22 Pokémon Characters Reimagined As Girls

The cast of Pokémon characters have largely kept their same style throughout the anime and games, but these fans have taken them to new heights.

The original Pokémon series is a beloved show to many of us. Sadly, it’s heavily male-dominated. Yes, there’s Misty, but she gets the boot after a few seasons. The show’s producer even went on the record stating she’s just eye candy. The original game only let you be a boy, though to be fair that is likely due to the Game Boy's technological constraints. There was still no reason you couldn’t be a girl by default though.

While we love Pokémon, it needs a little updating when it comes to gender norms. That’s where we come in with this article. We have collected some of the best drawings around that gender bend your favorite Pokémon characters. There’s a lot of Ash obviously. Some Brock and Gary too. You’ll even see some Pokémon as women. It’s totally a positive stance on gender norms and not an excuse to look at girls.

You won’t feel any different about seeing a female James, though, since James dresses as a woman basically every other episode of the original series. Don’t worry. Some of the girls get the same treatment. You’re in for some male versions of Misty as well, or should I call him Mister Misty? What a time to be alive.

22 Prof. Oak’s Granddaughter, Gabriella


Art by: djspookyjace.tumblr

This is a magnificent image. At first, I thought we were looking at female Ash and a regular Misty, but oh boy was I mistaken. We’re a-ganderin’ at female Ash and a female Gary— or should I say Gabriella? Yes, I should. Gabriella. What threw me off was the sulky looking expression on her face. That’s classic Misty right there when she has the misfortune of spending several seasons of her life with Ash.

Wait, do Gary’s cheerleaders get gender-bent too? Do we get us some hairy male cheerleaders? Give me a Y. Give me an E. Give me an S.

I don’t know what Gabriella is upset about. I think we can all agree that Ashley is way cooler than Ash. Still, the general mien is in keeping with Gary’s character. He was always the salty one. Ash was always the naive one. It didn’t help that Gary was legitimately better at being a Pokémon trainer than Ash. I mean, he even had his own cheerleaders. I can’t wait to see the man cheerleaders who follow Gabriella around. As pointed out before, though, this is going to seriously mess with Professor Oak’s conception of knowing the gender of his grandkid.

21 Pokémon Love Brooke


Cutie! I present to you a female Brock. As mentioned before, her name would likely be Brooke. I think we can all get behind that. Don’t you just love sweet and tender scene before us? It isn’t hard to imagine Brock as a woman. He was the one who always had the most “feminine” traits for a dude on the show. At least that’s what you might think when you’re a kid watching it. Actually, they weren’t trying to portray those traits as feminine at all. The show was trying to tell us that men can/should cook and take care of family members as well. It wasn’t done in an overhanded way either; Brock was simply handy. He had to be, considering his parents disappeared.

Brock has to protect his orphan siblings. He can’t have any hotshot trainer walking in and taking the badge. Then Brock abandons his orphan siblings to join the hotshot trainer.

In the first episode where Ash meets Brock in Pewter City, Brock seems to be a real jerk. He appears to be this stony gym leader, pun intended, that won’t allow Ash to move forward with his dream of becoming a Pokémon master. But when Ash finally defeats Brock, he finds out that the gym leader is only acting like a big meanie because he has to protect his orphan siblings.

20 Ashley Is All Grown Up


Art by: axsens.tumblr

Now, this a photo of Ashley we can get behind. The artist Axsens has done an amazing job. Not only does Ash look like a woman, she looks grown-up. It’s also very well drawn. The lighting and shadowing are top-notch work here. I wouldn’t know too much about art criticism, though, I am mostly an expert in looking at female versions of your favorite childhood anime characters. I do know what I like though, and I have an idea what you people would like too, and we have found it in this image. If you like what you see here, click through to the artist’s page. There are also other pictures you can find. This image also captures what makes Ash such a poor trainer. Notice all the Pokéballs that she’s losing in her attempt to look cool? Those represent all the bad choices Ash has ever made. He always seems to give Pokémon away on the show despite wanting to become a Pokémon master. Doesn’t becoming a Pokémon master mean, you know, collecting all the Pokémon and not giving them away willy-nilly? Why is there an episode called Bye Bye Butterfree and not You Are My Property Forever, Butterfree?

19 I Choose You, Ashley!


Art by: nasoshi.deviantart

We begin with a female picture of Ash. Strap yourselves in because there are going to be a lot of those. If you’re here for female versions of your favorite Pokémon characters, you should expect a lot of Ash. He’s the only one that’s been around since the beginning. The show runners got rid of Brock and Misty and introduced all these new characters over the course of the show. There have been so many seasons that have seen new characters coming and going out of Ash’s life, along with new Pokémon that tie into whatever Pokémon game of the day happens to be. All this to say, for better or worse, Ash is the face we’re most accustomed to seeing. It’s fitting that we’re going to see a lot of Fem Ash pictures in this article considering that the actor who voices Ash is a woman, Veronica Taylor. Did you know that? It’s in keeping with the long tradition of having female voice actors playing the parts of young boys. Think Timmy from Fairly OddParents who is also voice by a woman, Tara Strong, who also voiced Rikku from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.

18 Are You A Boy Or Girl?


Art by: loulouvz.deviantart

Here is another version of Ash Ketchum as a woman. I told you to strap yourself in because you’re going to be in for a lot of these. As user Remited on Deviantart points out in the comments, “There's an episode of Pokémon where Ash crossdressed to get into Erika's gym because he insulted their perfume and that's the name he went with.” Do you remember that one? Ash pulls a Link/Gerudo Town move before it was cool. It was in episode 26, Scent-sation! When Ash gets to Celadon City, he’s barred access from the gym by virtue of him being a boy. That’s not fair! Talk about prejudice! Of course, if we’re counting all the times in history where men have barred women from doing things, it’s not even close. Ash and friends decide to sneak Ash in by dressing him up like a girl. Thus Ash becomes Ashley. He wears a blonde wig and tries to act like a good Pokémon trainer but nobody is buying it. I mean, they buy him as a girl but not as a good trainer. Ash finally manages to win the Celadon city badge but he outs himself in the process, of course.

17 Brooke And Ashley


Art by: themightfenek.deviantart

This time Brock joins Ashley on our gender-bender adventure! The jury is still out on what Brock’s female name should be. Some are thinking Brooke, and that certainly works well with me. In fact, I will go ahead and say it’s canon as of right now. Meet Brooke and Ashley. So if Brooke is one-millionth the romantic that Brock was, the entire male population had best be on their toes. One of the funniest parts of the original series was that Brock was such a woman lover. Nowadays he would probably be labeled an offender or some sort— and maybe it would be justified. But ah, the nineties! How naive we were back then. You could include lotharios in your shows at whim and the networks didn’t blink an eye. Every town the party ends up, Brock finds a new girl he starts to hit on. In every city, it’s the same Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny. The truth was that the animators didn’t have the budget to draw up new cops or nurses every time so they simply gave us the implausible explanation that they were all cousin twins or something? Doesn’t matter.

16 She Can Play With Us


Art by: themightfenek.deviantart

Here is a series of female Brocks courtesy of TheMightFenek over at Deviantart. The artist says, “I was wondering: Why people only draw Ash in (…) Pokemon? My favorite character is Brock and I almost never see this kind of fanart of him. Sooo...I made this one. Here is the anime version, and the HeartGold/SoulSilver version, 3 years older. Which could be her name? Brooks? Gem? I have no idea… Her personality is basically the same, she is the Team Mom. Also...she has a crush on James....well, she has a crush on Lance too, and Volkner, and Bruno, and Wallace, and Steven...but mostly James because he is usually around.” That’s canon now, you guys. This version of Brock— Brooke we’ll call her— has a crush on James. And apparently on every other guy in the show too! It’s just like we were talking about before. As Brock was interested in every single girl he met, Brooke is interested in every guy she meets. It must be in the genes or something. You’d think Brooke or Brock would care a little more about feeding their orphan brother and sister, but nope. Only cares about Nurse Joy and Office Jenny.

15 Mister Misty


Art by: annadoodleme.tumblr

Ashley mostly looks like a straight-up female version of Ash like we’d expect. Same clothes, same Pokémon. When Ash and Misty first met, it was not under pleasant circumstances. Misty was driving around on her bike when she got caught in Pikachu’s electric attack. Her bike was completely wrecked.

Ash didn’t want to take responsibility for the bike, since he’s, you know, a kid. He shouldn’t be outside of the house unsupervised, let alone going on globe-trotting adventures and wielding the power of Zeus. Yet here were are. Misty decided to follow Ash around until he validated her insurance claim. Thus a modern marriage was born. I wonder if it would be any different in the gender-swapped version.

14 Freaky Friday Genderbend


Art by: rezuban.deviantart

Now, this is a gender-bend meets Freaky Friday-type scenario. In most other gender bends here, we simply flip the genders. Ash will become Ashley or Gary will become Gabrielle or Misty will become… Mister Misty? Okay, that’s pretty good and I’m going to use it when I see Mister Misty pop up. This is a different story though. We have Ash and Misty having switched genders but they’ve also switched identities with Team Rocket. They didn’t simply switch clothes because you can see that Team Rocket still looks older than the kids.

I guess it makes sense considering the world sends youths out on adventures by themselves, but still. You’d think that crime boss Giovanni would have enough money to hire, um, people who are not fifteen? Just a thought. Also how messed up is it that they make the crime boss Italian?

13 Cubone And Marowak


Art by: spoozer.deviantart

This is a gorgeous piece of work. It comes to us from Deviantart user Spoozer, who has created an adorable set of humans as Pokémon. If you like this stuff, I highly recommend you go check out the artist’s page. There’s loads of humanized Pokémon. Here we have Cubone and Marowak realized as human women. Likely, they are daughter and mother like in the show. Anybody remember that episode with Cubone and the mom? Oh my gawrsh was it ever sad. I never cried that much from an episode of Pokémon before. That’s kinda embarrassing so let’s keep it between ourselves, okay? No need for thousands of people finding out. So Cubone and her mom have continued the Pokémon tradition of wearing another Pokémon’s skull. Neat. The younger one looks vulnerable and scared. The mom has her back to her daughter, like she’s looking off into the horizon for any potential threats. She’s a mother bear first and foremost.

12 Ash Evolved Into Ashley!


Art by: trainerashandred35.deviantart

Enjoy another image of Ash as Ashley. This dress and costume is from episode 26 of the original series, Scent-sation! Ash and pals arrive in Celadon City to claim its badge. Only, there’s one big problem. When Ash tries to get into the gym they won’t let him in because he’s a guy. As stated before, that’s really prejudiced. I’m sure the town has its reasons though. So Ash and Brock devise a plan to sneak Ash in.

It’s a classic gender-bending scenario that harks back to Shakespeare, which I’m sure was the inspiration for this episode and not that sweet holo-foil card money.

Ash doesn’t think he’s going to be able to get the badge but Pikachu cheers him on. It’s a refreshing change of pace from all the times Ash had to cheer himself on since nobody believes in him ever. Except maybe his mom. Ash’s— or should I say Ashley’s— little ruse obviously gets found out predictably. But luckily Team Rocket attacks and sets everything on fire. That gives Ash that excuse to be a Big Hero and save the day, thus winning him that badge. Oh. Also spoilers.

11 Gary Evolved Into Gabriella!


Art by: trainerashandred35.deviantart

Did you think Ash was the only one who gets to change into a woman? I don’t think so. Meet Gary’s final form, Gabriella! Gary has always given Ash a hard time on their travels. Being Professor Oak’s grandson, Gary has been super spoiled the whole series. Remember in the first episode when he has the convertible car and a literal squad of cheerleaders? Also isn’t he supposed to be like nine years old? How does he have a convertible car? Did he have one or did I make that up? Who is researching this?

This is sure to confuse Gary’s grandfather Professor Oak who already has a hard time telling the difference between boys and girls.

Maybe Gary had a reason for being such a jerk to Ash for so long. He was uncomfortable in his own body. He was seeking to make his own evolution, if you know what I’m talking about. According to this well-drawn fan art he was Gabriella this whole time! Now maybe he and Ash—or should I say Ashley— can combine their Pokémon collection and conquer the world together. It would be the best ending to the show ever.

10 Missus Meowth, That’s Right


Art by: dav-19.deviantart

Here is another fantastic image from Deviantart user Dav-19. In the previous entry we saw Dav-19 turning Cubone and Marowak into human women. Here the artist magically transforms Meowth and Pikachu into human women. I guess this is really what they would look like if there were people, huh? We’re so used to seeing them in their Pokémon form that it’s a bit odd to see them as women. Also— and I could totally be alone here— I imagine both of them as boys. Maybe not so much Pikachu, but certainly Meowth. Meowth is one of the only Pokémon that actually speaks. The thing’s got a man’s voice, for crying out loud. That doesn’t matter when it comes to the imagination of course. Meowth could very well be a man who goes gender-bent. Also, there could be some Meowths that are women, right? I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble stretching my disbelief here when I’m talking about a show where adults send out their kids to collect monsters. I love what the artist has done with both of them. Pikachu looks absolutely as adorable as ever. Meowth looks characteristically mischievous.

9 A Charming Evolution


Art by: dav-19.deviantart

Here is Dav-19’s interpretation of Charmander, Charmelon, and Charizard as a human woman. Not only as a human woman, mind you, but a fantasy knight wielding fire and swords. I think this is what fun feels like. I love that the artist has not only taken the time to painstakingly draw each evolution, but there’s real cleverness here. As the evolutions go on, there’s a clear maturation too. At first, Charmander is a kid. She’s wearing a cowl and looks the most chibi of them all. She’s also jumping up in a childlike manner to signify what a kid she still is. Then the next evolution, Charmeleon, shows a distinct maturation. The kiddiness is gone and she’s got her sword drawn now— both literally and figuratively. She’s still inexperienced though. Finally, we have Charizard, the full evolution. You can tell she’s a full fantasy woman now because she’s scantily-clad. That’s the number one signifier that you’re a woman, right? I love how the artist has chosen to give them their tails and wings too. It’s an odd choice but it works within the style. Also, the red hair is perfect.

8 Vulpixies


Art by: dav-19.deviantart

Did you really think we weren’t going to provide you with another image from Dav-19? Of course, we were! When it comes to drawing Pokémon as people, there is hardly a better source in the world. Here we have Vulpix and Alola Vulpix. For those who don’t know, Alola Vulpix is the winter Vulpix that had adapted to the winter regions. It’s kinda like an albino Vulpix. According to Bulbapedia, “Its fur has become snowy white. It has pale blue paws, blue eyes, and dark blue insides its ears. Its snout is more pronounced and pointed than that of non-Alolan Vulpix. The locks of hair on its head and its six tails are curlier with a wispy appearance. Alolan Vulpix is believed to have arrived in the region at the same time as humans, but moved to the snow-capped mountain to avoid other Pokémon.” Those are some interesting facts! How about this art, though? Talk about a song of ice and fire, am I right? They look like they’re sisters whose different styles complement each other excellently. I also love the choice to give them long flowing robes reminiscent of kimonos. Just be careful or it’ll start a hashtag.

7 Pikachu Likes Her Better


Art by: layerx3.deviantart

Another wonderful image of Ashley. This might be one of those most realistic ones to date. I’m not saying the image is drawn in a realistic style, though I’m not knocking the great art. I’m saying that this is probably what Ash would really look like as a girl. There have been some excellent attempts at what Ashley might look like already, but some others out there simply slap a dress on Ash and call it a day. Not so with this artist. Ash has made the complete transformation into a woman. He shouldn’t be recognizable as Ash in my opinion. If he really were a girl instead of a boy, he— I mean she— would look like a different person. We would all be very happy if Ash was a different person. As previously noted, Ash’s voice actor is a woman. Veronica Taylor is her name. The esteemed actor wouldn’t even need to change her voice. She could simply keep it the same. Gotta say though, I’m ready for Pokémon to make the switch. It doesn’t have to make sense. Just do it.

6 All Tangled Up


Art by: tamtamdi.deviantart

Now, this is super cool. The artist TamTamdi has drawn a huge amount of Pokémon as real people. If you like what you see here, you are highly encouraged to click through the link and check out more of the same. There are literally dozens. Dozens! I love this version of a human Pokémon girl because it’s also slightly surreal. It’s like half person, half Pokémon. Tangela is now a girl, as we can see by her height and legs. But she’s also still got those insane curls that even give Rapunzel a run for her money. Obviously, a real person couldn’t have hair that long or that color, but Tangela is rocking it. Well she stills seems to be a little lost in her own curls but that’s okay. She could always get a haircut. On the other hand, it looks like her curls might have nerve endings in them. It would probably make her scream a lot if you tried to give her a haircut. Well, she’s adorable all the same. Hey maybe she likes those locks. From the way she’s clutching them to her chest, it looks like they’re a security blanket of some kind.

5 Goldeen Is Fabulous


Art by: tamtamdi.deviantart

Enjoy this wonderful Goldeen picture from to you from the same artist as seen earlier, tamtamdi over at Deviantart. Again, if you like what you see here it’s encouraged you click on over to the page and check out their stuff. Tamtadi has done a terrific job at creating human versions of so many of our beloved Pokémon. Some of them are portrayed in a surrealist style, such as Tangela, while others look more realistic and have more flair. Here we have one of the more— er, I want to say realistic versions but she’s got that horn on her head. If it weren’t for that, she would be perfectly human.

When Goldeen changes into other clothes, she’s just a regular Deen though.

I love how the artist uses the Pokémon’s color palette to inform the clothing choices too. If it weren’t for the billowing red and white robes, it wouldn’t look quite like Goldeen so much. But what is the artist supposed to do? Paint the character in red and white? Come on! It’s a bit difficult to convey Goldeen’s style and colors without taking a few liberties.

4 Every Time James Was A Woman


Art by: rocketdisguise.tumblr

Submitted for your approval: every time James has ever dressed as a woman on Pokémon. Are you surprised it’s been this many times? You really shouldn’t be. Nobody has transformed quite so much on this show than James and that’s including the Pokémon that go through countless evolutions.

I’m starting to think James wasn’t really interested in capturing Pikachu as much as using any opportunity to crossdress.

It seems like he jumps at every other opportunity he gets to dress as a woman. In episode Beauty and the Beach, James dresses as a woman to enter the swimsuit competition to… I don’t know, somehow steal Pikachu? Because that would work? In Who Gets to Keep Togepi, James dresses up as a female egg-seller in order to seal Togepi. Then— ONLY THREE EPISODES LATER, MY FRIEND— he dresses up as a woman again. No judgment here, but why don’t you just admit who you are, James? You’ll be free that way. This image has a handy number corresponding to every episode and female costume James uses. So if you want to dive deep into some Fem James, this would be a good place to start.

3 The Original Trio


Super adorbs. Here we have the starter Pokémon from Red and Blue as three young women. There’s Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. They’re stylized as chibi characters. At the beginning of Pokémon Red and Blue, Professor Oak gives you the option of taking these three Pokémon. Unfortunately, he also gives his grandson, whose name Professor Oak can’t remember, the same choice. Well, that’s not totally true. "Fartface" gets to choose between your leftovers.

With a name like "Fartface," Professor Oak’s grandson has a lot to be angry about and he takes that anger out on our Pokémon.

Sadly, that means he chooses the type of Pokémon your new Pokémon is weak against. Should you choose Squirtle, as I did many a time, FARTFACE chooses Bulbasaur. Grass has an advantage against water. The same goes for Charmander and Squirtle the other way around. You get the idea. Let’s just be glad that they’re really Pokémon and not little girls like we see here.

2 Fem Ash From The Movie


This is a fan-made edit of Ash from the movie. I’m not sure which movie it is because there seems to be almost as many movies as there are new Pokémon. Also Ash never ages even though there’s a quantifiable amount of time taken place over the course of the show if you count all the times they camped out. But I digress. So this image originally shows Ash as a dude looking off into the distance with Pikachu perched on his shoulder. Fans pointed out (rightly so) that Ash would look better as a girl. Their solution? Some artist used their considerable talents to add long hair to the image. The final result is perfect. There’s no attempt to draw the full body here and there doesn’t need to be. We can take one look at long-haired Ash and completely imagine what he would be like as a girl. Again, Veronica Taylor doesn’t even need to find a new job. I’m really serious about making this happen, you guys. Let’s make Ash into Ashley. Can we please? It’s been so long. Just give us a new main character that’s a girl. Why does Professor Oak need to ask if we’re a boy or a girl? Make it a girl!

1 Jynx!


Art by: tamtamdi.deviantart

Jynx caused a lot of controversies a few years back as people woke up to the fact her face looks like a prejudiced tradition. But since it happened in retrospect, people don’t really do anything about it. If the Pokémon company were to suddenly introduce Lynx today, then it would be chaos and scandal. Either way, we can appreciate this artwork. As pointed out, Lynx is one of the most anthropomorphic Pokémon. She’s got a human figure and she’s wearing a dress. The only thing is she’s pint-sized. Here she’s depicted in more realistic dimensions. Lynx has some class; she looks like she could be an Opera singer or some famous performer. There’s still no getting around the fact she might make some people uncomfortable.

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