Pokémon: The 10 Most Powerful Mega Evolutions Of All Time, Ranked

Mega Evolution can be a really useful mechanic for trainers who are looking to get the absolute most out of their Pokémon. With only 48 different kinds of Mega Evolutions, trainers should find it easy to pinpoint which ones suit their styles best with relative ease.

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All sorts of Pokémon have been given this unique ability; from starters to Legendaries, pseudo-legendaries and everything else in between. With so many out there, it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones are strongest, outside of the usual suspects. After all, the likes of Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Mawile, and Mega Charizard Y have dominated that discussion for far too long. Let's think a little outside of the box and take a look at some of the most underrated, yet most powerful, Mega Evolutions ever.

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10 Mega Absol

Absol is a perfect option for trainers who want to hit hard. What it lacks in durability it more than makes up for in power. Its only drawback is that it has fairly subpar speed. It’s in a weird place where it should be used as a glass cannon, but can’t really function that way.

Mega Absol solves this issue by raising Absol’s speed and giving its Attack stat a boost too. With these changes, it becomes a much more viable quick-hitting option.

9 Mega Aggron

With base stats totaling a whopping 530, Aggron is just 70 points shy of pseudo-legendary status. While its Attack and Defense stats are excellent, the rest are kind of lacking. Pair that with a quadruple weakness to Fighting and Ground-type moves and you have the potential for huge issues down the line.

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Mega Aggron doesn’t solve all of Aggron’s issues, but it makes them way easier to overlook while even getting rid of some. Its quadruple weaknesses are reduced by its solo typing,  while its Attack and Defense skyrocket. This thing is a beast.

8 Mega Lucario

Lucario has great Attack and Special Attack as well as some pretty high Speed. Its Defense stats aren’t terrible but they’re not all that great either. As far as balancing issues go, there’s not really anything to complain about here.

Mega Lucario only improves upon this. It significantly boosts Lucario’s strengths while also giving it a better defensive cushion (though it still doesn't want to be taking hits). With a base stat total of over 600 in its Mega Evolved form, this Pokémon has the ability to swing a battle for you.

7 Mega Scizor

Aside from being a really cool-looking Pokémon, Scizor is also one of the best Bug-types you can get your hands on. With its Bug/Steel pairing, Scizor can cause a lot of headaches for opponents with its various resistances and immunity to Poison-type moves.

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Mega Scizor isn't the quickest Pokémon out there, but it covers all the bases. It has great Attack and high Defense and Special Defense stats. Take your pick of any great Physical moves in its movepool and you’re ready to go.

6 Mega Tyranitar

Tyranitar is pretty stacked statistically, there's no doubt about that. The problem arises when you look at its weaknesses. Seven type weaknesses – including a quadruple weakness to Fighting-type moves – may be enough to turn you off this Pokémon entirely.

But for trainers who are willing to look past that, Tyranitar – and more importantly its Mega Evolution – brings a lot to the table. Not the most agile Pokémon in the world, Mega Tyranitar can deal a ton of damage and take its fair share as well. It may not be perfect, but it’s certainly an asset if used right.

5 Mega Steelix

Steelix isn’t the kind of battle partner that will take enemies out in one shot. It’s a tank. It grinds enemies down and wears them out. That isn’t to say that it can’t hit pretty hard when it needs to as well, though.

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Mega Steelix not only adds to its ridiculous Defensive totals but also gets a nice Attack boost as well. Despite its four weaknesses, it has plenty of resistances and immunities to make up for that.

4 Mega Houndoom

Look at this thing. It just looks strong. Like that’s the exact attribute the designer had in mind when creating it. Houndoom may not be perfect, but it’s a great Pokémon to have on your side. Its Mega Evolution only improves on that.

With Houndoom, its Defense is the issue. But its Mega Evolution fixes that right up, while also improving on its Speed and Special Attack. It has a nice mix of both Fire- and Dark-type moves, along with useful assets like STAB priority, the Solar Power ability and the tricky Destiny Bond.

3 Mega Charizard X

Charizard is one of only two Pokémon to have been given a choice of Mega Evolutions. Both are excellent, but when it comes to physical setup sweepers, few are as feared as Mega Charizard X.

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Mega Charizard X has balanced Attack and Defense stats, with beefed up Defense. Though its Special Attack is lacking compared to its Mega Evolved counterpart, this variant is all about physical power. With access to Dragon Dance, super strong STAB moves like Flare Blitz and Outrage (yep, it's Fire/Dragon) and the Tough Claws ability, it's a force to be reckoned with.

2 Mega Blaziken

Blaziken gets the slight nod over its Gen I counterpart here. It may not have the same strengths that Charizard offers, but overall, it's a monster. With high Attack stats and fairly decent numbers in everything else, Blaziken is always on the offensive.

With its Mega Evolution, Blaziken’s Attack power increases exponentially. The rest of its stats are better rounded off as well. Mega Blaziken's Speed Boost ability can allow it to snowball in the blink of an eye. It can hit you quick and hard and has the durability to serve as more than a glass cannon.

1 Mega Mewtwo Y

It's tough not to put a legendary Pokemon on this list, as they’re typically the strongest in the games. Even among Mega Legendary Evolutions, Mega Mewtwo Y stands out. Like Charizard, Mewtwo has two Mega Evolutions. While Mega Mewtwo X is more than solid, Mewtwo Y tends to be preferred.

Its stats are pretty much perfectly balanced. It has just one job: to hit very hard and very fast with its fantastic coverage. Not only will Mega Mewtwo Y deal a lot of damage, but it’ll also be pretty tough to take out as well.

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