the company is going to take their sweet time. Fingers crossed it arrives before the PS5.

17 In Development: Blood & Truth

via: uploadvr.com

Virtual Reality seems like it would go hand-in-hand with a first-person shooter experience; weirdly, there’s been more misses then hits in this department, although one enjoyable diversion was London Heist for the PSVR.

Sony’s London Studio is carrying on what they started there, with an ambitious VR game that expands on the world of UK’s thuggish underworld for a visceral action experience.

All hands-on previews have unanimously given the game the thumbs up—of course, we can’t fully judge until release time, yet things look very promising indeed.

16 Possibility: Killzone 5

via: pushsquare.com

Hey look! It’s that Sony exclusive shooter franchise that is just alright.

While all the installments have been technical marvels, the stories and mythology never hit compelling heights. Realistically it could never be what Halo was to Microsoft—even if Sony tried their darnedest.

Yet, Guerrilla Games are in a really interesting place currently. With the staff working at the peak of their talent and creativity.

It’s been heavily rumored that a 5th entry is in development and for the first time, people are excited for what they might have in store.

15 In Development: Shenmue III

via: gamepur.com

The first Shenmue released on the Sega Dreamcast, pulling in weak sales but a dedicated following, It then received an Xbox released sequel—it also sadly sold mediocre.

After almost twenty years, it was revealed the third entry was coming and would be a PS4 console exclusive—wow, that’s nearly an exclusive console for every entry.

Over a decade of hype building plus a following of gamings most ardent and determined fans; this is going to have a lot to live up to—at least now we going to be able to find out if it actually can.

14 In Development: WiLD

via: es.ign.com

Announced way back in 2014 at Gamescom, this PS4 exclusive was a procedurally open-world adventure game set in the caveman period.

It looked gorgeous, intriguing and ridiculously ambitious...and that’s all she wrote, since the game has not been heard or seen since.

The game's curtain of silence, Far Cry: Primal stealing its thunder, not to mention, game director Michel Ancel finally getting the green-light on his passion project (Beyond Good & Evil 2) elsewhere—it hasn't done WiLD any favors. Regardless, it was an exciting enough project for most to hope it sees the light of day eventually.

13 Possibility: PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale 2

via: geekreply.com

Sony’s smash-up of classic PS characters in a co-op arena fighter was a fun idea that was a blast to play and set-up a series with massive potential.

It was also a blatant rip-off of Nintendo’s Smash Bros franchise.

Shame it could never shake off that connotation since most gamers ignored it on principle, as it sold terribly and had all its ongoing DLC axed only after a few months of launch.

In recent years though, it has gained a cult following, with murmurings that Sony is attempting a second go of the concept—fingers crossed it's true because it's rife for potential.

12 In Development: Trover Saves The Universe

via: uploadvr.com

Anyone here love Rick And Morty? Yeah, that former cult cartoon has definitely reached massive mainstream success in the last couple of years, making co-creator Justin Roiland a suddenly hot commodity. He's co-founded Squanch Games in the meanwhile, with their first title launching exclusively on PSVR.

The brief trailer looks colorful yet hilariously vulgar and with plenty of trademark weird characters, familiar voice-actors and out-there humor.

Cartoon talent doesn't always translate well over to games, yet the South Park RPG series has recently proven otherwise—let's hope Roiland hits the same notes of quality.

11 In Development: Left Alive

via: gamingbolt.com

This interesting looking exclusive title from Square Enix is in their niche Front Mission universe (taking place between part 5 and Evolved).

Despite its connection with that Mech focused series, it features less epic robot battling and instead on creating a tough survival/shooter experience.

Word on the title is still vague and hands-on previews have been mixed—regardless, it still has plenty of potentials to do something distinct with a tried-and-true formula—let’s wait and find out.

10 Possibility: God Of War Reboot 2

via: screenrant.com

Sure, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still incoming—until then, Game Of The Year of 2018 is firmly held by the God Of War reboot. Cory Balrog returned to the tired franchise and refreshed it whilst paying tribute to what came before it.

Asides from a teaser ending implying more story coming, it's also been the highest-selling entry of the franchise and a unanimous critical darling—a sequel is a no-brainer.

Balrog has had enough time to bask in the praise, take a much-needed vacation and return to work. Early development has likely begun on where Kratos and Son are headed next.

9 In Development: Megalith

via: uploadvr.com

So let’s just be direct about this one; it’s a PSVR game that lets you play for gigantic fire-breathing titan—yeah, that’s all I needed to be sold, thank you very much.

Add to that a gorgeous visual style that lands somewhere between cell-shading and Studio Ico stylings.

Also an odd yet intriguing MOBA element—apparently you will be competing with other online Titans in the campaign—that gives this VR game an entirely unique stance from its competition.

8 In Development: Knights And Bikes

via: shacknews.com

Double Fine, the critical darlings of all games unique and colorful, are ‘Presenting’ this title, yet it’s truly the product of Foam Sword—a new Indie company started by two of Little Big Planet’s staff.

Essentially the game is The Goonies meets Secret Of Mana yet set in Cornwall. If that isn't enough to get an Indie lovers attention, it’s also married to a gob-smacking cartoon style with the added bonus of enjoyable co-op and RPG elements.

It’s coming to PSN exclusively (for the time being) and looks likely to earn a similar pedigree to it’s Double Fine indie peers—a low-key sleeper success that reaps plenty of praise and awards.

7 Possibility: Metal Gear Solid 1 Remake

via: youtube.com

Final Fantasy VII is getting a PS4 remake, so where the heck is that other PS1 classic's modern refresh?

Technically this title already received a remake for the Gamecube, but that’s a while ago.

Also, it’s unavailable on other platforms and made tonally inconsistent changes to the original story (e.g. Snake back-flipping off a fired rocket).

Rumors about a remake have persisted and since Konami is determined to milk the heck out of this franchise (a.k.a the only reason Metal Gear Survive exists) why wouldn’t they invest in this prosperous retread? It's only been demanded for over a decade!

6 In Development: Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise

via: criticalhit.net

Last year, the Yakuza franchise finally emerged out of the niche ghetto and into some much-deserved success (it also helped that Yakuza 0 is likely the best out the franchise).

With Team Yakuza bringing the series full-circle this year with Yakuza 6, they were able to put their talented focus on creating a spin-off (in mechanics and gameplay only) that's a loose adaptation of an insane anime cult classic.

Plenty of explosive punches, weird humor and odd side-quests are expected to commence. It took a while for this title to be localized for the West, but the wait is soon finally over.

5 In Development: Tetris Effect

via: vrfocus.com

The talented fellows behind Rez Infinite must have been sitting around and pondering about things they enjoy the most; “We enjoy PSVR…and we also enjoy Tetris.” The conclusion was to smash those two suckers together!

Yep, we’re getting that enticing combination coming in full-force exclusively to PlayStations VR platform.

It’s a big catch for Sony and it's fairly niched VR user-base—but there’s no doubting that waving your hands around frantically to align and dissolve blocks is a much better method then smashing one’s Gameboy against the floor.

4 Possibility: Infamous 4

via: pushsquare.com

This superhero franchise was one of Sony’s most memorable last-gen. Its third entry had a luke-warm reception but not one harsh enough to justify it getting the axe—yet, it’s been pretty radio silence ever since.

One of the most obvious reasons is because Sucker Punch Productions has put its full-focus on Ghosts Of Tsushima. Regardless, that’s still no excuse; when the studio left it’s Sly Cooper franchise behind, Sony handed off rights to Sanzaru Games for a fourth game.

Certainly, they can do something similar with Infamous? It’s too good of a franchise to just lay dormant—just bring back Cole (and not Delsin) pretty please.

3 In Development: Deracine

via: polygon.com

Last time From Software, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and Sony Studio Japan collaborated; they gave us the classic Bloodborne.

The gang are all returning once more but this time for…a PSVR game?

You heard that correct; the player will occupy a haunted boarding school and interact with ethereal supernatural elements.

The trailer looks stunning even if it is (in trademark Miyazaki fashion) suitably vague. It’s an unexpected direction for the group of talents to go, but it’s enticing to see them tackle a vastly different type of game.

2 In Development: The Last Of Us: Part 2

via: wccftech.com

Who didn’t know this PS4 sequel was in development? Right, no one. The first Last Of Us was not just the final hurrah for the PS3, but also for that entire console-generation—it's a no-contest masterpiece.

Since then Naughty Dog focused on releasing two Uncharted titles yet the mumblings that this was incoming finally became founded at PSX 2017 with a brief teaser trailer.

Some gamers felt it better to leave the near flawless title alone, yet after this year’s E3 gameplay reveal, the entire population is now unanimously foaming for this next fascinating chapter in a bleak saga.

1 Possibility: Horizon Zero Dawn 2

via: metro.co.uk

2017 was the year where Guerrilla Games showed what they could deliver when not shackled to Killzone—the results where mesmerizing.

The first Horizon Zero Dawn was a vibrant open-world full of things to hunt, collect and stare at in drool-worthy glory.

Add to that an involving story, likable main character, and rich mythology.

With the major critical and commercial success the game delivered, do you think they really wouldn’t be hard at work with part 2 already? It's not only a no-brainer but the game's ending hinted that there was plenty more of Aloy's story to tell—let the hunt begin!

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