Buy PlayStation Plus Membership, Get Rainbow Six Siege For Free - But There's A Catch

Sony is offering Rainbow Six: Siege for free to those who buy a 12-month subscription to Playstation Plus. Sadly, for anyone who has a current subscription, the deal is only available for new subscribers, or those who let their subscription run out and then renew. The promotion is running until March 3rd.

The edition of the game is only the Standard Edition, which lacks any of the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition goodies, such as a Year Four pass to the new content. For those who cannot take advantage of the new deal, Siege’s Deluxe Edition is currently on sale on the PlayStation Store for just $16.

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This promotion is just the latest in a series of promotions that Ubisoft has offered for the game. Just days ago, we were given a free weekend of Siege action to celebrate a successful few years for the title. Siege remains exceptionally popular, with its wide selection of heroes earning comparisons to MOBAs such as Dota 2. The offers have done wonders for the game, helping it swell to 40 million players across all systems, according to Push Square.

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Although initially met with somewhat middling reviews from critics, the game’s constant stream of new content has earned it numerous accolades. Siege now features 44 playable operators, and 19 maps. On Monday, Ubisoft announced its plans for the game’s fourth year. The first update will be Operation: Burnt Horizon, which features a new map in the Australian Outback, fittingly called, "Outback," as well as two new Aussie operators: an attacker called Gridlock, and a defender called Mozzie. Gridlock is able to use her Trax Stinger gadget as an area denial weapon, spreading spikes across large areas. Mozzie, meanwhile, is able to hijack enemy drones using his Pest Launcher gadget. In total, Burnt Horizon is set to feature eight new operators, a new map, and three reworks of old ones.

If you don't have a PlayStation Plus subscription right now, I’d highly recommend grabbing a 12-month subscription and jumping headfirst into the world of Siege. If, however, the offer is unavailable to you at present, don’t worry. If you really want to start playing, the game is cheap enough to make it worth the price.

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