PlayStation Is Officially The Best-Selling Platform In History

PlayStation is now officially the world's best-selling video game console platform, according to Guinness World Records.


PlayStation is now officially the best-selling game console brand in history, according to Guinness World Records.

We’ve known for a while that Sony was the best-selling home console maker, but now it’s official. With Sony CEO Jim Ryan and former CEO Ken Kutaragi accepting the award, Guinness World Records presented the pair with a certified plaque confirming PlayStation as the best-selling home console brand in history.

The numbers are truly staggering: Sony has sold 450 million units across its entire lineup of consoles, from the original PlayStation up to the current PlayStation 4 Pro. But which one was the best of the best-selling brand? For that, we turn to IGN for a few numbers.

Of the PlayStation lineup, by far the best-selling console was the PlayStation 2 which sold a staggering 155 million units by 2012 and 159 million units to date. But even better than the console sales is the software sales: a total of 1.5 BILLION (that’s billion with a B) games were sold on the PlayStation 2, and as any amateur game market analyst knows, the real money is selling games, not consoles.

Next in line is the current PlayStation 4, which has sold 102.8 million consoles to date. It also has the distinction of being the fastest-selling console to reach 100 million units, outselling both the PS2 and Nintendo Wii in terms of moving console off the shelf quickly.

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The original PlayStation is close behind with 102.4 million units sold and 960 million games sold, with the PlayStation 3 in fourth place at 87.5 million sold. All of these consoles crush the next best-selling home console, the Xbox 360, at just 85 million units.

The PlayStation 5 is expected to arrive sometime later next year, with Sony widely expected to retain its crown as the global leader in console sales. We already know a lot about the PS5 thanks to earlier leaks and reports that say that future console gens will focus more on games-as-a-service than previous generations.

It also means more subscription-based billing and microtransactions and less single-player experiences. Hopefully, games like Star Wars Jedi will turn that trend around before the PS5 arrives.

(Source: Sony, IGN)

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