15 Plot Twists That Hurt PlayStation Video Games (And 15 That Saved Them)

As video games have moved forward with technology, developers have become more and more preoccupied with the story that they're able to tell. Back in the day, there was very little they could convey to the audience, limited as they were by the technology at the time. However, these days many companies attempt to create a genuinely good story, a narrative that keeps the player playing and one that they will be talking about long after they actually finish. Doing a plot twist can be a gamble sometimes; everyone wants to be the next M. Night Shyamalan, but not every game warrants having a huge plot twist in the first place.

What we've done is pull together some of the worst plot twists of all time in PlayStation games, when writers really didn't get it right. We'll also be showing you some of the plot twists that we really love in PlayStation games, ones that people are still talking about to this day. We think it's important to remember when writers get it right so that modern developers can take a look at how to do it right!

So, we think it's about time that we take a look at some PlayStation games, and when the developers got their plot twists right and when they managed to get them wrong. If we've missed any fan favorites, let us know; there's certainly no shortage of unwanted or badly received plot twists in video games!

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30 Wrong: Heavy Rain's Main Villain

via: jetsetnick.wordpress.com

This game spends a lot of time throwing red herrings around, attempting to throw the player off the scent, to the point where the are a lot of plot holes that are not resolved at the end of the game.

We find out that one of the main characters has been the villain all along, but it doesn't make any sense.

The player knows that it's impossible for this to be true, as they were playing as him when one of the victims was taken down...

29 Right: Red Dead Redemption's Epilogue

via: coub.com

Red Dead Redemption has become a modern classic, a video game that people point to as a masterpiece, and part of this is down to the epic world that it offers to the player. However, the other reason is the narrative.

The ending of the story really took everyone by surprise, and had a lasting effect.

Just when it seems like the character may have finally got their happy ending, he is taken down by the lawmen that he has been helping throughout the entire game, before the player is given his son to play as from then on.

28 Wrong: Detroit Become Human's Android Problem

via: gamez.de

This entire game is about the concept that androids may one day be fighting for basic rights, that AI will one day get to a point where that could become a genuine issue, and that is a great basis for a story. However, like a lot of David Cage's work, it is bloated and filled with unnecessary twists and turns. One of these twists is the fact that the little girl in the story has actually been an android all along. It makes no sense and was only put there in the hope of making players feel they were playing something deeper than they are.

27 Right: Shadow Of The Colossus Shows The Dangers Of Not Being Able To Let Go


The main character in this game is a man that is attempting to bring back a woman, but we're never told what her relation is to him, although we assume that they were partners. He journeys to a temple, where a mysterious voice speaks to him from an unknown place, telling him that to save the woman, he must take down the colossi that are scattered around the land.

It's only at the end of the game, when the player has taken down the colossi, that he realizes they were actually the good guys, and that he has now unleashed the dark power of the mysterious voice...

26 Wrong: Who Is The Villain In Until Dawn?

via: steemit.com

Much like Heavy Rain, Until Dawn is too obsessed with trying to throw the player off that they don't realize they're ruining the rest of the narrative in the process. The beginning of the game revolves around the concept that Josh has lured his friends to the place where his sister passed on, due to a cruel prank played by them all.

Players are even lead to believe at one point that they helped him pass on, but in the end, this isn't true. However, he's not the big villain of the game either. It's like four stories mashed into one...

25 Right: Joel Is A Selfish Man In The Last Of Us

via: unigamesity.com

The Last Of Us is considered a modern masterpiece by many, a game that takes players on an emotional journey through a post-apocalyptic world. One of the truly fantastic things about the writing in this game is the fact that it grips the player and bonds them to the characters, which makes the ending all the more tense and sad. Joel chooses to go against Ellie's wishes, taking her from the scientists that could use her to save the human race, not willing to let go of the young girl he has become attached to.

24 Wrong: The Little Girl Is Bayonetta

via: zerochan.net

Bayonetta is a woman that spends her life kicking and shooting angels and demons, giving the player a chance to live out a fantasy that they'd never be able to in real life.

That being said, there is a story somewhere in there, a story that nobody really cares about, which is why we imagine this plot hole was overlooked.

The twist is that a young girl that is found by the player is supposed to be a younger version of Bayonetta, despite the fact that she was supposed to have been trapped in a coffin for millennia...

23 Right: Final Fantasy VII Kept Us On Our Toes

via: nocookie.net

Writers spend a long time trying to come up with characters that are well rounded and that the audience cares about, so to eliminate one early on takes some guts, which is exactly what Final Fantasy VII did, and did well. After getting the player to bond with Aerith in a major way, they end up having the major villain Sephiroth take her out. When this game first came out, people couldn't understand how the writers pulled this off, aghast at what happened before their very eyes.

22 Wrong: Kratos Lost All Hope Years Ago...

via: gamesradar.com

Most of the original God Of War trilogy is spent trying to take down Gods, which is why Kratos is constantly looking for new ways to do just that. However, we weren't happy with what was inside Pandora's Box.

Kratos was told that whatever was inside Pandora's Box would help him take out Zeus, once and for all.

There's nothing inside their though, not anything that looks like a weapon though. No, all that's inside the box is the concept of hope. It was so jarring in a game that seems to be entirely about beating people up...

21 Right: We Never Saw It Coming In DMC: Devil May Cry

via: fanpop.com

DMC was a reboot of the original Devil May Cry trilogy, and while some people don't like what it did to the legacy, it was actually a very good game by all accounts, it just had a lot to live up to.

In the main trilogy, Dante's brother Virgil is an enemy, someone that Dante has to fight on a regular basis.

However, in the reboot the two brothers work together, that is until the end when Virgil lets Dante know that this entire thing has been about getting exactly what he wants, making him the final boss.

20 Wrong: Life Is Strange Takes Rachel Away

via: nocookie.net

While we were playing through Life Is Strange, we knew that we would eventually find out what had happened to Rachel, who had disappeared, but we don't think that the game did this twist justice.

We find out that she was actually given an overdose by a spoiled student who was attempting to mimic the twisted work of his mentor.

There are a couple of red herrings throughout the game that make this eventual realization all the more boring. We wanted something a lot more hard-hitting than this, if we're honest.

19 Right: We'd Been Talking To Liquid All Along In MGS1

via: reddit.com

In the first video game in the Metal Gear franchise, Solid Snake has the ability to communicate with a cast of characters that help him on his way, offering him everything from information about enemies to the ability to save. We find out late on in the game that one of these characters, a man named Master Miller from the previous games in the series, is actually our twin brother Liquid Snake, who has been the main villain for the entire game!

18 Wrong: We Were Never In Control In BioShock

via: vice.com

This game means a lot to people, as it highlights what can be done in modern video games, taking what is an established genre and messing with the sort of themes. FPS games rarely have a strong story, or at least they aren't known for them, and yet this game has one of the best twists on this list if you ask us, as nobody saw it coming at all. The twist at the end of the game shows that we have never been in control of our actions at all, that we're unable to stop ourselves from obeying if a command is preceded by the command "Would You Kindly?"

17 Right: Jak Was Mar The Whole Time In Jak 3

via: amazon.com

The Naughty Dog Trilogy that starred Jak actually started out as quite a cute platformer, most likely an attempt to create a couple of mascots that would rival their past work, Crash Bandicoot.

However, it quickly took a dark turn and the story mattered a lot more from the second installment onwards.

We find out at the end of the third game that we have been playing as the grown-up version of a young boy, a boy that has been protected for years as he would one day become the legendary Mar.

16 Wrong: Kate's Passing In GTA IV

via: techspot.com

We understand what the game was going for with this one, but we don't think it makes much sense. If the player chooses to do the right thing and let go of the past, his cousin is taken out. However, if he does the bad thing and takes down the man that betrayed him all those years ago, his new girlfriend is the one who is taken out. We think it would've made more sense if Niko, Kate, and Roman survived if the player chose to do the right thing. This felt like a tacked-on twist to us.

15 Right: Wolfenstein II Keeps It As Ridiculous As Always

via: shacknews.com

The reboot of the old FPS franchise has been a major hit, as it has brought some of the old school sensibilities of the genre and melded it with gameplay mechanics found in more modern video games.

However, the narrative in these games pushes things to ridiculous lengths, and we love it for that.

At one point in the second game, the head of the main character is chopped off. However, we're quickly shown that the rebels managed to save the head before attaching it to a new body. It is insane.

14 Wrong: Final Fantasy X Pulls The "It Was All A Dream" Cliche

via: giantbomb.com

This is one of the cardinal sins of fiction writing, to the point where non-writers understand it as a cliche that should not be allowed. People who see this at the end of games feel shortchanged, and quite rightly, as it is a really cheap trick. In Final Fantasy X, we find out that the character we've been playing as has actually been dreamed into existence by one of the other characters, so at the end of the game, he ceases to exist. It is such a letdown!

13 Right: MGSV Pulled The Wool Over Our Eyes

via: reddit.com

Hideo Kojima had a lot of work to do with this installment in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, so it's amazing that he was able to fit in a twist that actually worked alongside all of that.

At the end of the game, we find out that we haven't actually been playing as the real Big Boss.

Instead, we've been playing as a man that was a decoy for the real soldier as he waged a covert war. This twist then leads to the narrative that played out in the two original Metal Gear games from decades ago!

12 Wrong: Metal Gear Solid 2 Should Never Have Had Raiden...

via: polygon.com

At the beginning of Metal Gear Solid 2, it appears that Solid Snake gets stuck in a sinking tanker, going down and moving on from this world. When the real game kicks in, we find that we're now not playing as Solid Snake at all, but a new character, one with the codename Raiden, a rookie soldier that is almost the complete opposite of Solid Snake in every way!

This twist was so disliked by the original fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise that Hideo Kojima included a character that was literally a body double of Raiden that players could beat up and torment...

11 Right: ...But We're Glad How Crazy It Got By The End!

via: vice.com

While we didn't enjoy playing as Raiden throughout Metal Gear Solid 2, it was worth it to get to the end and find out that we had actually been talking to a supercomputer the entire time. The first time that a player goes through this ending, it can be difficult to really know what is going on, and the gamer is left to pick together the actual ending from the pieces of narrative they're given. We were riveted when we first played through the ending of Metal Gear Solid 2, and it has stayed with us ever since.

10 Wrong: Nathan Drake's Brother Is Just As Much Of A Liar In Uncharted 4

via: gamesradar.com

In Uncharted 4, we find out that the main character of the previous Uncharted games has had a brother the entire time, but he's been locked away for years due to a job that went wrong when they were younger.

He manages to escape and find Nathan, claiming that he only got out because of the help of a gangster who now wants some gold he's said he can get him.

It turns out later on that he's been lying the whole time, but this is sort of paved over immediately. There's literally no point in having it as a narrative moment, other than to try and shock the audience.

9 Right: Modern Warfare Goes Nuclear

via: coub.com

While the Modern Warfare games aren't exactly known for their plot, with most people only buying it for the multiplayer anyway, the first Modern Warfare had a genuinely impressive moment. The game is seen through the eyes of multiple characters, all of them on their own mission to try and keep the forces of evil from prospering. At one point in the game, one of the characters is hit by a nuclear strike, as the player is in control of them. It is genuinely harrowing.

8 Wrong: Everyone Has Amnesia In Final Fantasy VIII

via: medium.com

Final Fantasy VIII follows a group of characters through a fantasy world, allowing the players to see fantastical things and take on enemies that would never exist in the real world.

However, it takes it a little bit too far with this plot twist if you ask us. We just can never get over how much of a let down it was...

It turns out that all of the major characters in the game knew each other and share memories together, but they just didn't know it because they had shared amnesia.

7 Right: We Return To Shadow Moses In MGS4

via: pinterest.com

A lot of people don't like the drawn-out writing of the Metal Gear Solid series, and we can't say we blame them for that, but Hideo Kojima really pulls it out of the bag from time to time.

In the fourth game in the franchise, we play as a Snake that is aging at a rapid rate, meaning this will likely be his last mission.

At one point in the game, we find ourselves returning to the setting from the first game. The feeling of nostalgia, it was as if we were right there at the military base with Solid Snake.

6 Wrong: You Are Your Biggest Enemy In Infamous

via: nocookie.net

The first two Infamous games followed Cole MacGrath, a man who was turned into a superhero by a mysterious device that he was tasked with carrying as a courier.

He spends the entire game trying to track down the man that destroyed the city and cursed him with powers that nobody can seem to understand.

We find out at the end that the main villain has been us all along, trying to train us up in the hope of taking down a bigger enemy that is on the way. However, the fact that they were us all along adds nothing to the story.

5 Right: Isaac's Wife Was Gone All Along In Dead Space

via: wordpress.com

Isaac Clarke spends the entirety of Dead Space looking for a woman, his wife, as she was lost on a spaceship after it was taken over by a mysterious force.

We find out at the end of the game that she actually passed on before we even started the game, meaning the whole adventure has been pointless.

The thing that we really love about this twist is that it's actually, literally, spelled out for the player. If they take the first letter from the name of each chapter, it spells out the fact that the woman is passed on from this world.

4 Wrong: Apparently Spouses Can Hide Anything In The Biohazard Universe...

via: gamerevolution.com

The Biohazard series has been going for decades at this point, following the same cast of characters as they attempt to stop the rise of hordes of zombies.

The seventh installment in the game, not including the various spin-offs the franchise has had, saw a return to form after years of bad installments. 

However, the ending spoiled it for us if we're honest, as we had to believe the female character that the player had been trying to find and rescue for hours had actually been lying to the player character, successfully hiding an entire job from them. It would be impossible!

3 Right: We're A Creepy Guy In Braid

via: lockeddoorpuzzle.com

Braid is a masterclass in storytelling, taking the player through a story that is filled with esoteric references, wonderful music, and gameplay that creates a genuine sense of unease. This is all topped off by an ending that genuinely surprised us. Out of nowhere, we find out that we were actually the villain all along, or at the very least, the game is taken as saying this. We run through the castle to save the princess like so many other games, only to have to reverse time and see that, actually, the princess was running from us, and that the "villain" was trying to save her.

2 Wrong: Mass Effect 3 Proved That Nothing Matters

via: forbes.com

We understand what BioWare was going for with this ending, that they wanted it to be as if the entire trilogy of video games had been an epic, one that left behind myths and legends that would be passed around the universe till the end of time, but we think that it ended up feeling flat. There were no gamers out there that enjoyed the ending of the third installment, as it felt like a slap in the face to people who had put hours of their life into this trilogy.

1 Right: Fallout 4 Has Plans For Our Child

via: media.com

When we started Fallout 4, we had much higher hopes for the game's story after the disappointing end of Fallout 3, and we're glad that it lived up to those hopes. The game starts by straight away showing us exactly why we'll be going on this adventure across the wasteland, with somebody stealing our child from the hands of our partner before ending them.

We eventually find our child, and they're even older than us, due to the fact that we had been placed back into the cryogenic freezer at the beginning of the game. Not only that, but they are also the head of the Institute, people we had been fighting against up until this point.

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