Playstation VR Has Made Sony Nearly $2 Billion

The Playstation VR is estimated to have made about 2 billion in revenue as of November 2019.

Sony seems to be edging out Microsoft and Nintendo in terms of sales this generation: the PS4 is now outselling the original PlayStation as of November 2019. The PlayStation VR may well be a factor in its success, which estimates show have generated almost $2 billion in revenue for Sony since its release.

According to Road to VR, Sony had previously reported that the PSVR headset has sold 4.2 million units. In calculating the total revenue accrued from the PSVR, Road to VR uses an amount of $400 for the first half of all 4.2 million units (averaging the $500 Launch Bundle and current $300 bundles) while the second half is calculated at $300 each.

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Using these numbers, it is calculated that Sony has garnered about $1.5 billion from the PSVR device, which also does not account for PSVR titles, including Sairento, Blood & Truth, Resident Evil 7, and Skyrim VR. According to Sony, there had been 21.9 million PSVR games sold as of August 2018. However, Road to VR accounts for the PSVR games sold since that time, assigning each game a conservative price tag of $15. After calculating, the total revenue generated by PSVR during its time in stores reaches about $1.93 billion.

It's important to note that not all of the revenue ends up in the hands of Sony. Rather, much of it is accordingly divided among the distributors, developers, and other entities involved in the production of PSVR hardware and software.

$1.93 billion is a lot of money. The point made here is that VR might be a powerful product in the market and could be a system-seller. Microsoft may be unconvinced of its viability, but simply having VR as an option on one's hardware is an inherent benefit. Of course, it all comes down to a matter of costs versus benefits, which is likely weighed strategically by Microsoft and Xbox. However, an available VR device could ultimately decide which console one will get.

Of course, it isn't only Xbox's Phil Spencer who has expressed disinterest in VR. Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt RED's Andrzej Nowakowski dismissed the idea when discussing VR-exclusive Half-Life: Alyx and how it could affect Cyberpunk 2077's sales.

VR might seem easy to dismiss from in the gaming industry, but Sony's projected, and growing, PSVR revenue tells a different story. The likelihood that VR will capture the industry at large can't be known, but the more accessible it becomes, the more likely consumers are likely to warm up to it. In the end, this may be what convinces the industry of VR's viability.

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