PlayStation Plus Members Are Getting Ten Times As Much Cloud Storage Starting In February

PlayStation Plus benefits for February include a ten times increase to cloud storage, as well as For Honor and Hitman for free.

Subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service are getting some extra perks this month, including a whopping 100GB of cloud storage. This is instead of the previous 10GB, making for quite the upgrade. Alongside this surprise gift comes two quality free games as well as deals on a few choice PlayStation VR titles.

The news comes from a post on the official PlayStation blog. The appeal of the extra cloud storage, at least according to the PS blog, is to keep more game saves in the cloud. By doing so, players can begin a game on their own PS4 and then continue playing on another PS4 by accessing their cloud data. You can also save things like custom characters to the cloud, meaning you can bring your freaky SoulCalibur VI creations to your friend's house.

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Yet while the extra storage is a highlight, it's only part of the February PlayStation Plus offerings. Beginning on the 5th, players will be able to download two free games as usual. This month's freebies are top-tier.

First is Ubisoft's For Honor. The PvP online sword-fighting game generated a lot of hype leading up to launch, only to be plagued with connection issues and rapidly lose its player base. Ubisoft stayed committed to the game by testing out free-to-play on Steam and adding new content. Now PS4 players are getting the chance to try it out and maybe help breath new life into the game.

The second free game is Hitman: The Complete First Season. The recent take on Agent 47's globetrotting killing spree was very well received. It also gave a great example of how a single-player game can really nail the episodic format. PlayStation Plus members are getting the whole first season, which also unlocks those levels in Hitman 2.

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On a sadder note, February also marks the end of PlayStation Plus giving out PS3 and PS Vita games. The final offerings for those platforms will be Divekick, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Gunhouse, and Rouge Aces. But hey, with two free PS4 games a month and a ton more cloud storage, the service is still well worth it. There's also the discounts, February's being on VR titles like Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gold Edition.

It's a good month to be a PlayStation fan, assuming you can tear yourself away from Kingdom Hearts III long enough to enjoy your PS Plus perks.

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