Playstation VR Showcase: Every Game Shown

A VR Showcase headed by Sony was held in April, but no one took notice. Here's what was announced.

In the aftermath of PlayStation's VR2 patent getting leaked, in addition to the news of the PS5 launching no later than holiday season 2020, it's time to take an in-depth look at Sony's virtual reality headset.

A VR Showcase headed by Sony was held in April, but garnered little outside attention. Likewise, very little VR content was revealed amid Sony's State of Play, yet it provided some anticipatory titles that will satiate fans in the wait for VR2. Here are some games that prove Playstation VR is far from dead.

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Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie appears to be one of the most underrated VR games, despite the fact that it was the most nominated title at Gamescom. It tells the story of a young boy, Ash, as he brings life back to his home city through the art of mural painting. The game not only captures a sentimental theme on breathing life into a distorted reality but also literally paints a brutal image of friendship and devotion. Out now, Concrete Genie has proven to be a work of art, as Jamie Latour notes:

"It's just an incredibly lovely title that has a surprising amount of personality. The paintings are animated with a vibrant style, and the Genies are big goofballs that are hard to not like...The music and sound design are also excellent."

When played in VR, it's even better. Concrete Genie is a PS4 exclusive with a relatively short narrative that invites all players, despite being geared toward younger audiences. Don't miss out on redrawing this dark world utilizing art, imagination and, most profound of all, friendship in PS VR.

Marvel's Iron Man VR

On to the more anticipated entries, Iron Man in PS VR has been both teased and alluded to since the start of the year. Fitting, giving the hero's sad departure in the finale of Endgame. What better way to honor his legacy than with a self-titled VR game?

Marvel's Iron Man VR will be highly narrative-driven. While some may be skeptical, believing it to be an extremely limited experience, it's actually not so "on rails" as might be expected. Discussed more broadly in the PS VR Show, the game's director, Ryan Payton, says:

"So, Marvel's Iron Man VR is a completely original Iron Man/Tony Stark story where we try to match the unique attributes of VR with just how amazing Iron Man is as an IP."

Payton stresses the importance of sharing large epic moments with more intimate, story-building sections of gameplay. It will be interesting to see how far they can take the character in this VR setting. The game lands in stores sometime before the end of the year.

L.A. Noire VR

Aside from The Last of Us Part II trailer, one of the most interesting teases out of Sony's State of Play was a VR version of L.A. Noire. Return to the hard-boiled streets of 1947 Los Angeles, this time through a more personal perspective. Although it might be an old game given some makeup and a more realistic touch, in all accords it's the very way L.A. Noire was intended to be played, by really delving into the interviewee's various ticks and facial queues, undergoing strict analyses of the crime scenes, and unlocking the secrets hidden in plain sight.

The virtual investigation opens on November 14.

No Man's Sky Beyond

One of the more groundbreaking titles to come out of the VR workshop is No Man's Sky. It's no secret this game experienced a rocky release, yet has seemingly recovered through the likes of immense PR, bug fixes, and overall updates that have truly reinvigorated the game. It may be extraordinarily fun to play alongside some friends, but the VR iteration actually expands upon the experience by dropping players into the fold. This time, instead of watching one's character traverse different galaxies and mine for resources, players are actually doing it themselves. This hands-on approach turns No Man's Sky into a galactic-traversal simulator unlike anything before it.

Released back in August, No Man's Sky Beyond is the best thing to happen to the base game, evolving the title even more since its deflated launch.


A unique arena brawler, GORN is a showcase of hilarious violence on top of cartoon gore. It may not be for everyone, but it certainly has its own branded style and wit, never letting up on the intense gladiatorial nature of its namesake. Players will be challenged by a variety of different opponents in a ring that will be drenched in bloodshed by the end of one's playthrough. It's a one-of-a-kind VR experience, though it's probably best for older audiences. While the graphics could be likened to Fortnite or Borderlands, it's still a bit violent and over-the-top (in a good way).

With a 10/10 on Steam and considered among the best VR games to date, it's obvious that GORN is a title worth playing, especially with a PS VR and Switch ports releasing soon at a lowly $19.99.

Several other interesting titles were announced, such as Blood & TruthEverybody's Golf VR, Espire 1: VR Operative, After the Fall, Space Channel 5 VR, and Stardust Odysseysome of which have already been released. Though there's only about a year left in the PS VR lifecycle, many of the titles mentioned are pushing the boundaries of the technology. Without these games, the VR 2 may very well be an imaginary device.

While PS VR may still have some kinks, like limited movement and graphical realism, there's a myriad of new titles to enjoy. Those desperately hoping for a Fallout 3 or New Vegas VR remaster may never get to see their dreams come true, but the next evolution in VR technology may be the answer to their prayers. With a very long setlist of reality-bending games to enjoy, time is of the essence.

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