Bootleg Pokémon Game Has Surprisingly Beautiful Graphics, Draws Ire Of Fans

Amid the complaints about Pokémon Sword and Shield not including every Pokémon ever dreamt up, a bootleg Pokémon game from China is garnering praise.

Amid all the complaining about Pokémon Sword and Shield not including every Pokémon ever dreamt up, a bootleg Pokémon game from China is having praise heaped upon it.

The already massive franchise will grow once again later this year when Sword and Shield are released on the Nintendo Switch. However, despite the newest additions not even being out yet, they're already receiving a lot of criticism. This is mainly due to the revelation that the games will not feature a full Pokédex.

Game Freak has defended its decision to omit some of its frankly huge roster so that it can give the models that have made the cut higher fidelity animations, reports Polygon. While it's nice to have the decision explained, that has ironically opened Game Freak up to even more criticism. Now, whenever any footage of an in-game animation is released, even the slightest imperfection is being picked apart by the Pokémon community.

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The arrival of a bootleg game titled Let's Go Pokémon Mobile has only served to complicate matters. Despite the Chinese offering being entirely unofficial, as you can see from the footage below, the fan-made game is actually pretty impressive. What's more, the animations are terrific. Blastoise actually fires water out of his cannons rather than his general face area. What a novel idea.

With footage of Let's Go Pokémon Mobile leaking out, fans have become even more critical of Sword and Shield. If an unofficial game can look that good, why can't the real thing? It should be noted at this point that Let's Go Pokémon Mobile, like Sword and Shield, also does not include every Pokémon to have ever existed. It also seems to have borrowed some attack animations from Pokkén Tournament, as highlighted below.

Unfortunately, we currently live in a time where nothing appears to be good enough for anyone. Game Of Thrones fans started a petition to have the show's final season rewritten, and Paramount gave in to the pressure to redesign Sonic for the now delayed live-action movie. In this instance, we can't imagine Game Freak will cave and add a full Pokédex to Sword and Shield. At this point, that ship will have well and truly sailed.

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