The Plot–And The Bags–Thicken: Bethesda Offering Replacement Canvas Bags To Collector's Edition Buyers

There's another development in the roller coaster ride that is the Fallout 76 Power Armor collector's edition. After immense fan pressure, and talk of legal action, Bethesda has decided to make actual advertised canvas bags to replace the cheap nylon bags included in the collector's edition. Buyers of the collector's edition can now contact the company to get the replacement bags as soon as they're made.

It's been quite a saga, but the summary is that Fallout 76's $200 Power Armor collector's edition was supposed to come with a canvas duffle bag. The word "canvas" is literally used as a descriptor in the item's promotional materials, and yet buyers received a bag made of nylon, closer to a trash bag than a duffle bag.

This issue was compounded by the fact that many gamers just weren't happy with the overall state of Fallout 76. The game's lack of a traditional Fallout story and many bugs prevented a lot of players from enjoying it. Yet Bethesda was withholding when it came to refunds, and answered complaints about the nylon bags with the excuse that the canvas version would have been too expensive to make.

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That should have been the end, albeit a disappointing one for fans. But outrage over the falsely-advertised bags was renewed over the weekend when it was revealed that canvas bags did indeed exist. They were just given to Youtubers instead of collector's edition buyers.

via: Youtube (heelsvsbabyface)

With all of this coming out, it seems like Bethesda won't be escaping the public eye anytime soon. The only way to come out of this looking good is for the company to make a huge gesture of goodwill. Fortunately for consumers, it will be doing exactly that. A tweet from the company's support division has announced that real canvas bags are being made.

All buyers of the Power Armor Edition have to do is submit a ticket on the Bethesda website before Jan 31st. Those who do will be sent a replacement bag made of real actual canvas.

Fallout 76 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can actually buy a digital version of the canvas bag in-game, although it costs more than you'd think.

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