In A Bizarre Promotion, Sony Is Letting You Play RDR2 Online For Free Next Weekend (But Only If You Already Own It)

If you’ve been waiting for a free taste of Red Dead Online, then you’re in luck... sort of. Next weekend (February 15th – 17th ), Red Dead Online is one of a selection of big name PS4 games that will be available to play for free online, but only if you already own them.

In the seemingly bizarre move, Sony has announced that next weekend, the online multiplayer versions of several popular titles will be free to play for existing players. Titles include: Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Hunter World, FIFA 19, PES 2019, and Battlefield V.

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Due to the restriction, it is assumed that this promotion is for PlayStation Plus, Sony’s subscription plan, rather than the games themselves. The move has left many gamers puzzled however, as similar promotions have allowed you to play for a limited time, regardless of whether or not you own the title.

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PlayStation Plus is a subscription service which unlocks extra features on PS4 games. It allows access to online multiplayer modes and exclusive discounts, as well as offering up two games for free each month, which you can play for the duration of your membership.

While it’s understandable that Sony would want to promote this paid service, many players took to Reddit to debate the move.

Comparisons have been drawn to Blizzard’s free play Overwatch weekends, and past Xbox One promotions, which allowed silver and gold subscribers the chance to play new games free for a weekend.

Considering the figures for PlayStation Plus subscriptions, the move makes more sense. Almost 100 million PS4 units have been sold, but PlayStation Plus subscriptions are said to be hovering around 35 million. That’s a large number of players not currently using the service. Providing gamers with a chance to live out the online experience for games that they already own could be a smart move, assuming enough players are interested.

If you already own any of the titles listed and want to see how the gameplay differs online versus single-player mode, then be sure to check out the the free weekend taking place next week from February 15-17.

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