20 Strong Pokémon That Break The Game (And 10 Who Are Ridiculously Weak)

Not all Pokémon are created equal. Here are some that are way more overpowered than they need to be, and some others that shouldn't be used.

For all of the Pokémon masters out there chomping at the bit trying to catch them all and then make them all battle, take heed that there are Pokémon out there who are unfair. There are warriors in this race that for some reason are leagues above the rest and make battles become one-hit K.O. shows. Whether you agree with these Pokémon breaking the game or not is irrelevant, because it's not literal.

When you refer to the differences in strength of the Pokémon world you must also look to the real animal kingdom. There are elephants and lions that would never lose to a caterpillar or a fish. But in the Pokémon world, this is not the case. A level 100 Caterpie could wipe out a level 10 anything. And we like how that world works, because there is a balance.

Everyone knows that legendaries are way more powerful than most regular Pokémon. But you'll be surprised to learn that there are dozens of regular everyday Pokémon that could stand up to and wipe out legendaries without even breaking a sweat. These are the Pokémon that break the game as they can be found and captured early in-game and can push your team to the greatness of many millions of suns and stars.

Of course, there are some Pokémon that would never be able to break the game, either. Here are some from both sides of the fight.

30 Broke Game: Haxorus

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Haxorus was introduced late in the series and one of the first Pokémon to be a Dragon only type. The coolest thing about him is that when evolved to this form he has one of the highest attack stats in the game at 147.

Until Fairy-Type became a thing, Haxorus was one of the most powerful creatures out there with a high attack, decent defense, and moderately high speed. He was also only weak to ice and dragon attacks.

29 Weak: Magikarp

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This one is at the top of the list because everyone knows about this little guy, Magikarp. Everyone knows he's one of the weakest Pokémon that happens to evolve into a popular powerhouse, Gyarados.

But maybe that was just some cool original stuff. Every powerful predator has a stage in its life that is weaker and not fully to the pinnacle of being able to defend itself. Magikarp has some of the lowest stats of any Pokémon.

28 Broke Game: Metagross

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Metagross is probably the most dominant and most powerful of the Pseudo-Legendaries. Yeah, its stats total is 600 like the rest of the group, but his Steel-Psychic dual-type makes for few weaknesses and many strengths.

The attack stat of 135, defense of 130, special defense at 90, with only a weakness to Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark. This Pokémon is one of the most durable and vicious out there. It has intense attacks as well.

27 Weak: Pikachu

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We've said this a dozen times. We all know Pikachu is only popular because he's been shoved down your throat for the better part of the last 3 decades. That should never be information to be taken as high statistics.

Pikachu is a little baby mouse with a few shock powers. Yeah, if you love it a bunch and give him happy kissy num nums, he might lash out at a stronger foe with unimaginable powers of love. But only your name is Ash and you're in an anime.

26 Broke Game: Scizor

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Scizor is a unique Pokémon in that it's incredibly powerful and only has a weakness against fire. It's got super speed and plenty of defense for only being weak to one other type. Fire.

Scizor happens to be one of the most used Pokémon in competitions for this very reason. Yeah, if you have a fire attack then you're almost invincible. So it's smart to have a Scizor in your party as a warrior of dependability.

25 Weak: Zubat

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There is probably no other Pokémon in the game that gets knocked out more than a Zubat. When you go into a cave, chances are you're either going to fight dozens of Zubats or have to avoid dozens of unconscious Zubats.

There's no reason to ever have one in your team unless you're using them as a Pokémon to fly you around. Even then, there's no point in leveling it up. Even its evolved form, Crobat, isn't even that great.

24 Broke Game: Escavalier

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Escavalier is very similar to Scizor in that they are the same dual-type of Bug-steel. The difference is their stats and where they're laid out. But both of them have sure high attack and a weakness to fire.

The differences come with the speed and defenses. Scizor isn't super fast but it's way faster than Escavalier. Escavalier will always attack second. The reason is is that it will probably be still alive. Escavalier is a tough fighter.

23 Broke Game: Rayquaza

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Rayquaza is a favorite of many with its super high attack and special attack. Both of those state bases set at 150, Rayquaza is a ridiculously powerful offense. Most of its attacks are already powerful so there aren't much stronger.

Even in the legendary category, Rayquaza ranks up there as one of the strongest Pokémon of all time. Next to Arceus, Deoxys, and Mewtwo. It pretty much seems like it's one giant ball of energy and a protector of the planet.

22 Weak: Unown

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These Pokémon are essentially useless other than for the TV show or getting wrecked in caves. This is a Pokémon that only exists to create puzzles and stuff int the game. Most of the time it involves spelling the alphabet.

Well, not spelling, more like creating the alphabet. For those who don't know, the Unown are in the shape of letters in the language. So there are 26 for each letter and you need to collect them all.

21 Broke Game: Slaking

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The only problem with this Pokémon's stats is the low special defense. Slaking has a terrible ability that only allows him to attack once every other round. But in the game, there is a simple tactic that makes him a monster.

Just make Slaking your last Pokémon in battle. He will most likely be able to take 3 or four turns to be knocked out. And since he can't attack every turn anyway, just heal your knocked out team during those turns. Plus, he wipes out enemies.

20 Weak: Sunkern

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Sunkern is just another Pokémon that is super weak simply because of its stats. Sunkern is a little tiny fellow that is pretty much just a bug the size of a seed. But where this Pokémon sits at the bottom of the list next to Magikarp, it has no outstanding evolution or any redeemable quality.

The upsetting part of this article is that Pokémon like Sunkern is such a bum, it almost makes the rest of the awesome Pokémon on this list look like them.

19 Broke Game: Mewtwo

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Mewtwo is the original tough guy in the series. No one else comes close to him in the original game either. He's just a massive bundle of special attack energy. Just look at what he did to Ash in that movie.

Mewtwo has remained on the top of the list throughout the series. It sort of set the standard for Pokémon strengths when it came to legendaries. He even was considered a potential contender against Goku.

18 Broke Game: Conkledurr

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If you are like most people who play Pokémon, you also have friends who play Pokémon. That would mean that when you get the game you can trade with your friends and get that special Pokémon that only evolves from trading.

Here's the thing about Conkledurr and later Gigalith: they both have super high attacks and defenses. And they can be gotten very early in the game. The only thing you need is someone to trade with.

17 Weak: Caterpie

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Caterpie is a tiny little bug that no one in their right mind should level up and use in any serious battles. After a while, even when it turns to Butterfree, it's a weakling and will never have a place in a mega team.

The thing about base stats is that there are Pokémon out there who have no good stats. When you only have six slots to carry warriors, you're going to have to be smart. This is no place for moon-staring baby caterpillars.

16 Broke Game: Gigalith

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Gigalith has a very high attack and defense stat. He's a better form of Golem, whereas Conkledurr is a slightly better version of Machamp. They are very similar creatures in many ways as they need to be traded to evolve.

So like Conkledurr, if you have friends to trade with, then there's a very simple chance you can have Gigalith and Conkeldurr at around the fourth gym in the game. Gigalith's real power comes from his ability, sturdy.

15 Broke Game: Arceus

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Arceus is a God-like Pokémon and his stats are pretty much the reason why. In every single one of Arceus' base stats he has a value of 120. That means he's probably going to only be behind his opponent in one or two areas.

Arceus will be able to basically fight against anyone and he's one of the few Pokémon that is worth leveling all the way up to 100 because he continues to learn new attacks his entire existence. But how can he be held in a Poké Ball?

14 Weak: Wurmple

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Wurmple is just another Pokémon that will never amount to anything like Caterpie. It's not his fault, worms and caterpillars are an essential part of the ecosystem and food chain. Important in that they are eaten often.

There's just no way that a little worm would ever be able to beat the game. It's nothing against Wurmple, really, it's just the way things are, and where it falls in the circle of life. That's something that The Lion King taught us that we'll never forget.

13 Broke Game: Dialga

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Dialga has one of the strongest types of any Pokémon out there. He's a steel dragon type. Which means he's a giant dimension shifting dragon that is made of one of the strongest metals humans have mass produced.

This means Dialga doesn't have many weaknesses at all. And for the weaknesses he does have, his stats are so overwhelming that they don't make much of a difference. There's a reason he's the only one of his type.

12 Broke Game: Regigigas

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Regigigas is the king or father of all the golems or Regis. He's basically a tiny little planet himself with all his cute trees growing off him. The problem with this guy and his super-powerful stats are that he doesn't attack the first 5 rounds.

So sort of like Slaking, he has a major setback. He has to power up before he can even start fighting. This can be a bit of a nuisance when fighting some real warriors or trainers. But once he gets started, he's virtually unstoppable.

11 Weak: Chansey

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Chansey is a loser. We all know it. That's not even a real egg. It's a painted piece of wood Chansey carries around so that the other Pokémon ask him about being a parent and how he's dealing with the responsibility.

Chansey has garbage stats other than health. But the problem with health is a low defense that health means nothing. Do not have Chansey or any of its evolved forms in your party. If you like high health, get a Wailord.

10 Broke Game: Gyarados

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Gyarados is every nuubs favorite. And some of us here are nuubs. Gyarados evolves from the famed weakling Magikarp and will always be something of a surprise to new players. But if you know how to use him, Gyarados is a beast.

Gyarados is one of the better water Pokémon in the game. Better than any of the water starters for certain and certainly deserving of your respect. Gyarados only has a weakness to Rock and Electric. WAtch out for those and Gyarados is a team wiper.

9 Broke Game: Giratina

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Giratina showed up with Dialga and Palkia. The three of these monster dragons are all incredibly powerful and hard to defeat in a battle. But Giratina being a Ghost Dragon makes it incredibly unique and cool.

It's a dragon that is not alive. This means that it was maybe never alive and just born into life as a ghost, or at one point it was a valiant dragon that then perished. Either way, this thing has monster stats that break the game.

8 Weak: Rattata

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It's fitting that Rattata be on this list because he's actually not that terrible, just not a late-game Pokémon. His stats are too low and he's only really necessary for you to use in some of the earliest gym battles.

A lot of these weak Pokémon are great at some point in the game and will be involved in your most difficult victories, but that's the nature of the game. The learning curve gets thrown out once you get access to stronger Pokémon.

7 Broke Game: Deoxys

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So Deoxys is one of those wild Pokémon that seems to be an alien god or something like that. But in basically every version of the word "God" that being is an alien anyway so Alien God may be redundant.

Regardless, Deoxys is one of the most powerful Pokémon in each stat when it changes to its various forms. The attack form, defense form, and speed form outclass every other Pokémon for the stat of that form. Use him right and you'll never lose.

6 Broke Game: Shuckle

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Shuckle may seem like a bit of a chump with its baby attack and health stats. But where Shuckle becomes a monster is in serious play. He has the highest defense and special defense of any Pokémon in existence.

If you can get your opponent to fall asleep and then do trick room, which switches Shuckle's defense to attack, you then have a Pokémon that has 230 base attack and special attack stats. That's insane if you can work it out right in battle.

5 Broke Game: Alakazam

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Alakazam is a personal favorite for one specific reason. It has an IQ of 5000. Yeah. That's like a million times higher than what the smartest humans can even be. That means this things brain is way more developed than ours.

So why does it get trapped in Poké Balls? Are there any wild Alakazams? If there are, how come they haven't taken over the world yet? It sort of seems like it'd be really easy for them to replace humans.

4 Weak: Jigglypuff

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Jigglypuff is another one who is on this list because of his popularity. Even with all the famous attention Jigglypuff gets, there's not a single stat or value to this Pokémon that should have him in your fighting team.

Yeah, in the show this Pokémon can put everyone to sleep with its song and then draw all over their face, but here's what it can't do: win a fight. Even with all of those turkeys asleep, Jigglypuff still can't hurt them.

3 Broke Game: Magnezone

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Magnezone is a Pokémon that has very few weaknesses. As an Electric Pokémon it is weak against ground attacks. But a lot of Ground attacks don't hurt it because it levitates around. This is a Pokémon with great stats.

It may be one of the best Electric type Pokémon that isn't a legendary. This is a Pokémon you want in a squad for its Special attack and defensive stats. Not to mention it'll wipe out any water or flying Pokémon in your way.

2 Broke Game: Garchomp

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Garchomp is an absolute beast. Other than Metagross, Garchomp is without a doubt the most useful Pseudo-Legendary. It's way fast, and way strong. Most Pokémon with Garchomp's stats are slow and are attacking second.

But not Garchomp. With a speed of 102 and an attack of 130, this is a Pokémon that will wipe you out before you even realize it. Its only weaknesses are to Fairy and Ice, and it can use dig. This is a dangerous warrior.

1 Broke Game: Kartana

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Kartana is a very new Pokémon. But with this newness comes an attack stat of 181. That's ridiculously high and not really even fair. It basically means that if Kartana gets a hit on you, you're going to lose most of your health.

The problem with this guy is that it's got low defense and not the best speed out there. So these semi unimpressive stats leave some vulnerability to this Pokémon. But not really, that attack is just way too high.

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