10 PS1 Games That Mock You For Playing On Easy

The original PlayStation was a gaming phenomenon that introduced so many people to the world of video games. It wasn't just introducing people to playing them either, there were also a ton of new video games being made in all kinds of genres. Some have gone on to become famous franchises and others have faded into obscurity.

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Because of how new these various video games and developers were, there were very few standards for things like difficulty and tone. This meant that, for some games, the developers had very specific ways to play in mind. Even when an easy mode was offered, it might turn out that the creators of said game mocked you for it. Here are 10 PS1 Games That Mock You For Playing On Easy.

10 Spider-Man

Spider-Man for the PlayStation 1 has a very subtle way of mocking you if you play on easy mode. To begin with, it's called Kid mode, which, when you're a certain age, can be an insult all on its own. It doesn't stop there either, the game very specifically holds your hand in a way that is an insult to anyone's intelligence.

As an example of this, early on when you get to foil a bank robbery, the robbers set a bomb to blow the place up. After beating up said robbers, you need to find a way to disarm or get rid of the bomb. On Kid mode, Spider-Man will flat out tell you to put the bomb in a safe place, with emphasis on 'safe.' Hand-holding continues throughout the rest of the game as well.

9 Doom

The original Doom game came out on various platforms, including the PlayStation 1. Now, you don't normally get too much mockery for playing Doom, no matter the difficulty level. Well, whoever decided to port Doom over to the PlayStation decided that needed to change.

The easiest difficulty mode, normally titled "I'm too young to die" was changed. After the change, it was simply called "I am a wimp." As if getting your butt handed to you by demons wasn't enough, now the game mocks you before you even start playing. Of course, you can always play higher difficulties and not be called a wimp.

8 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

In a game all about pulling off difficult tricks and combos, it might not come as a surprise to learn that there is some light mocking. Skateboarding, particularly around the time when this came out, was seen as a way to rebel. Regardless of its public reputation, the activity made for a fun game that many people enjoyed.

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Just as with Spider-Man, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 had a difficulty mode simply known as Kid mode. The catch is that while it was easier to get a high score, the game didn't like that very much. If you got a high score while in Kid mode, your skater's picture will have the word "Poseur" stamped over it. Good luck showing off to your friends with that bit of evidence stamped on the picture.

7 Civilization

The first couple of Civilization games did indeed make it over to the PlayStation 1. They're known as being very expansive and time-consuming games that can be very addicting. The core gameplay has various routes to victory and each action you take to overcome and defeat your rivals will increase your ranking at the end of the game.

Regardless of how well you did, if you play on the easiest of difficulties the game will tell you so. In a given campaign, a player's performance is reflected by the game comparing them to some famous historical leader. The problem with this is that it includes some famously terrible leaders. When you play on easy, the game will only compare you to the worst of these leaders.

6 Jet Moto

While not super well known, Jet Moto is a game where you race hoverbikes across various levels. Think of it as something similar to modern-day motocross, except that you could also traverse over water. Well, the way this game mocked you for playing on easy was twofold. First, though you could start on the easiest difficulty, you wouldn't be able to unlock anything in the game by doing so.

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In order to unlock anything, the game would automatically bump up the difficulty when you finished a season. Secondly, Jet Moto flat out says "No progression is possible when the difficulty level is less than your skill level." Way to tell players how to play the game.

5 Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012

Another lesser-known game with vehicles, except this time it's all about combat. The objective, just like in all vehicular combat games, is to take out the competition. You're given an initial selection of vehicles that you can use to do this. The vehicles you're given, however, are not all that impressive.

The mockery comes with the unlockable vehicles. The unlockables are much more powerful than the regular ones. If you beat Rogue Trip with one of them, then the AAA representative mocks the player rather than praises them. They say "My grandma could win using a vehicle like that. Try again, this time without using a ringer!"

4 Twisted Metal 2

This vehicular destruction game from the late '90s plays somewhat similarly to, say, Mario Kart, just not for kids. It's a demolition derby that allows the use of ballistic projectiles. Games of this type were apparently quite the thing back then and they all seemed to mock anyone who wanted to play on an easier difficulty.

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In Twisted Metal 2, if you decide to play on easy mode then you'll not get far. The game only lets you play until defeating the first boss of the game and then proceeds to point you to a sign. The sign says, "No losers allowed beyond this point." It's a pretty clear and not so subtle dig at any player who selected easy mode.

3 Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Back to a much more familiar game, especially now that Crash Bandicoot Racing has been remastered. The second game in the trilogy is a tough platformer that has achieved enough popularity to be remastered today. For a game this tough and that was made back in the '90s, it's only natural to throw in some mockery.

Anyone who has played or watched a Crash Bandicoot game knows that your character is hit over the head with any boxes not collected in the level. Besides that, if the game decides you're bad enough, it takes pity on you. If you die around five or so times, you're granted an Aku Aku mask which grants invincibility. Worse for anyone's ego, though, is that if you still manage to keep dying, the closest box becomes a checkpoint.

2 Puyo Puyo

The Puyo Puyo games are puzzle games that are somewhat reminiscent of Tetris. They have an easy difficulty which has separate courses to play. The second Puyo Puyo game, Tsu, which was brought to the PlayStation, has a part in it where you are mocked for playing on the easy difficulty. One of the characters, the Dark Prince, if you play this easy mode, will mock and tell you to play on the main course if you want to challenge him.

The third Puyo Puyo game, Sun, has a different way of mocking you. If you complete the Draco course, the ensuing credits will play too fast, leaving you unable to read anything. Furthermore, the Puyo Puyo games, in general, will always tell you to play on higher difficulties.

1 PaRappa The Rapper

The cult hit rapping game has its own form of subtle mockery along with its spiritual sequel Um Jammer Lammy. PaRappa the Rapper is a pretty difficult rhythm game with surprisingly solid mechanics. It seems reasonable then that you might want to try it on a lower difficulty. Well, the game makes sure that if you do, you won't go far. On easy, you cannot play past level 3 and cannot save.

Um Jammer Lammy also had a case like this. It let you play on easy and even let you do so for a good bit of time, but depending on your locale, the game would end on the Hell or Desert Island level. The problem with this is that it means you cannot play the last song nor see the ending. A subtle way of mocking those who play on easy.

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