25Duplicate Your Rare Items

Via: Trinket Geek

This trick makes use of a glitch in Pokémon Blue and Red which was fixed by Pokémon Yellow, but for those of us enjoying a trip down memory lane, it’s fun to see that it still works!

To begin, you need to put the item you want to

duplicate in the sixth slot of your inventory. Next, use Fly and talk to the man in Viridian City who will teach you how to catch a Weedle. Fly to Cinnabar Island and use Surf to the east of the island until you run into a glitchy block of graphics called either ‘M’ or ‘Missingno.’ Resisting the urge to catch it, run away and you will soon notice that you have exactly 128 copies of your sixth item in your inventory! Not bad for an easy day’s work.

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