Plumber Wars: 15 Hilarious Mario Vs. Luigi Memes

The most famous of video game brothers, Mario and Luigi certainly must have some bad blood. In most of the scenarios where these two are at odds or of differing opinions, it's definitely Luigi who gets the cold, day-old spaghetti, and the gross plumbing jobs. Now that it's been mentioned, maybe that's where Luigi's always been while Mario is saving the princess: supporting their business cleaning out toadstool-pipes.

Fans have made it a point to keep Luigi in this place of woe, even going so far as to compare other fictitious duos' weaker member as "the Luigi" of the team as well as referring to the less cool friend in the same manner. The overlooked fact is that not only is Mario's greatness so bolstered next to Luigi, but there's also the fact that Luigi's mediocrity is unavoidable while next to Mario.

For order in the chaos, it's important for the world to have its Marios and its Luigis, its alphas and betas. The successes and heroics of Mario casts a major shadow to which Luigi has no choice but to shiver beneath. However, once in a while Luigi gets a win and shows the world that he isn't just another pixel-guy rendered a different color for your younger sibling to play with.


15 I've Been Saving This Blue Shell For You... Brother

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Luigi-san unleashes his fury upon the popular brother in this anime renditioning of Mario Kart, and we know the technique. Gamers often save the blue shell for the right competitor to achieve first place, especially if playing with a friend or sibling. It was inevitable that we kart to win, and the amount of dodged or blocked red Koopa shells by an experienced player with a well-placed banana will always infuriate the true masters.

Interestingly enough, some daring players even purposefully fall into last place on the final or second lap in order to get a star or a Blue Shell for tactical late race use. There truly is no other greater time to use a blue shell than when your sibling has been leading the race and you can sneak-nuke them with the Mushroom Kingdom's most advanced weaponry from second place at the finish line.

14 When Nintendo Couldn't Make Luigi Any Less Important

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Luigi's been around for a long time; he's literally what makes Mario into the Mario Bros. Without Luigi, Mario is an only child whose questionable upbringing led him to the hobby of killing sentient turtles and mushrooms by the score. So why was Luigi being dealt the dirty hand of tiny pictures?

He's literally the smallest character on the screen! Even the stupid fish character's got him beat by double the size. Even worse, Waluigi, Luigi's extremely unoriginal bizarro version, is featured in a respectful display. Mario Party 9 trolled Luigi quite savagely and definitely on purpose.

Luigi is the younger, less important brother. If anyone knows this, it's Luigi. And if the developers wanted to make sure he understood, this cover art takes the cake. We imagine the boardroom decision went like this: Dev #1: "Where should we place Luigi on the cover art?" Dev#2: "Who the heck is Luigi?"

13 Denial... Luigi's Most Powerful Ability

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When Luigi is actually allowed to join his brother on the adventure, he's still bringing up the rear. The tough part about that is that Mario eats a lot of questionable things, so his farts are probably as rancid as Bowser's undershell.

Playing with a sibling or friend who owned the system meant that a good portion of the gamers had to go through this situation. Watching Mario explore each level and play the game through only to saddle up as Luigi and never have experienced any surprises.

Playing as Luigi after watching Mario/co-player do their run is the equivalent to watching a tv series or suspenseful movie with a person who's already seen it, hearing them say "oh, you gotta watch this part" or "oh no, he's not dead." Part of playing video games is exploring the world created and discovering what the developers have in store for gamers. It's got to weigh on Weegie's soul after a while. We feel your pain, Green Bro.

12 Moms Don't Pick Favorites, So We Pick For Her

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As if the ridicule from fans, the lack of acknowledgment, and the huge "L" on Luigi's forehead wasn't enough to cause clinical depression, his own mother treating him like crap is. Although Mrs. Mario isn't ever in any of the video games, we can't help but think she spent a longer time potty training Luigi.

In the beginning, Luigi wasn't even a real character, he was literally just the green Mario that the secondary person played as. However, it would make sense that their mother recognized how heroic the older son was and how the younger Luigi cried all the time and ran from ghosts. It's not that she doesn't love him any less, but simply that his name isn't worth remembering.

11 Super Mario Sun-Shining... Get It?

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If you've never seen Stanley Kubrick's The Shining then you're missing out. It stars Mario and Luigi in a haunted mansion where Mario's neo-crime novel isn't getting written and Luigi's ghost-vacuum can't find an outlet. Just kidding, this meme mashes Jack Nicholson's famous scene of his psychotic character and Luigi's super weird response to Mario's "Mamma Mia" in the Super Mario Bros. cartoon. Luckily for Luigi, in any type of spooky scenario, he has the upper hand.

We've established that Mario is on Luigi's kill list, and he was definitely the first entry if not the sole purpose for the list. That being said, it would make sense that when the Super Bros. stumble upon an Indian burial ground, the evil spirits would awaken and nurture the brotherly hated. All work and no play makes Luigi second player for life.

10 It Ain't Easy Being Green

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Link and Luigi often team up in the world of memes, and in this one Luigi is laying down some wisdom. Both like green stuff, both begin with the Letter "L," and both get heavily friendzoned by the ruling princess. Peach often cozies up to Mario while Luigi just has to watch his bro gather the glory even though Luigi helped out a bit. And by a bit, we mean when the person playing as Mario needed extra lives.

The kicker is, Link has no family at all. Luigi at least has a brother. However, we're sure Luigi would trade Mario to Link in a heartbeat for an actual game series that people adore. Not just a game series that people on eBay end up getting when they purchase a GameCube system bundle. We're looking at you, Luigi's Mansion.

9 Someone Has To Collect The Toad Times Newspaper

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Mario totally leaves the frumpy brother behind as often as possible. It's most notable in Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario series when Mario goes out and gathers up a whole crew of friends to save the world. This is all done while Luigi's back at the crib just chilling.

We imagine, after the credits, Mario gets back from his journey with Mallow and Goombette covered in medals and gold coins and with a backpack full of photographs of new friends. It'd be at this moment that Luigi realizes there was plenty room for him in the game and on the team. Turns out Mario really knows how to keep his bro down.

The real problem is that the Mario Bros eat toadstool people cakes. Not sure how to feel about that choice in the Mushroom Kingdom relationship...


8 Luigi's Life: A Sandwich Made Of Peanut Butter And Jealousy

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Luigi definitely crossed over to the dark side for the sheer amount of jealous hatred he harbors for Mario. The dark side of the force is reserved for the strongest of Jedi, so maybe Luigi couldn't hang with the likes of Vader, Maul, and Dooku, but he could totally get tricked by the Emperor.

This meme begs the question: how low would Luigi stoop to gain the edge over Mario, and would it even be enough? Yes, Luigi, let the hate flow through you. Just do your best not to cry when your brother slaps you down and claims Princess Peach AND Daisy for his tropical vacation on Tatooine.

7 Being Taller Just Means The Bird Droppings Hit Him Sooner

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Luigi is taller, jumps higher, and wears a less threatening color than his slightly evil brother, Mario. He even runs faster in some of the games. However, Luigi must face the truth, like Robert the older brother in the show Everybody Loves Raymond, that tall dark and handsome doesn't bring home the Princess.

Who on Earth has met a person who doesn't wish that they were taller, or leaner? It's almost as if Nintendo spooned Luigi some special skills and a great body to compete with Mario. No one wishes they had Mario's body type; he's a soda can. Then again, who wants to play as Luigi instead of Mario? I'll tell you who... criminals.

6 Luigi Grew Some Goombas And Fought Back

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This meme isn't so much hilarious as much as it is just totally hardcore awesome. Bullet Bill definitely disrespects Luigi as much as everyone else, and probably does not take him seriously as a foe. But when Luigi was given his sweet headbutt attack in Super Smash, the tides of Luigi changed.

There comes a moment in every Italian plumber's life where they must decide they are no longer going to run from their fears. No longer will they crumble in the face of dangerous ghosts and Waluigi, and no longer dodge enemies. For there are few moments when glory can be achieved, and headbutting a 6-ton cannon shell is one of them.

5 When The Worst Mario Still Owns The Best Luigi

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Let's take this to Super Smash Bros. 64, where the developers figured Mario would be so popular that they'd give his mimic brother a chance too with all the same moves, only in green. That being said, stacked up against the might of Mario in all his games, Luigi's strengths don't even compare to his brother.

This meme brings to attention the powers Mario and Luigi both possess. Luigi has a green fireball, which is just dumb because it's not even poisonous, and Mario literally is the most popular video game character ever. The power of popularity is all Luigi really desires and it's something he will never truly achieve. The truth is, the same people who pick Luigi over Mario are probably the same people in New Jersey who call Pork Roll 'Taylor ham' or think bikes are better than cars.

4 The Truth Of The 90s For Younger Siblings

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It wasn't even a choice; I was always Luigi. Then, when New Super Mario Bros. was released, I was forced to play as one of the Toads since I was the youngest of three. Yeah, they all did the same thing, and it was supposed to be a team effort, but there was definitely a difference in the memories associated with those games.

This meme really tugs at the heartstrings simply because the truth is often painful. The real kicker was when playing Super Mario World two-player, there was a way to steal lives from the Luigi if you were swift and ruthless enough. The younger sibling was merely a mana pool of extra bro lives, and we didn't even know it.

3  The Year Of Luigi

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The Year of Luigi was a real thing. In 2013, it was the 30th anniversary of Luigi's debut and Nintendo decided to give him some recognition. The games Luigi's Manson: Dark Moon, New Super Luigi U, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and Dr. Luigi were planned. There was even a special Luigi-themed Nintendo 3DS released for the green guy.

That all being said, Luigi's fame didn't last for long. Mario came out with a bunch of brand new titles that stole back the limelight. Luigi has some good games, and he's done pretty well with Daisy, but let's face it. Mario was holding onto the blue shell as soon as he first heard about "The Year of Luigi".

2 You Can Only Choose One Side...

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In this photo, Luigi is the winner since Obama actually won. But let's take into account the accuracy of these two politicians' body shapes as compared to the Mario Bros. Never mind their political affiliations or what they plan to do against a Yoshi uprising. But rather, who would we actually vote for if the brothers ran against one another?

Could the Mushroom Kingdom really allow the easily corruptible, coin-hungry Mario? Or would they be better off with the Koopa and Goomba loving Luigi? What's Mario's policy on Toad immigration? Would this mean war with Hyrule? Or perhaps even an alliance with Bowser? In any case, anarchy would surely ensue.

1 Peach Keeps It Italian And In the Family

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Any woman who comes between brothers is a truly evil entity. But she didn't rise to the power of an Absolute Monarch over the mushroom people without burning a few bridges and poisoning a few Koopa watering holes... Peach is ruthless, don't be mistaken. She would probably keep Mario around for his strengths and heroism, but just keep Luigi on the side for... other stuff.

However, let's give it up for Luigi never giving up on a behind-the-scenes sibling betrayal of the highest order. This is how he will return 30-years of ridicule and disrespect: by giving Peach the loving kiss that neither Mario or Bowser ever even deserved.


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