PlayStation Twitter Account Tells Us We’ve Been Calling The X Button The Wrong Name All Along

PlayStation UK's Twitter account has sparked quite the discourse online after revealing that we've been calling the "X" button the wrong thing all along.

Apparently, the "X" button isn't the "X" button we've all been referring to it as and is actually called the "Cross" button. From the comments and our own admissions, this was a little-known fact, with lots of people also just calling it "X."

The correction of sorts is coming from the horse's mouth, so of course, it's right. But can they blame anyone for thinking it was "X" and not "Cross" when so many instruction manuals and videos have called it "X" even when spelling out "Triangle" or "Square" instead of just using the symbols?

To be fair, it looks more like an X than a cross. Crosses are usually thought of as t-shaped symbols and there's also that it's quite plainly "X" on controllers from other consoles, such as Microsoft's Xbox and various other Nintendo devices.

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Gamers calling the button"Cross" instead of "X" moving forward isn't at all likely. There's really no reason to form a new habit now. The button has been referred to as "X" since the first PlayStation debuted in the mid-90s and that probably isn't going to change despite what PlayStation UK says. They've even piled it on by stating that "Circle" is the correct name for "O."

The controller has mostly remained the same, up to the current PS4 and, unless Sony completely change the design for the PS5, "cross" will continue to be "X."

We can't be sure when we will get to see what the PS5 controller will look like. The console is set to be released during the 2020 holiday season but it's been rumored that it could be unveiled this December while sources have also claimed that it will be revealed next February.

We imagine that people will continue to refer to the buttons as they've always been unless they're actually written out. It would be very weird playing with a controller featuring buttons with whole words written across them instead of just symbols, though.

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