25 Pokédex Entries That Show How Overpowered Pokémon Really Are

Did you know that there are 809 current Pokémon (at the time of this article)? Did you also know that there is more than triple the amount of data entries in the Pokédex throughout various incarnations of the game? My point is there's a lot of text out there. There's also a lot of debate on who is the strongest Pokémon. You could even broaden that argument out on Pokémon types. Personally, I've always been a water guy and I think bugs are just the worst thing imaginable. To quell Internet arguments I decided to go through all 809 Pokémon and read through every Pokédex entry to determine what 25 Pokémon are overpowered. Now here's the thing that I discovered through this monumental task.

A lot of these data points are almost copied and pasted into other Pokémon generations. Stuff about Pokémon having the power to knock down a house, punch a boat, knock over a train, and so on. Not only do the designs get lackadaisical, the entries do too. I'm not sure if that's that surprising, but I did find it personally amusing. Another thing I want to make a note of is the fact that I excluded legendary Pokémon from this list, as they are the very embodiment of overpowered entities. If I didn't cut them out the list would have been filled with nothing except for them. I also made sure to pull through almost an equal amount from all seven generations. With that explanation out of the way, let's academically decide who are the strongest Pokémon.

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25 Wartortle


The Pokédex entry for Wartortle in Pokémon Y is as follows. “It is said to live 10,000 years. Its furry tail is popular as a symbol of longevity.”

Now, this may not point out that Wartortle is a powerhouse, but it does show its strength in another way: its life force. I looked at all 809 entries and this longevity beats everything else by far. There were some at a hundred years, but that's it. These turtles are vampires I tell ya!

24 Magcargo


The Pokédex entry for Magcargo in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire is as follows. “Magcargo’s body temperature is approximately 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Water is vaporized on contact. If this Pokémon is caught in the rain, the raindrops instantly turn into steam, cloaking the area in a thick fog."

Now let me share some knowledge with you. The average temperature of a volcano is somewhere in the vicinity of 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. So how trainers can catch a Magcargo in a Pokéball let alone stand by one without melting is beyond me.

23 Loudred


The Pokédex entry for Loudred in Pokémon FireRed is as follows. “When it stamps its feet and bellows, it generates ultrasonic waves that can blow apart a house.”

Talk about bringing down the house.

I don't know about you, but when I read this all I can think about is the human mind. If a Loudred's voice can level a house imagine what it could do to your brain in other words. I guess Nintendo and Game Freak could argue the frequency is only good against wood.

22 Hippowdon


The Pokédex entry for Hippowdon in Pokémon Pearl is as follows. “Its huge mouth is almost seven feet across. It has enough power to completely crush a car.”

Its mouth is seven feet by itself? That's like a Shaq version of a mouth. That is insane by itself let alone Hippowdon has the power to destroy your car. Good thing this series really doesn't have cars. Bikes are the cars of the future in the Pokémon world. Well, that and riding Pokémon.

21 Carracosta


The Pokédex entry for Carracosta in Pokémon Black is as follows. “They can live both in the ocean and on land. A slap from one of them is enough to open a hole in the bottom of a tanker.”

First of all, it's important to note that Carracosta is an ancient Pokémon you can revitalize from a fossil. Second of all, this turtle, as old as it is, looks like a normal turtle so for it to have that kind of slapping power for its size is imposing.

20 Meowstic


The Pokédex entry for Meowstic in Pokémon X is as follows. “When in danger, it raises its ears and releases enough psychic power to grind a 10-ton truck into dust.”

Meowstic has the power to make its own kitty litter.

Wow, and I thought cats were destructive in real life what with their need to destroy couches and cords. Punching a car aside, or knocking down a house is strong, but grinding things to dust is next level bonkers. Why aren't Pokémon being dusted away?

19 Bewear


The Pokédex entry for Bewear in Pokémon Moon is as follows. “This Pokémon has the habit of hugging its companions. Many Trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug.”

The first part of that entry is adorable. Who doesn't want to be hugged by a big pink bear with a raccoon tail? The name gives it away though because this bear hug may be your last. Now here's the thing. Is it trying to do this on purpose, or is it really an unfortunate accident?

18 Jigglypuff


The Pokédex entry for Jigglypuff in Pokémon Emerald is as follows. “Nothing can avoid falling asleep hearing a Jigglypuff's song." The sound waves of its singing voice match the brain waves of someone in a deep sleep.”

Now it doesn't exactly spell it out for you, but basically, Jigglypuff can put anything to sleep. In the anime it's automatic and no one can resist. The games are a different issue since stats are involved, but by and large, we may have a marker epidemic on our hands.

17 Houndoom


The Pokédex entry for Houndoom in Pokémon Gold is as follows. “If you are burned by the flames it shoots from its mouth, the pain will never go away.”

This dog is poison.

In another Pokédex entry, just to make it clear, it says that there is poison in the flames. It makes more sense knowing that this burn will never go away now. However, it doesn't change the fact that Houndoom is a scary force to be reckoned with.

16 Hariyama


The Pokédex entry for Hariyama in Pokémon HeartGold is as follows. “It loves challenging others to tests of strength. It has the power to stop a train with a slap.”

And here I thought slapping a hole in a ship was strong. Hariyama really has enough power to "slap" a train to a halt? Who is writing this stuff? If that's the case this Pokémon must leave a constant trail of bodies behind it all in the name for a good fight.

15 Toxicroak


The Pokédex entry for Toxicroak in Pokémon Diamond is as follows. “Its knuckle claws secrete a toxin so vile that even a scratch could prove fatal.”

From burning flames that never go away to simple scratches, the Pokémon world is full of danger. How have Pokémon not risen up to dominate humanity? Pokéballs are strong, but is it really all that simple? I know one thing is for sure. I never want to touch a Toxicroak be it friendly, or not.

14 Gothitelle


The Pokédex entry for Gothitelle in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White are as follows. “Starry skies thousands of light-years away are visible in the space distorted by their intense psychic power. They can predict the future from the placement and movement of the stars. They can see Trainers’ life spans.”

Gothitelle to the future.

So these things can read lifespans and see into space? Why doesn't everyone in this universe own one of these then? This seems like a no brainer.

13 Honedge


The Pokédex entry for Honedge in Pokémon Y is as follows. “If anyone dares to grab its hilt, it wraps a blue cloth around that person’s arm and drains that person’s life energy completely.”

Okay well, I guess this answers my question on why no one tries to wield this Pokémon as a sword. It may look silly, but if it likes human life so much, this is a clever disguise. Maybe at one point, Honedge took on a different form.

12 Palossand


The Pokédex entry for Palossand in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon is as follows. “Possessed people controlled by this Pokémon transformed its sand mound into a castle.” As it evolved, its power to curse grew ever stronger. Buried beneath the castle are masses of dried-up bones from those whose vitality it has drained.”

Okay, I thought Honedge was weird for draining people, but this Pokémon's backstory is a whole lot darker. I never want to go to the beach again.

11 Alakazam


The Pokédex entry for Alakazam in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire is as follows. “Alakazam’s brain continually grows, infinitely multiplying brain cells." This amazing brain gives this Pokémon an astoundingly high IQ of 5,000. It has a thorough memory of everything that has occurred in the world.” If it trusts someone deeply, it will let them have one of its spoons. Anything you eat with that spoon is apparently delicious.”

It's magically delicious.

First of all, I want that spoon. Secondly, does that mean its head will explode at some point? There's a lot to unpack here.

10 Tyranitar

Via: Pokémon Wikia

The Pokédex entry for Tyranitar in Pokémon Crystal is as follows. “In just one of its mighty hands, it has the power to make the ground shake and mountains crumble.”

The earthquakes are bad enough, but does it really have enough power to crumble a mountain? I mean how big are we talking here? If it's that strong it could break a Pidgey with one blow. This is a great example of one team not talking to the other in Game Freak and or Nintendo.

9 Dusclops


The Pokédex entry for Dusclops in Pokémon Omega Ruby is as follows. “Dusclops’s body is completely hollow, there is nothing at all inside. It is said that its body is like a black hole. This Pokémon will absorb anything into its body, but nothing will ever come back out.”

How many Pokémon have the power to wield black holes? This isn't something that should be scoffed at. This world needs the Ghostbusters because ghost types are incredibly overpowered and just plain freaky.

8 Abomasnow

Amino Apps

The Pokédex entry for Abomasnow in Pokémon Diamond is as follows. “It whips up blizzards in mountains that are always buried in snow." It is the abominable snowman.”

Baby, it's cold outside.

I think there might be an Abomasnow living by me because Minnesota is in a terrible cold spell right now. Brr! Anyway, as devastating as blizzards can be it seems a bit less flashy than the other entries. Can these blizzards destroy mountains? That's the real question here.

7 Alomomola


The Pokédex entry for Alomomola in Pokémon Black and Pokémon Ultra Sun are as follows. “The special membrane enveloping Alomomola has the ability to heal wounds. Fishermen take them along on long voyages, because if you have an Alomomola with you, there’ll be no need for a doctor or medicine.”

Alomomola is kind of an unassuming Pokémon, which is to say it doesn't look special. Who would think this fish could cure wounds? How deep of wounds? The answer could determine how powerful Alomomola really is.

6 Heliolisk


The Pokédex entry for Heliolisk in Pokémon X is as follows. “They flare their frills and generate energy. A single Heliolisk can generate sufficient electricity to power a skyscraper.”

Hey, I think I just solved the energy crisis. Let's round up some Heliolisk and repopulate the Earth with them! Wouldn't that be wonderful? If you chained one to a building just to power it up that would be a crime. This sounds like a plan Team Rocket would consider. I guess I'm out then.

5 Dhelmise


The Pokédex entry for Dhelmise in Pokémon Sun is as follows. “Swinging its massive anchor, it can KO Wailord in a single blow. What appears to be green seaweed is actually its body.”

I've made fun of Honedge and other inanimate objects that are Pokémon for years now. Little did I know there was an anchor one too and it's so strong. One thing is for sure. I'm going to treat every object in my life special now because you never know.

4 Ditto


The Pokédex entry for Ditto in Pokémon Y is as follows. “It can freely recombine its own cellular structure to transform into other life-forms.”

Do we really even need a Pokédex entry for this? Ditto is clearly overpowered just from basic Pokémon knowledge. It's a shapeshifter. The one thing I'm curious about is if it can transform into humans and mock speech patterns. If that's the case Ditto could become the best spies the Pokémon universe has ever seen. Gasp! What if Ash is a Ditto and that's why he doesn't age? I just cracked the code!

3 Meganium


The Pokédex entry for Meganium in Pokémon Y is as follows. "Meganium’s breath has the power to revive [deceased] grass and plants.” It can make them healthy again.”

This is another example of how this Pokémon should be with every person. It has the ability to revive fertile ground. You wouldn't have to worry about destroying your houseplants any more due to negligence, or just bad luck. Of course, this also means you have to live in a world where these other more dangerous beasts live too.

2 Gardevoir


The Pokédex entry for Gardevoir in Pokémon Black is as follows. “To protect its Trainer, it will expend all its psychic power to create a small black hole.”

Hello darkness my old friend.

On one hand, it's incredibly noble that Gardevoir wants to protect its trainer. On the other hand, summoning a black hole seems like a bit too much. It might create more dire consequences as a result. I'm telling you right now. Ghosts and psychics are bad news.

1 Braviary


The Pokédex entry for Braviary in Pokémon Black is as follows. “They fight for their friends without any thought about danger to themselves. One can carry a car while flying.”

It's that last bit of data that I find troubling. Do you really want to exist in an area where birds can just swoop down and carry your car away? No, I don't think so. I have enough panic attacks while driving as it is. I don't need to worry about giant birds picking on me too.

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