TheGamer's PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide

The best gifts to get a PlayStation fan, from top-tier accessories to household items with unique creative flair.

So the holidays are upon us again, and it's time to buy a gift for the PlayStation gamer in your life. You know you're in for a challenge. Those who choose Sony's console tend to know what they want. It's likely they bought the console for one of its many exclusive games, and have specific wants when it comes to things like controllers and headsets. You're going to have to get either creative or spring for the top-tier gifts to make their holiday. Fortunately, your friends at TheGamer are here to help. Here are five gifts for the discerning PlayStation fan.

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 Controller From Controller Chaos

Controllers suffer a lot of abuse even in the hands of the most patient gamers. It's very possible that you PlayStation-playing loved one is in the need of a new controller. You could, of course, buy them a standard controller from Best Buy or Target. Buy why do that when you can set them up to game in style?

Controller Chaos offers a wide variety of designs based on popular characters and shows. From the front page alone, you can find PS4 controllers based on Rick and Morty, the Joker, and the infamous Ahegao face. I personally like the Spider-Man one (hint for my girlfriend, hope she actually reads my articles).

If you don't care about surprise, Controller Chaos also lets users customize their own design. You can point your gift recipient to www.controllerchaos.com so they can make the design of their dreams.

Spyro In Pop! Figure Form

via: GameStop

If you're looking for something on the less expensive side, Pop! has got you covered with a vinyl figure based on classic PlayStation icon Spyro the dragon. Pop! figures look nice on any desk or shelf, and your gamer friend might appreciate having a little dragon buddy next to their battle station.

This is actually not Spyro's first time in highly collectible figure form. He once spearheaded Skylanders, a brand formed around the idea of using real toys in video games. That fad has passed, though, and Spyro is back to his adventure-platforming roots thanks to a series of excellent remakes. This Pop! figure will thankfully always look cool and not be subject to a series of trendy games.

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Controller Coasters

Sometimes a simple gift is the best gift. While other items on this list are sure to impress by tapping into a certain nostalgia or being top-tier products, these coasters make for a classy decorative choice. Any PlayStation fan should appreciate the iconography of the game cases captured on these coaster sets. And lets face it, most young bachelor gamers could use a reminder to use coasters.

The coasters come from Numskull, a purveyor of all kinds of gaming-based goods. They also offer socks, tasteful hoodies, and goofy holiday sweaters based on the PlayStation aesthetic. If the person you're shopping for isn't in to the games of old, maybe they'd appreciate Numskull's basic coasters based on the four PlayStation buttons. They come alone and as part of this gift set:

Numskull's website should be on your list if you're shopping for a PlayStation fan. Whether they like branded clothes, want a new steering wheel controller, or desperately need somewhere to put their drinks, you're bound to find something both useful and reasonably priced.

A Classic Combo

Buying games for a gamer is always a risky prospect. PlayStation in particular saw a lot of hits in 2019, and many were must-have games. Call of Duty returned to the Modern Warfare brand, with exclusive goodies for PS4 players. Sekiro made soulsborne the hardest it's ever been. Death Stranding challenged what it means to be alive. Or the importance of bridges. Or something. All we know is there was a lot of blatant Monster Energy product placement.

Any of these games would make a great gift. The problem is... your loved ones probably already bought them, beaten them, and traded them into GameStop. Giving someone the latest hit game - unless it's specifically on their wish list - is a recipe for a return. Fortunately, it just so happens that a great game released this year that flew under a lot of radars.

via: Amazon

If the PlayStation gamer on your list is old enough to have experienced the Lion King or Aladdin back during the Sega Genesis or SNES days, they might appreciate this year's re-release. Disney Classic Games: Aladdin And The Lion King is the name of this two pack that puts both games in one, along with modern updates like making-of videos and a rewind function for those extra hard levels (darned monkeys). This masterful remaster earned high marks from TheGamer's reviewer, and would make a fun surprise gift.

A Supremely Sound Headset

via: Sennheiser

In the end, you might just want to go big. I respect that, which is why I saved one of my favorite products of this year for last. The Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset earns its $199.95 price tag. It has 100 hours of battery life, is very easy to use, and offers no-hassle wireless connection. This is one for the PlayStation gamer who plays online all the time, and spends most of that time going "what?" into their mic.

The GSP 370 also works with computers, so I often switch mine between my desktop and PS4. It's a simple matter of moving the little dongle from one USB port to the other. I can't recommend this headset enough to anyone who's in the market for one. Read my review for a more detailed take on why it could be the premium gift for your PlayStation pal.

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