PlayStation Now Finally Lets PC Users Play Bloodborne

PC gamers can now play Bloodborne by taking advantage of a weird little trick. It involves using Sony's PlayStation Now game streaming service to relay the game to your PC. That makes it so that Bloodborne is both technically a PlayStation-exclusive title and a game you can play on your PC. It's like the Schrodinger's Exclusive.

Game streaming seems to be the new thing console makers are focusing on. Microsoft pushed its Xbox Game Pass quite a bit during this year's E3, and Sony has PlayStation Now. PS Now is subscription service that comes in the form of an app. As long as you have a membership and the app on your PS4 or PC, you can play "over 650" games from the PS2 era all the way to current hits. That list, as Kotaku reports, now includes Bloodborne.

Via bloodborne.wiki.fextralife.com

If you have the seven day free trial or a paid monthly membership, you can stream Bloodborne from the PS Now app. This also works on PC, provided you have a PS4 controller or one of the other compatible controllers. Yes, that unfortunately means you can't use mouse-and-keyboard controls. Like I said, this isn't technically a PC game. You're essentially playing a PS4 game and the streaming footage to your PC.

There are no physical copies of Bloodborne available for PC. There is only PlayStation. Still, if dedicated PC users want to play Bloodborne, this is the only way to do it without stooping to buy a console. Of course it still means giving Sony money as you'll probably want to play Bloodborne for more than the weeklong free trial.

via: playstation.com

This news, strange as it is, does provide hope that the gap between PC and console can one day be bridged. If game streaming becomes more of a standard, buying games might become less about exclusives and which console is best. After all, the requirements for streaming are less stringent, making it harder to lock it behind whatever Microsoft and Sony will put into their consoles to make them special. Nintendo will probably still do its own thing, however. At the very least, it gives me hope that one day, far into the future, everyone will be able to play Spider-Man.

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