"Please Make An Inquiry To Sony," Says Konami Representative About Replaced PS Plus Game

PlayStation Plus subscribers who enjoy soccer were probably happy to see Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 go up as one of the free PS plus games for July. Furthermore, it might be assume that newer fans who own a PS4 and probably took up interest due to the Women's World Cup or Copa America were likely anticipating getting the hands on the title for free too.

It was not to be, however. PES was suddenly replaced by Detroit: Become Human, leaving many gamers puzzled as to why. Of course, developers at Konami were in receipt of plenty of questions as people demanded answers. However, they've since disclosed that the decision was Sony's and not theirs.

"This decision was made by Sony and so please make an inquiry to Sony," a Konami spokesperson told GameSpot.

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Sony has put out a statement of its own, owning up to the change but failing to clarify.

"We have decided to make a change to the PS Plus games lineup this month, and will be offering Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition instead of PES 2019," the statement read. "This was a decision we decided to make as a company, and we apologize for any inconvenience."

According to European PES brand manager Lennart Bobzien, Konami had no idea this was going to happen and still doesn't know why.

"I cannot really tell you what happened because I just found out today, in the morning when I opened my laptop. I can't really explain."

The switch is likely to be quite a disappointing one to many, but Detroit: Become Human isn't a bad shout in any conversation as it pertains to free games. So PS Plus users will have to make do.

The next installment of PES launches on September 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. There's a bit of a change there too, but only with the name. The upcoming game will be called eFootball PES 2020, Bobzien explained.

"For this year we've announced eFootball PES 2020," he said. "We want to put a bigger focus on esports moving forward. In the past we've already shown [this] by having competitions such as PES League and eFootball Pro, the professional club competition."

The upcoming game has Premier League side Manchester United as a licensed club but, unfortunately, it won't be featuring women's teams.

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