Pokémon: 25 Ways Celebi Is Way Too Overpowered

Pokémon isn't without its fair share of hyper-powered, colorful, iconical characters. When we think of some of the strongest Pokémon who's surrounded in myth and legend, we cast our minds to the likes of Arceus, Mewtwo, Lugia and Ho-Oh to name a few. Today, we're here to celebrate Celebi! This onion-headed guardian of the forests is the star of this piece. For someone as small as a Mew, Celebi is just as powerful, if not more so!

We're going to be stripping down the time-traveling Pokémon. From the statistical numbers that makeup Celebi's power, to the hidden abilities, we've only briefly seen. There's a truckload of reasons why Celebi is too powerful, some of them actually make us think Celebi is one of the most powerful Pokémon to ever exist. Of course, this honourary badge is incredibly difficult to pin on any specific Pokémon. Especially considering they've got so many different abilities, powers, and move-sets that make them shine in their own light.

Getting out all the facts that could be found about Celebi and sifting through the ones that make it a true powerhouse wasn't incredibly difficult. Celebi's power shines, it's no secret that the mythical monster has so many great things going for it. Looking at undercover secrets that make Celebi powerful, like the hidden code that makes Celebi purely event worthy only; digging deep into its time-travel abilities and looking closely at his healing properties. Get your time flutes ready and your GS Balls in-hand. A wild Celebi appears!

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25 Celebi Can Willingly Time-Travel

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It's no secret that Celebi is THE time-traveling Pokémon. However, when we take a closer look into this ability that makes Celebi shine, we begin to get a greater understanding of why this ability makes Celebi way too overpowered. Because this Pokémon can't just time-travel randomly, no, it can control this ability!

Celebi can travel wherever it wants, whenever it wants!

The fact Celebi has full control over this ability makes it one of the strongest Pokémon to ever exist.  Random time-travel is cool, but being able to select the date and location you want to go to makes Celebi too powerful for words.

24 Separate Time Period Co-Existence!

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Celebi can't just time-travel, it can co-exist in two separate time periods, at the same time. Even the thought of such a power literally baffles my brain. How can something exist in two different time periods at the same time? Well according to further research Celebi might not be a unique species, there may be more than one Celebi. It's widely accepted across the board that the Anime and Game canon are completely different from one another. An example of this power is where Celebi's can revive a dead Celebi as seen in Celebi: The Voice of the Forest.

23 Guardian Of The Forest?

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Celebi isn't just an amazing time-traveling entity, Celebi also has the ability to allow plant-life to flourish wherever it goes. Celebi's power over grass, plants, and trees not only makes it a powerful friend of forest-dwelling Pokémon, but it also makes it a close-friend of humanity too. We as people breathe the oxygen that fauna creates, the fact that Celebi can help any forest grow overnight makes it incredibly overpowered. Especially because of the respect that the Grass-type Pokémon in the forest have for Celebi, could you imagine the Grass-type uprising caused by Celebi! Viva-la-revolution!

22 Healing Capabilities!

via: deviantart.com/evilqueenie

Who needs a Pokémon Centre, Nurse Joy, Potions or Doctors when you've got a Celebi. As mentioned earlier Celebi's capable of reviving and healing itself and others. A Celebi healed Misty's injured leg and it was a group of Celebi's that healed the Celebi from Celebi: The Voice of the Forest.

Celebi's ability to heal the sick and injured, almost effortlessly, makes it beyond overpowered!

In the next entry, we'll be looking at Celebi's purification abilities and in-game healing and support abilities that make it incredibly strong. Myths and legends surrounding this time-traveling Pokémon are well-deserved, Celebi's basically a walking Pokémon Centre! Thanks to Evil Queenie for the fanart!

21 Purification Abilities!

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Hands down one of my favorite Pokémon games of all-time is Pokémon Colosseum. Why? because Pokémon Colosseum was a full 3D adventure, on the Nintendo Gamecube, something I'd prayed for in my youth. Sadly, Colosseum could have been a lot better, like the fact you could only catch specific Shadow Pokémon and you'd only get one chance at this. When you took your Shadow Pokémon to a specific area in the game and played your time flute, Celebi would appear and purify your Pokémon. This powerful ability to purify the darkened heart of Pokémon makes it a bane in the backside of any villain's plan in the Pokémon Nation and renders any Shadow Pokémon useless.

20 Peace Sensor?

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Celebi's one of those Pokémon where the Pokédex legitimately speaks a thousand words. Not only can Celebi travel through time to any specific point it likes, but it also has a sixth-sense for peaceful times. Rumored to only appear in times of peace drastically lowers Celebi's chance of been hurt or put in any danger. However, as we're going to look at, this ability of Celebi's is redundant considering it's such a gutsy little thing. The Pokédex claims Celebi only appears in times of peace, and if we believe this to be true, Celebi would never be in any danger. If you're lucky enough to see a Celebi you can consider your time period to be one of peace and prosperity.

19 Celebi's Dark Side!

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Just as efficiently as it can create and flourish whole forest areas, Celebi can destroy. In the fourth Pokémon movie, when the Iron-Masked Mauraduer captures Celebi with a Dark Ball he gets the mythical Pokémon to do his bidding.

Celebi manages to destroy the entire forest it once preserved with ease!   

Luckily Ash and Sam manage to snap Celebi out of the Masked Maurader's spell and resurrect the forest. There's a reason why mythical Pokémon keep away from the likes of us humans, our greed and lust for power can make us potential world destroyers. Thankfully, good always triumphs evil, at least in the world of fiction...

18 Trophy Dropping Maniac!

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In Super Smash Bros. Brawl when the player picks up a Poké Ball there's a 1-in-493 chance that Celebi will drop. Celebi will use the move Fly and dash around the screen, but Celebi is not going to help you win the game... Instead, the little-legend that is Celebi throws trophies everywhere that you can grab and collect! Just like all the other "secret" Pokémon, Celebi drops collectibles, but by far, Celebi's drop is the best. Everyone strives to get all the trophies in Smash Bros! Just a shame that you have a 1-in-493 chance of Celebi dropping!

17 Celebi Can Send YOU Through Time Willingly!

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Celebi's fantastical ability to traverse the line of time makes it one of the most powerful Pokémon in existence, but what if I told you this ability can extend to other living things! Because of this, it comes as no surprise that Celebi is so highly sought after by the villains of Pokémon. Everyone wants to harness this incredible ability for themselves! Evidence of this is seen during the events of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, Celebi sent you into the past!

16 Celebi's Strongest Leveling Moves!

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For those lucky few who've actually obtained a Celebi, either legitimately or by cheating, they will be pleased to hear that Celebi is worth having in your parties and even pushing up to level 100! Well, level 91 where Celebi learns its final move.

Get your Rare Candys at the ready! 

The first amazing leveling move is Future Sight, Celebi learns this at level 64. Secondly, Celebi will learn Leaf Storm at level 82. Finally, at level 91, Celebi learns Perish Song! These incredible moves make Celebi worth the hassle of obtaining and leveling!

15 Technical Machines!

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Celebi has a wide variety of TMs it can utilize to its advantage. Some of the most diverse moves available among all the Pokémon belong to Celebi. Extraordinarily, the diversity of Celebi's moves make it more powerful than the majority of other Pokémon. To list Celebi's most powerful moves it can be taught through technical-machines would be a long old list entry. So, instead, I've narrowed it down to the top six: Psychic, Hyper Beam, Solar Beam, Giga Impact, Energy Ball and Dream Eater.

14 Genderless?


Celebi is genderless, and just like other legendaries, this means that breeding becomes a lot more complicated. The difficulty that Celebi faces with breeding and reproduction reinforces its over-powered presence, purely because you'll struggle to replicate its power (heads up, it can't even breed with a Ditto! making it impossible to get a Celebi egg). Despite Celebi being genderless, there's a male and female version in Mystery Dungeon titles. Celebi appears in Super-Mystery Dungeon and a shiny female Celebi appears in Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky.

13 Mysterious Egg?

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According to the Pokémon Silver Pokédex entry, whenever Celebi disappears deep into the forest, it leaves a mysterious egg behind. Fan theories have gone into detail about what this egg is. It's thought that Generation II and Generation IV happen at the same time (due to the Red Garyados reports), so some people believe that Celebi leaves behind a Generation V egg. Another intelligent theory is that Celebi is reaching the end of its life-cycle when it ventures into the forest, therefore, it's speculated it makes one last trip into the future and brings a Celebi egg back with it, continuing its species' existence.

12 Base Statistics Of 600!

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Celebi belongs to a small group of special Pokémon who've base statistical totals of 600! This total is the maximum amount of statistics that any Pokémon can have at one time. Every factor that makes a Pokémon so amazing (Attack, Defense, HP, etc...), Celebi has maxed out.

Non-legendaries like Alakazam, Dragonite, Salamance, Metagross, and Garchomp also have 600 base stats!

Making it one of the most powerful Pokémon available to obtain in the whole game.  Collectively, when a Pokémon has 600 in statistics, it becomes a pseudo-legendary Pokémon. These Pokémon are generally stronger than any other Pokémon in the game!

11 Jaboca Berry?

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Celebi comes holding the Jaboca Berry. Although Celebi isn't the only Pokémon that can come holding this berry, the fact that it does helps solidify Celebi as one of the most powerful Pokémon in existence. This berry is one of, if not THE best berry that can be found in Pokémon. When a Pokémon holds a Jaboca Berry and is hit by a physical attack, the attacker will lose 1/8 of its max health. Furthermore, it takes a long time to grow, but the Jaboca Berry can produce a yield of three to five extra berries, so from one of these berries, you can eventually give one to your entire party.

10 A Rare Treat!

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One of the most obvious reasons that Celebi is so over-powered is the fact it's so rare. No, wait, scrap that, it's not rare, it's mythical! The fact it's mythical and can only be obtained through special events makes it the creme-de-la-creme of rare Pokémon. These event Pokémon including (Mew and Deoxys) require gamers to leave their houses and attend special events to access the mythical breed of hyper-powered Pokémon.  Sometimes these events only appear in one city across the country at a certain point in the year, you've got to follow the Pokémon franchise across the world heavily to ensure you don't miss out on one of these opportunities.

9 Celebi's Cheat Checker!

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Throughout the course of Pokémon's lifespan, we've known many cheaters! C'mon we all had that one friend or acquaintance that used to claim they were the very best, like no-one ever was, only to discover they'd got a GameShark cartridge! Pokémon's cheaters have many methods of obtaining the unobtainable Pokémon.

Cheaters never prosper, as they've been taught many times before!

Thankfully, one such fantastic thing in the Pokémon Black & Whites version's code meant that the game could detect whether the Celebi that the cheater had was legit or not. A hacked Celebi will not trigger the Zorua event. Only a Celebi from the GameStop/GAME event will have the bond with the Zorua in Castelia City

8 Pokéathalon Champion!

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The Pokéathalon event was first introduced in HeartGold & SoulSilver versions of the game. These events cover Olympic-themed events with Pokémon as the main competitors.

Celebi only suffers in its power and stamina abilities.

Pokémon's base stats in combat are tossed out the window when it comes to how athletically capable a Pokémon can be. Celebi actually shines in the Pokéathalon, making it one of the best choices for this athletic event. Combining all its statistic in the Pokéathalon, Celebi has a whopping 18/21.

7 Buff Me Up Scotty!

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While Celebi's healing abilities are admittedly great, another aspect Celebi shines through is its iconic ability to buff the rest of the party. This factor alone makes Celebi one of the best companions in double and triple battles! Celebi's role as a support Pokémon is key in the journey to understand why Celebi is so over-powered. Double Team, Safe Gaurd, Protect, and Natural Gift are some of the best buffing abilities Celebi can utilize!

6 Devastating De-Buff Demon!

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Just as Celebi gives with one hand, it can take with the other. Another reason you're going to scream for Celebi to have a presence in your Pokémon parties is its ability to lower the statistics of opposing Pokémon.

Celebi can turn the fastest foes into Slowpokes and the toughest into Magikarp!

Any Pokémon unfortunate enough to cross paths with the guardian of the forest will most likely succumb to the power of the Pokémon's de-buffing skills. Light Screen, Rain Dance, Thunder Wave, and Sleep Talk are but a few of the many amazing de-buff skills that Celebi can learn.

5 Bringing A Bright Future!

via: deviantart.com/togechu

Apparently, Celebi isn't just a sign of peace and prosperity! Whenever or wherever Celebi appears, a bright and shining future awaits. Given Celebi's ability to traverse the line of time with ease and ultimately, directly affect the events of time, help reinforce this claim. How can you argue with a Pokémon's ability to deliver an amazing future for everyone when they're rivaled only by Dr. Who and Dialga. Celebi's promise of a brighter future makes it such an over-powered entity that every bad-guy who ever lived should shake at the thought of facing Celebi directly. Thanks to Togechu for the fanart!

4 Fortune Favours The Brave!

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As we touched upon earlier, Celebi only appears in times of peace and prosperity. One reason Celebi shines is the fact that despite its built-in sensor for peaceful times, Celebi still strives to help bring peace to the world.

Celebi's attitude to danger either makes it really over-powered or really dumb!

In the Anime and in some Games, Celebi chooses to help bring peace to the Pokémon Nation. Given that Celebi could live only in times of peace, but chooses not to, makes this Pokémon not only admirable but essential to the continuation of life. We've seen Celebi save the world various times, and given Celebi's susceptibility to capture, this makes it one of the most selfless characters in the whole Pokémon Nation.  

3 Healing Feeling!

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Moving back to the move-sets and abilities that Celebi can harness and use, it's healing moves make it a successful combatant in any Pokémon medium. More specifically, the games, where the healing abilities can be a make or break to your battle. The sad part is obviously that Pokémon can only learn four moves in the games. So having at least one of these incredible healing abilities make it highly sought after among all trainers. Recover, Heal Bell (image above), Heal Block and Healing Wish contribute towards Celebi's greatest healing skills. 

2 Legitimate Obtainability!

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The fact that Celebi is so rare is something we touched upon earlier in our article, but now we're going to look at the evidence supporting Celebi been one of the most over-powered Pokémon from the development side of things. For a start, the fact that Celebi is only legitimately obtainable through events goes to show that the developers always planned on Celebi been so special. Secondly, let's consider the fact that Celebi is the second event Pokémon in the game, the first being Mew. On the other hand, to parallel the above notions, Celebi was actually made obtainable to everybody who owned the Crystal Version of the game. All the player has to do is place the GS Ball on the shrine in Ilex Forest.

1 Time-Tweaking!

via: deviantart.com/hayche

Celebi's ability to traverse time with ease has already been mentioned above, but one specific perk of Celebi's ability is the fact that this Pokémon can alter the events of time wherever it goes. Interestingly, in the HeartGold and SoulSilver versions of the game, whenever the player approaches the shrine in Ilex Forest with a promotional Celebi, they'll be transported three-years back in time to face Giovanni. Allowing the player to interact with the past directly and in films we see Celebi send characters back in time to help alter the events of the past and save the future! Thanks to Hayche for the Fanart!

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