Pokémon: 10 Gen I Cosplays That Look Just Like The Games

Pokémon is a classic anime that spawned several video games. These talented cosplayers share their artistry by dressing as these Gen I characters.

Remember when Pokémon began back in 1996, and 151 different species of Pokémon were unleashed on the world? It was the start of a timeless franchise as kids everywhere rushed to "catch 'em all." We all had our personal favorites, but some have decided to bring them to life by cosplaying as their favorite Gen 1 Pokémon.

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These cosplayers have gone all out and meticulously crafted every small detail of their cosplay to look like the real thing. The creativity behind them and the love these people have for the franchise is undeniable. Keep reading to learn about ten Gen 1 Pokémon cosplays that look just like the game.

10 Poliwrath

This little guy is #062 in the Pokédex and now this cosplayer has brought him to life. He has recreated the circle blue form of his body and recreated the white-gloved hands. Some might argue he is a Poliwhirl, but based on the fingered gloves rather than mittens, we have to disagree.

The head might look a little strange on this cosplay, but the eyes he placed on his shoulders help you ignore that fact. We are just glad he isn't as wet and slimy as the actual Pokémon was meant to be, and we have to say that it is one of the best Pokémon cosplays we have seen.

9 Gastly

This cosplayer decided to recreate Gastly, which is #092 in the Pokédex. The Pokémon itself was made of mostly gas, but this cosplayer added their own twist within the realms of reason. He dressed in all black and recreated the floating head we are all used to seeing.

He also gave the cosplay a gaseous effect by applying the smoky ring around it which gives the illusion that it is detached from his body. We would be running for the hills if we saw this in a darkened room as we hope for a strong wind to blow him away.

8 Cubone

Cubone can be a bit of a baby, which is why it is so fitting that this cosplayer decided to use a onesie as the base of his outfit. The head is perfectly crafted and colored in a similar manner to this species of Pokémon.

It might look a little silly to be walking around town in this outfit, but that is just the kind of Pokémon that this little guy is. We only hope he practiced his mourning before choosing to leave the house in this cosplay.

7 Magikarp

This is a water-type Pokémon, which is why it is so surprising someone managed to pull this cosplay off. They might not have carried around a pool of water for them to swim in during their travels, but the fish itself is memorable.

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We just have to imagine that it is consistently jumping out of the water, and this isn't hard with the amount of craftsmanship put into this outfit. We can only hope this trend catches on and we see more Magikarps making appearances at future events.

6 Snorlax

Snorlax is a character we all love due to his consistent hobbies of eating and sleeping. It is a larger Pokémon, and this cosplayer brought its size to life by having it tower over its fellow humans.

The blue coloring is also on point with the character and we can only imagine how much time it must have taken for them to create this masterpiece. We wonder if he ever tried to take a nap inside of this beast because even from the outside it looks insanely comfortable.

5 Mewtwo

This cosplay might not be a genetic creation, but it sure resembles the one from the franchise. He was not given compassion during his modifications, and the same feeling is excluded from this cosplay as well.

The narrowing of his eyes holds spite and the angle of the spoon in his hand is menacing. It is quite impressive how this cosplayer managed to stitch all of the material together and find matching colors that really brought Mewtwo to life.

4 Electrode And Voltorb

This was a duo cosplay that showcased Electrode and Voltorb, both electric Pokémon. Electrode is the evolution of Voltorb, so it really brought two dimensions of the same character to life.

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These gentlemen outdid themselves with these helmets, as you can almost feel their power when you stare into the eyes they placed on their heads. We just hope there wasn't a lightning storm nearby so these Pokémon could be kept under control and out of trouble.

3 Metapod

Metapod was #011 in the Pokédex and we couldn't be happier that someone decided to cosplay as this Pokémon. This species is known for its hardy frame that protects its soft interior.

This cosplayer took it to the next level when they outfitted their entire body in armor while focusing a Pokéball in the middle of their chest. It is an extension of this Pokémon's abilities and gives it an extra edge that the world didn't realize it needed.

2 Charizard

This Pokémon is quite famous and it is a favorite of many fans of the franchise. There are so many reasons to love Charizard, as it can fly, breathe fire, and has compassion for weaker opponents. Katie Coenen cosplayed as this beast by showcasing his primary orange and blue colors, as well as his spunky attitude in her smile.

Her orange hair works perfectly for this cosplay and showcases the more subtle features of the outfit. The wings she created are adorable, and although she may not be able to lift just anyone off the ground, she looks perfect for walking through conventions.

1 Butterfree

The last cosplayer on this list, Livicole Cosplay decided to go with Butterfree as her Pokémon of choice. We can't complain because she really brought this species to life. Butterfree has the ability to find honey in flowers and it is utterly adorable.

The wings she made are probably the most notable part of the entire outfit, as they are sheer enough to let some light bleed through, but their design is effortless. The arm sleeves were a nice touch that pulled the whole thing together and we doubt this particular cosplay could ever be beaten.

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