30 PlayStation Video Game Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Still Pulled Off)

These incredible PlayStation fans have taken cosplay to another level — these PS characters have never looked so good.

We’ve talked a lot on here about the incredible art form of cosplay. This intricate work of creative expression allows fans of all sorts to come together, build incredible costumes and props, and embody the very essence of their favorite characters. From the earliest days of Comic-Con to modern-day Instagram modeling, cosplay has taken a life of its own in our pop culture society. While many modern cosplays focus on specific shows, films, comic books, or even anime characters, a huge part of modern-day cosplay is thanks to the amazing world of the video game industry.

We’ve covered some of these major gaming cosplays before. From the amazing work done by cosplayers at E3 2018 to coverage of the major brands like Xbox and Nintendo and the awe-inspiring work those cosplayers have done. Well, today we are excited to jump back into this world and explore the amazing cosplay done by fans of PlayStation. The world of Sony’s PlayStation is vast and considered one of the premier consoles in the world. From the days of the PS One to today’s PS4, several video game franchises have been born on this platform, and the fans have been ever eager to show off their love for these amazing characters.

So today we have the honor of showing you the thirty most amazing cosplay photos of characters from PlayStation that at first glance seem impossible to cosplay as, but somehow these cosplayers have managed to pull off the impossible.

30 Coco Bandicoot

via NicaCosplay - DeviantArt

Cosplay by NicaCosplay.

This next cosplayer took on a fun role of one character who doesn’t get the recognition they deserve, and that’s Coco Bandicoot. The female lead of the Crash Bandicoot franchise, Coco is the younger sister of Crash, both of whom were experimented on by Neo Cortex. However, unlike her brother, she gained a high level of intelligence that allows her to battle villains and creates tech that can help her race and outperform the bad guys.

29 Nathan Drake

via Leo Camacho

Art by Leo Camacho.

Let’s start off with one of PlayStation’s most iconic heroes, Nathan Drake. The charismatic explorer is the main protagonist of the highly popular Uncharted series.

A modern-day Indiana Jones, the franchise follows the humorous Nathan as he goes in search of history’s greatest treasures and mysteries.

Made to be relatable as a hero to the average gamer, he was given a classic t-shirt and jeans look and his commentary on the absurdity of the trouble he finds himself in constantly made him an instant fan favorite.

28 Lightning

via AlysonTabbitha - DeviantArt

Cosplay by AlysonTabbitha.

One of the heroes of the Final Fantasy series, Lightning made her appearance in Final Fantasy XIII. With developers focusing less on her physical appearance, instead giving her a more empowering storyline. Lightning is a skilled warrior who uses her fighting skills to save her sister, who has been deemed an enemy of the government. She fights to save not only her sister, but soon the entire world after she discovers later on it has only thirteen days to live.

27 Kratos

via Imgur

The Ghost of Sparta himself is next on our list. One of PlayStation’s most notorious protagonist and a brutal warrior, the hero of the God of War franchise is known for his exploration of ancient Greek and more recently Norse mythology. An extremely violent and stalwart father, he spends most of his time trying to avert disaster in his past and future, as well as stop imminent threats to the world at large. A Spartan warrior, this cosplayer captured the soldier within.

26 Sly Cooper & Carmelita Fox

via Pinterest

This next cosplay is especially impressive, as the characters involved are animated characters and very difficult to accurately cosplay. However, these two cosplayers managed to bring them to life in a very fun way. Here we have Sly Cooper, the hero of the Sly Cooper franchise, along with the police officer and love-interest constantly trying to bring him to justice, Carmelita Fox. The games focused on Sly and his friends as they used their thieving skills to explore his family history and stop threats to the world.

25 Raiden

via GeekShizzle

Art by GeekShizzle.

This next cosplay feels like it was pulled straight out of the Metal Gear franchise. This cosplayer took on the role of Raiden, the playable hero that was introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

Introduced as a member of the US Special Operations unit FOXHOUND, he is shown to be a rookie who takes up the mantle of hero.

Later it is revealed he is escaping an awful past, and is determined to make up for his days in a civil war.

24 Kairi

via madikat.storenvy.com/

Art by Madison Kate

This next cosplayer transports us to the Final Fantasy and Disney crossover universe, Kingdom Hearts. This cosplayer chose to recreate Kairi, the female lead of the series. Best friends with heroes Sora and Riku, Kairi is one of the seven princesses of light and the love interest of Sora as well. She later wields her own keyblade and fights the darkness with Sora and Riku, helping them find their way back home.

23 Issac Clarke

via PlayStation All-Stars Wiki - Fandom

The hero and survivor of the Dead Space franchise, Issac Clarke is an engineer assigned to investigate a broken down freighter sent to mine a planet. Hoping to find his girlfriend who had been on the ship, he soon discovers that the ship is infested with a deadly outbreak that turns the bodies of the recently departed into ravenous monsters known as necromorphs. He must find a way to end the threat before they infest the galaxy, and discovers ancient secrets along the way. This cosplay brings the air rig and laser weaponry to life perfectly.

22 Aloy

via Twitter (@liliDin_farghul)

This next cosplay brings a newer character to life that has quickly become a fan favorite within the PlayStation community.

That character is Aloy, the hero of the new video game franchise Horizon Zero Dawn.

Determined to take part in the Proving ritual of the Nora Tribe and learn the identity of her mother, she soon stumbles upon a plot by a mysterious cult to unleash a demented AI program that wants to eradicate all life on Earth. Just another day in the world of Aloy, right?

21 Trico & The Boy

via midnight-fang - DeviantArt

Art by midnight-fang.

This next cosplay is truly unique, as the cosplayer managed to capture the wonder and beauty of the large creature from the hit game The Last Guardian. The story of Trico, a giant winged cat creature found by the boy from a nearby village, is one of truly inspiring imagery and awe-inspiring story development. Fighting off ghostly soldiers and becoming a commentary on mankind’s inability to recognize the mystery and wonder of the natural world, this cosplay brought the story to life incredibly.

20 Lara Croft

via theCHIVE

This next cosplayer perfectly captures the raw empowerment and iconic status of the character Lara Croft. Lara is a world-renowned explorer, historian, and adventurer. Following in her father’s footsteps, she goes about finding proof of ancient civilizations and mythologies while fighting to end threats to the world and protect hidden artifacts and power sources from the hands of vile and evil threats. Getting a surge in popularity after the new franchise established a few years earlier, the character has gotten thrown into the cosplay spotlight once more.

19 Joel & Ellie

via Pinterest

The next cosplay is a team up cosplay photo, as these two cosplayers tackle the heroes of the very popular franchise The Last of Us. Quickly becoming a cult classic in the PlayStation world, The Last of Us explores a post-apocalyptic world that features a virus that has spread and transformed citizens into monstrous creatures.

Joel is tasked with transporting Ellie, who possibly holds the answer to a cure in her blood.

Dealing with the loss of his daughter years earlier, Joel struggles with the moral choices he must make to protect this young woman.

18 Jak & Daxter

via taifu89 - DeviantArt

Art by taifu89.

This next cosplayer did an amazing job bringing one of PlayStation’s most classic heroes to life, as well as his best friend.

I’m of course talking about Jak and Daxter of the Jak and Daxter franchise.

This series started out with Jak as a young boy who had to travel the world stopping villains from harvesting a dark energy, but quickly grew into the boy traveling in time and becoming something more than human, forced to use his newfound powers to stop global threats.

17 Solid Snake

via RBF - productions - NL - DeviantArt

Art by RBF-productions-NL.

This next cosplay photo took on the iconic role of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. A former Green Beret, Solid Snake is often charged with taking down the nuclear-armed mechanical threat of Metal Gear. Employing a series of stealth and espionage style missions, Solid Snake has proven himself time and again as the hero of the franchise. He is often depicted as quite the loner, preferring to work in the shadows by himself than with a squad.

16 Tess

via MomoKurumi - DeviantArt

Art by MomoKurumi.

This cosplayer takes on the role of one of the female leads from Jak and Daxter named Tess. Introduced in Jak II, she becomes the love interest for Daxter. Working as an undercover agent for Torn and a weapons developer, she helps aid the heroes in their fight against the metal heads and later creates weapons for the war effort in Jak 3. Eventually, she becomes an Ottsel like her love interest Daxter and the two become closer than ever.

15 Tifa Lockheart

via deviantart.com by cecinee

Art by Cecinee

Referred to as the pin-up girl of the cyber generation, Tifa Lockheart is one of the main protagonists of the Final Fantasy series. A childhood friend of Cloud, she is a member of the eco-group AVALANCHE and runs a bar. She works to help Cloud let go of his dark past and move on after defeating Sephiroth, and in so doing shows she is the perfect example of a strong, independent and action fueled female hero.

14 Keira

via Daily Cosplay .com

This final cosplay from the popular Jak and Daxter franchise is of Keira, the first and original female lead of the franchise.

A skilled mechanic and the daughter of the great sage Samos, Keira builds most of the technology Jak uses in his adventures to save the world.

She is also his first love interest, with nearly every game ending with a possible kiss between them. Although this changed briefly in Jak 3, they finally were given their proper introduction as a couple in Jak X. She aspires to be a sage herself, and is a formidable warrior.

13 Ratchet

via Pinterest

While cosplaying this particular character is nearly impossible, this cosplayer found an interesting loophole by cosplaying in the character’s full-bodied armor instead. Here we see the outer space armor of Ratchet from the hit franchise Ratchet and Clank. A mechanic from a barren world, Ratchet goes on to become a galactic hero, traveling throughout the cosmos gaining powerful weapons and stopping threats along the way. Along with the robotic friend Clank, the duo goes around using humor and wit to stop their foes.

12 Sephiroth

via Vega-Sailor-Cosplay - DeviantArt

Art by Vega-Sailor-Cosplay.

This next cosplay is truly amazing, as it perfectly captures the raw power and awe-inspiring look of the iconic Final Fantasy villain Sephiroth. A former soldier who discovers he was an experiment that found alien cells injected into him as a fetus, Sephiroth takes this news as his call to destiny, deciding he is fated to take control of the planet using the remains of his alien “mother” Jenova. His one wing and long sword make him a formidable warrior and equal to Cloud, the game’s hero.

11 Chris Redfield

via Pinterest

This next character is based on the main protagonist of the original Resident Evil game.

Jill’s partner and a member of the Raccoon City Police Department, Chris Redfield is a cop and warrior who must traverse infected cities like Raccoon City to stop the Umbrella Corporation and their zombie apocalypse tactics.

In some games, he has to save his sister Claire from the zombie horde, while in others he is shown battling the corporation and is instrumental in their defeat.

10 Delsin Rowe

via LokiAsylumKitten - DeviantArt

Art by LokiAsylumKitten.

The primary protagonist of Infamous: Second Son, Delsin Rowe was an average twenty-something-year-old kid who discovered his abilities as a Conduit purely by accident.

Having witness an accident, he saved the life of a Conduit prisoner and absorbed his powers accidentally, revealing he could absorb the powers of other Conduits.

Considered a threat to the world, the government hunts him down, but he puts up a fight, using his wide range of abilities to free Conduits and establish some sort of order.

9 Wander

via Morwen-tan - DeviantArt

Art by Morwen-tan.

The hero of the very popular game Shadow of the Colossus, Wander is cosplayed here in this photo wonderfully. Using a powerful and ancient sword, Wander travels and destroys the ancient colossi who once inhabited the land, hoping to use the power from their slaying to help resurrect a young maiden named Mono who had somehow lost her life after being sacrificed for her cursed destiny.

His story of self-sacrifice and fighting destiny is something many people can relate to, and makes this cosplay that much more amazing.

8 Aqua

via Narga-Lifestream - DeviantArt

Art by Narga-Lifestream.

One of the newer keyblade masters to the Kingdom Hearts universe is Aqua. The young master is first shown in the end credits of Kingdom Hearts II, and is revealed to have battled Xehanort in a keyblade graveyard.

In order to save her friends, she dives into the realm of darkness, saving his body while staying behind in the land without light.

There she meets Ansem the Wise, where she learns of Sora and his heroics. Her power and importance as a part of Sora’s heart will come into play in the 3rd game.

7 Jill Valentine

via SophieValentineCos - DeviantArt

Art by SophieValentineCos.

Let’s shift from the moral and emotional side of gaming with Kingdom Hearts and travel now to the realm of zombies, as we explore one cosplayer’s love for the Resident Evil franchise. This cosplayer tackled the role of Jill Valentine, one of two playable characters in the original games. Jill fights the Umbrella Corporation as they continue to create and spread the virus that transforms people into mindless, monstrous zombies.

6 Kara

via MilliganVick - DeviantArt

Cosplay by MilliganVick.

This next cosplay is of one of the newest additions to the PlayStation family, Kara of Detroit: Become Human.

The game that focuses on androids and their place in humanity’s world introduced us to Kara, an android housekeeper who was able to gain self-awareness and became labeled a deviant.

She leads Alice on a journey to escape and live free from the controversy.

5 John

via Haihachibeats - DeviantArt

Cosplay by Haihachibeats.

This next cosplayer took on the role of one of gaming’s most anticipated hits, Death Stranding. The highly anticipated game from legendary game designer Hideo Kojima stars Norman Reedus as Sam, a man who is ended and ends up in an upside down world of water. This cosplayer took on the mystery role of actor Mads Mikkelsen's character possibly named John. Not much else is known about the game, but the visuals and legendary team up between Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima after their partnership on the beloved demo PT makes this cosplay standout.

4 Cloud

via funnaejc - DeviantArt

Art by funnaejc.

This cosplay is the counter-balance to the villainous Sephiroth. The cosplayer has taken on the role of the hero Cloud. Full name Cloud Strife, he is a mercenary who formerly trained in the same elite unit SOLDIER that Sephiroth trained in.

However his memories become unhinged, and he soon discovers his past was rewritten in his mind, as he was experimented on and never qualified for SOLDIER.

However, upon learning of his past, he rises to the occasion and fights to stop Sephiroth once and for all.

3 Riku

via LeonChiroCosplayArt - DeviantArt

Art by LeonChiroCosplayArt.

Continuing on in the Kingdom Hearts phase, let’s look at this amazing cosplay of one of the fandom’s most beloved characters, Riku.

Sora’s best friend, they dreamed of exploring other worlds together and seeing the stars.

However, when darkness engulfs their home, he finds himself under the sway of Maleficent, succumbing to darkness until Sora manages to save him. Eventually, he uses the light to help fight the darkness both within himself and threatening the known worlds, infiltrating Organization XIII and helping Sora develop into a better hero.

2 Sora

via Maspez - DeviantArt

Art by Maspez.

This cosplayer has taken on the incredible role of Sora, the hero of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The latest keyblade wielder, the young boy is thrust into a journey of self-discovery as he and new friends Goofy and Donald have to travel across the worlds, fighting the darkness and stopping villains like Ansem and Organization XIII from reaching Kingdom Hearts, the source of all light in the universe. Constantly learning, his optimism and light-hearted nature make him a true hero in the game world.

1 Organization XIII

via Pinterest

Cosplay photo courtesy of YouTuber Parle Productions.

This final photo is the perfect cosplay group shot, as this group of cosplayers tackled Kingdom Hearts most prolific group of bad guys, Organization XIII.

While not everyone in the group is evil, the mysterious alliances among them make each member quite a mystery.

These members are the nobodies of a fallen person who was turned into a heartless, and seek to gain access to Kingdom Hearts to become more than nobodies. However, they do this by creating more heartless and capturing the fallen hearts of the worlds.

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