Tokyo's Pokémon Cafe Is Getting Some 'Gastly' Limited-Time Halloween Treats

Tokyo's Pokemon cafe is switching up its menu between now and Halloween in keeping with the time of year we are just about on the cusp of.

Tokyo's Pokemon cafe is switching up its menu between now and Halloween in keeping with the time of year we are just about on the cusp of.

More than 20 years after it first became a part of our lives, Pokemon is still going strong and is really doing better than it ever has right about now. Between the recent resurgence of Pokemon Go and the imminent release of Pokemon Let's Go on the Nintendo Switch the franchise is somewhat unavoidable at the moment, and you won't find us complaining.

Outside of the always popular Pokemon video games, you can get just about anything that is Pokemon themed nowadays. There is even a Pokemon cafe in Tokyo, Japan that serves up dishes inspired by the franchise. Jigglypuff cheesecake, a Snorlax Burger, and an Eevee latte are just a few of the items on the menu.


The menu at the cafe is about to get a shake-up, however. That's because with Halloween looming, those in charge of the establishment thought it only right to remain on theme. As reported by Nintendo Soup, from now until October 31, 2018, you will be able to try a whole host of new dishes at the cafe including The Pikachu Halloween Yokubari Plate, The Tangela Halloween Mont-Blanc, and perhaps the most fitting, a Gastly menchi katsu burger.

If you aren't reading this from Japan and won't be heading to Tokyo in the next month and a half then we apologize. However, once Halloween has been and gone the Pokemon cafe will still exist and there will still be a long list of meals, treats and drinks to enjoy. Who knows, if you time your visit right then you might get to try out some Christmas themed dishes.

If you are planning a trip to the Pokemon cafe then we would recommend you don't just show up. Since it is so widely known there is a 30-day waiting list for a table, so book now if you can. If you do just show up it's not all bad. The cafe is joined to a Pokemon center. It's the largest of its kind in Japan and sells any number of items inspired by the adjoining cafe. You won't need a reservation to buy goodies in there.


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