25 Pokémon Characters We've Never Seen Cosplayed Before

Not all Pokémon cosplays are of Misty and Ash. Here are some characters we don't usually see cosplayed.

As nerds, we’re all very aware about how imaginative cosplay can really be. It allows us to test our creative abilities, while also giving us the opportunity to better express ourselves. A video game franchise that also has helped a lot of people grow and socialize is none other than Pokémon. For a lot of gamers, Pokémon was the introductory series that brought them into nerd culture. And for some, like myself, Pokémon Go is a great way to socialize with others who enjoy Pokémon, while also exercising and walking outside in order to catch the adorable but powerful creatures.

A lot of nerds enjoy cosplaying from Pokémon because of their fondness for the series. After all, it’s pretty easy to dress up as a Pokémon trainer or gym leader. Heck, it’s also not difficult at all to cosplay as a Team Rocket member. But what about the actual Pokémon? Sure, some people make fur suits of the characters, which is fantastic. Yet what also makes Pokémon cosplay unique is the sheer amounts of creativity behind humanizing these characters.

Some decide to make armor that’s color coded to match their favorite Pokémon, while others use dresses or leotards to portray a Pokémon while incorporating animalistic traits such as ears and tails into their costume. Some of these Pokémon that you’re about to see are widely cosplayed. Yet others aren’t as commonly done. It was hard to pick which ones to feature since there’s over 800 Pokémon. But I hope you enjoy what I’ve selected.

25 Venusaur

via midoricatdoll.deviantart.com

First, we have Venusaur, the final evolution of starter Pokémon Bulbasaur. It’s a grass and poison type, so its spotted flower top and green leaves atop its head are very fitting. Here, we have MidoriCatDoll cosplaying Venusaur in a blue dress and brown corset. She used a parasol to resemble Venusaur’s flower top while also wearing a pair of cute ears that are very similar to the Pokémon’s. Her wig and makeup even match the color scheme of the character.

24 Charizard

via: pinterest.com

Next up is fan favorite Charizard, the final evolution of Charmander. A fire and flying type, it only makes sense that Charizard is orange and has wings. That’s just common knowledge to any Pokémon fan. Here, we have a talented cosplayer's take on the character. She created some armor pieces that resemble the character. She’s even wearing a headpiece. To make it even cooler, her wig is multicolored and looks like fire, which adds to the effect.

23 Butterfree

via pinterest.com

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are people out there who cosplay Butterfree. I’ve never actually seen a Butterfree cosplayer in person, but this design is super cute. A bug and flying type, Butterfree is more or less a butterfly. This cosplayer used a long purple wig for Butterfree and created fake flowers to use as a headpiece. I love this outfit because it isn’t a complicated design, yet it’s so adorable and comfortable. Also, I’m very biased towards the color purple, so this outfit is extra cute to me.

22 Beedrill

via stillvisions.com

As I worked on this story, I didn’t realize just how many different types of Pokémon cosplay existed. What’s nice about all of the cosplays I’ve seen is that everyone is very unique. Here’s a cosplayer portraying Beedrill, the bug and poison type that closely resembles a bee. Instead of going with traditional black coloring, this cosplayer used a dark blue to accentuate the main yellow of the character. They also made foam drills to resemble Beedrill even more. I just hope it’s relatively easy for the cosplayer to take those off.

21 Arbok

via: instagram.com

When it comes to Pokémon cosplay, a lot of people tend to gravitate toward armor-based looks. And at well-known waterpark convention Colossalcon, there tend to be a lot of swimsuit or armor Pokémon cosplays. This Arbok cosplay is a good mixture of both. She made earrings that resemble Arbok’s patterning. And since the Pokémon is a snake, the cosplayer’s use of look-a-like scales makes a lot of sense. There are quite a few small details in this outfit that really help it stand out and be recognized as an Arbok cosplay.

20 Vulpix

via jacjaccosplay.deviantart.com

Anyone who knows me well is fully aware that Vulpix is my favorite Pokémon. I really can’t explain the reasoning behind my adoration for the adorable fox, but this cosplay by JacJacCosplay is really inspiring me to put together my own look. The cosplayer made fox tails and ears to keep Vulpix’s animalistic traits in the cosplay, while also using orange and brown pieces for the rest of the outfit. To complete the look, the cosplayer used a long red wig.

19 Goldeen And Seaking

via: aminoapps.com

Now what I really enjoy seeing are cosplay pairs involving the first form and final evolution of a Pokémon. Here, we have two cosplayers portraying armored versions of Golden and Seaking, the water types that look like fish. The coloring is very accurate for both characters, with the Seaking using spotted fabric as an accessory to resemble the Pokémon’s tail. It’s just awesome to see people’s takes on the characters. And you have to admire cosplayers who are very willing to put forth a lot of time and effort into making armor.

18 Gyarados

via: pinterest.com

Online, I’ve seen several different takes on Gyarados, the evolved form of rather wimpy Pokémon Magikarp. This cosplayer created a costume to resemble Gyarados’ body, while also making a set of ears and a headpiece for the character. To add to the cosplay, a blue wig is used to match Gyarados’ body color. Now, I’m going to make a bit of a random side note, but the clothing you decide to wear underneath your armor is also very important. Make sure it matches the character as accurately as possible. This cosplayer did exactly that.

17 Eeveelutions

via: cosplayerscanada.com

This is by far one of the coolest cosplay pictures I have ever seen, especially since it focuses on the ever amazing Pokémon, Eevee. Pictured here are many talented cosplayers as gijinka versions of all the Eeveelutions. Each outfit is unique and brings out the spirit of the Eeveelution while also being something that's accessible and easy enough to make. These cosplayers look amazing, and the fact that they've all coordinated to make this really brings the whole thing together.

16 Meganium

via fotoboerb.deviantart.com

Okay, so I’m sure you’re sick of me discussing first generation Pokémon. How about we start exploring the second generation, shall we? Meganium is an amazing grass type Pokémon, the final evolution of Chikorita. This cosplayer did a fantastic job portraying the character with a green wig and top, using fabric and other materials to make a skirt that resembles flower petals. The setting for this picture is also gorgeous and very fitting for the type of Pokémon they’re portraying.

15 Quilava

via: berry-cosplay.deviantart.com

Here’s a cosplay that I was very surprised to see. And it’s a male cosplayer, too! I was really surprised with the lack of male cosplayers who portray actual Pokémon. Anyway, here’s a cosplayer portraying Quilava, the final evolution of Cyndaquil. Even though it’s a more simplistic look, the outfit really stands out through the cosplayer’s use of material to create flames that appear to shoot from the back of the cosplay. The pose is also really serious and very fitting for the Pokémon.

14 Bellossom

via: aponevee.deviantart.com

I think we can all agree that Bellossom is one of the most adorable Pokémon out there. A grass type Pokémon, Bellossom is a potential evolution for Gloom. Here, we have Aponevee portraying Bellossom in a beautiful manner. The cosplayer used material to make a headband with flowers on it. She also used cloth to make the flowerlike appearance of Bellossom stand out even more. The colors that accentuate the cosplay are subtle, but really add to the outfit.

13 Unown

via twitter.com

When it comes to cosplaying, I’m pretty well-known for being able to snag deals on cosplays online, while also thrifting at my local Goodwill. This cosplay right here is an excellent example of a simplistic but amazing cosplay. The cosplayer created an Unown cosplay by making a mask resembling the Pokémon’s eye, while investing in an all black outfit, including shoes, socks, and a bodysuit. This right here goes to show that cosplay can be both unique and easy to do.

12 Suicune

via Geek Chic Elite

Now you can’t have a Pokémon cosplay story without discussing some legendary catches. Here, we have Hendo Art portraying water type Pokémon Suicune. This is a really unique design, and I’m amazed by the color scheme here. The blues work really well with the white, and the outfit was definitely made with comfortability and movement in mind. I also like the cosplayer’s use of comfy leggings while wearing a leotard and pieces of armor. The headdress is also gorgeous.

11 Ho-Oh

via: duskandawn.deviantart.com

There are many legendary bird Pokémon, but I don’t think I’ve seen any as widely cosplayed as I have Ho-Oh. Can you really blame people? The Pokémon really stands out with its coloring, and it’s also a fire type. Here, we have DuskanDawn portraying this legendary with a dancer type outfit. Fabric in the shape of wings is attached to her body, with green material detaching itself from the red. Not only is this a really unique idea; I’m sure it’s also comfortable to boot.

10 Mudkip

via: aminoapps.com

With all my knowledge of Pokémon, I have yet to meet anyone who’s disgusted by the mention of Mudkip, the adorable water type Pokémon that is way too cute for this world. Some might be weirded out by the idea of a sensual Mudkip cosplay, but take a look at this. Not only is this cosplay classy, but it’s very easy to tell which Pokémon this cosplayer is portraying. Her accessories really help add to the animalistic traits Mudkip has.

9 Rayquaza

via Astrosine-Cosplay.deviantart.com

I think I will continually be impressed by armored Pokémon cosplay. Here, we have Astrosine Cosplay portraying Rayquaza, the flying and dragon type. One might wonder how to go about portraying a dragon type Pokémon. Here’s a good example. The cosplayer just appears so shiny and metallic; it makes me very curious about the type of paint used for this. It could possibly be metallic spray paint, but it just looks incredible. The helmet is definitely my favorite part of this entire cosplay.

8 Kyogre

via: ketmisch.deviantart.com

Nothing’s cooler than cosplaying as a legendary Pokémon, and Kyogre is one of the coolest to be. A water type, Kyogre looks very similar to a whale. Of course, like the majority of legendary Pokémon, there have been plenty of interesting versions of Kyogre. But let’s take a second to really appreciate Ketmisch’s take on the character and just how incredible it is. My favorite part is definitely the main facial plate. It looks just like Kyogre. The rest of the armor is detailed perfectly as well.

7 Greninja

via brandonale.deviantart.com

So I realized that I’ve completely failed on showing any type of fur suit Pokémon cosplay. And I don’t want people thinking that I chose not to feature these types of cosplays. Rather, they’re just something I see done pretty frequently. However, rarities like this Greninja cosplayer are fascinating to see. Suiters put so much time and effort into making these outfits for themselves. You also have to give them extra brownie points for being willing to suffer in such a constrictive, heat-inducing outfit.

6 Popplio, Litten, And Rowlet

via flickr.com

Of course, I can’t have a thorough Pokémon cosplay story without mentioning the latest starter types. Here, we have three cosplayers portraying Popplio, Litten, and Rowlet. Their takes on their outfits are so adorable! Each outfit fits the characters very well. But going off of that, these three are cosplaying “Love Live!” characters while portraying these Pokémon. The Kotori as Rowlet makes me laugh because I get the joke. I also really enjoy seeing crossovers like this because they’re so unique and fun.

5 Lunala

via kingofthedededes73.deviantart.com

I do also enjoy seeing Pokémon cosplay like this where a cosplayer decides to take a character and embody it in a more humanized manner. Lunala is a psychic and ghost type legendary Pokémon. Honestly, it’s one of my favorites just because of its design alone. This cosplayer used a type of material to resemble Lunala’s wings. Rather than attach the wings to the outfit, the cosplayer chose to hold them as props. I think that’s pretty genius because it lessens the risk of bumping into people with something that’s attached to your costume.

4 Lillie And Nebby

via: imgur.com

Hopefully people don’t get too upset by the lack of actual human character cosplay here, but with this story, I really wanted to focus more on Pokémon. Regardless, I couldn’t resist mentioning a Lillie cosplayer. I mean, look how adorable she is! The cosplayer even has a little Nebby with her, and everything about this picture is a Poké Ball full of cuteness. What is nice about the majority of Pokémon characters is that they’re pretty easy to cosplay as. Lillie is no exception to that.

3 Diancie

via cresselivoir.deviantart.com

Diancie is also a gorgeous Pokémon. A rock and fairy mythical Pokémon from Generation Six, Diancie’s look is very similar to both jewels and rocks. And I think Cresselivoir on DeviantArt did a fantastic job with their take on the Pokémon. I could definitely see Diancie wearing a formal ballgown like this if they were a human. The cosplayer also decided to wear a curly gray wig with buns attached, which I think is a really adorable style for the character.

2 Serena

via firecloak.deviantart.com

Serena is an interesting character because of the variety of options that lay within her. Not only can she be a protagonist, but she can also serve as your rival in Pokémon X and Y if the player chooses to play as a male avatar. Here, we have Firecloak on Deviantart portraying Serena, alongside a stuffed Fennekin. Again, it is thankfully very easy to cosplay as any Pokémon trainer out there because of how simplistic the outfits are. The location is also beyond perfect for this photo.

1 Misty

via: kotaku.co.au

And last but not least, I decided to end this story with a character that’s widely cosplayed, but for good reason. Misty’s outfit is not only attractive, but it’s very comfortable and easy to put together, too. All you need are tennis shoes, jean shorts, red suspenders, a yellow crop top, and a short orange wig. Props such as a Poké Ball or a phone with Pokémon Go on it really do add to the cosplay and make it stand out even more.

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