24 Pokémon Crossover Fan Photos That Are Extra Sweet

Who doesn’t know and love Pokémon? Okay, sure, it’s not for everyone, but the franchise has pretty much become a staple in both media and the internet. There’s no shortage of love for the show and its fandom just continues to grow. The number of fan works and photos online is evidence enough of that. The amount of variety that goes into this show from fans is pretty much endless. Just typing in the name Pokémon will pretty much have you barraged with photos and pages.

In terms of fan art, there’s a whole lot of awesomeness and weirdness in equal parts to be found. Outside of the weird and awesome sections, though, there’s a whole lot of cuteness to be found with artwork. From different Pokémon interacting to the different friendships between trainers and their Pokémon, there’s a whole lot of sweetness to be found in the general fan art section.

The sweeter scenarios with Pokémon, though, comes with the crossovers. Because there are just so many scenarios that you can play with. Like, what kind of Pokémon would certain characters have? How would certain characters be like in other fandoms? How would certain characters interact with different Pokémon? There’s just so many possibilities with this. With so many Pokémon and so many fandoms to choose from, the sweetness could pretty much go all over the place.

Here are some artists that dished out some art that will not only leave you smiling, but also presents some real clever ideas. Get ready for cavities.

24 Ghost Meets Knight, A Story Begins

via: pridark.deviantart.com

Hollow Knight is one of the more mysterious characters on this list. From an outside point of view, though, they could honestly be mistaken for a type of ghost Pokémon. Maybe that’s what Phantump here is thinking. With the whole skull and cloak look they have going on, it really could be an honest mistake. The way that Phantump is looking at the knight, though, it really does seem like they think that they are kindred spirits somehow. Pridark brought the start of an interesting story here.

23 We've Got Ourselves Some Cosplay Winners Here

via: drawwhatiwantwhenwant.tumblr.com

We’ve got all kinds of characters getting their own Pokémon, but how about having them actually become Pokémon like this trio of brothers here? We Bear Bears has pretty much exploded in popularity since its debut. Seeing how one of them is into anime and the other is into games, it’s easy to see them doing cosplay here. Since Panda Bear is known to be into anime and gaming, it’s easy to see him get into cosplay. Chances are the only reason his brothers are with him are either to watch out for him, or they were convinced somehow. Either way, Keyonta's design would have them win a cosplay contest.

22 A Truly Fabulous Team

via: pinterest.com

Yuri! On Ice, really, is there anything else to say? Well, to be honest, it would have been more interesting if Yuri had been the one to wear the skirt. Then again, Victor does have the right amount of fabulousness and flair to pull off the outfit.

They’re basically a mirror of Team Rocket really.

Well, it’s not exact, sure, but the extra levels between these characters are pretty much on par. And there aren't many similarities on Yuri’s part, but we all know he would take the chance to be a cat.

21 Nostalgic Silliness

via: pinterest.com

We’re taking a real nostalgic throwback with this one here. Anyone else here think “Go Go Pokémon Rangers?” It doesn’t have the same catchiness, true, but it’s fitting, don’t you think? The idea of all these tiny creatures going against gigantic monsters is pretty amazing. No, wait, here’s a better idea to imagine: a Pokémon Zord. There are just so many possibilities with this crossover. That, and the silliness that would come with this is a plus. Honestly, though, it would be the type of silliness that would work with this series.

20 A New Mischievous Hero

via: inkysky.deviantart.com

Can you imagine the Spider-Man theme song being sung by Mew? It seems pretty silly, and yet there’s a lot of silliness with Spider-Man overall. Seriously, though, Spider-Mew? With the way that InkySky designed the character here, it’s easy to see Mew finding a way to dress up as the hero and do their slinging around.

Let’s not forget how mischievous Mew is, though.

The playful Pokémon for sure would also find a way to make use of webs and randomly stick different people and Pokémon for fun. You can already hear the giggles.

19 Spooky Cuteness

via: natashashnaider.deviantart.com

This right here is either a clever cosplay or an amazing conspiracy theory. NatashaShnaider had no explanation for their photo here other than the title “Bendy Mimikyu.” That’s pretty much an open invitation for us to interpret the piece. The idea that a little ink blob decided to wear a Mimikyu costume just works. On the other hand, an unpredictable ink creature being what Mimikhu is actually hiding also works. The whole classic cartoon style going on here really makes either idea possible. It’s the kind of cute image you know could hide a scarier side.

18 Friends In The Shadows

via: olifuxart.tumblr.com

We’ve all come to know Raven as a lady of the shadows. That, and we also know her as someone who keeps others at a distance because of the nature of her powers. However, what if she had companions that could handle her powers?

What better companions to have than a group of dark Pokémon?

They’s make for a solid group to have when training or meditating. And really, olifuzart gave her a solid amount and type of companions here. Just look at her face; she looks so peaceful.

17 A True Golden Trio

via: king-sin-couronne.tumblr.com

Say what you will about the anime and the sequel, this is a perfectly gold image right here. Not only literally, with the whole blonde thing, but figuratively as well. Artist king-sin-couroone was really clever with this one. The whole evolution thing, and them being kids really hits the feels, if you know their story. Just the idea that these three would be this trio of Pikachu trainers traveling together or just being friends only heightens the feels. They’d have such an interesting dynamic.

16 A Real Sparking Quartet

via: pinterest.com

Plusle and Minun are basically siblings in the Pokémon world; it’s only right that they’re paired up with one of the top sibling pairs in cartoon history. The whole idea of stronger together than alone really brings the four together as a team. That, and the whole opposite thing they have going on is another thing that they’d bond on. The way that they look here, you can already see Dipper and Mabel tag teaming their opponents and surprising them with smart yet crazy attack maneuvers. Either that, or they’d just get into all kinds of mischief together.

15 A Starry Encounter

via: pinterest.com

It’s clearly Princess Rosalina showing her skills to Lilli, but honestly, it looks more like a teacher teaching a student. Well, either that, or Rosalina is just helping Cosmo with her stars. The Pokémon is basically a space child, so they may as well be adopted by Space Mom Rosalina here. Meanwhile, Lilli is looking like a curious Alice who entered into a different world. Honestly, this may as well be a scene from when the two first meet each other; it’d work.

14 He Has Been Claimed

via: twitter.com

For those who may not know who this is, this is Koshi Sugawara from the volleyball anime Haikyuu!!. He’s a rather chill character that many fans like. Of course, pretty much everyone in the series are liked by fans. What makes Sugawara here stand out is how he’s pretty much the mom of the team. Clearly, these Pikachu sense this and have decided to make Sugawara theirs. Just look at the way they’re all clinging to him. Seems like Sugawara has attained his own squad.

13 From Princess To Trainer

via: kuitsuku.deviantart.com

Seeing as Merida is pretty much the bear princess among the Disney crew, it only makes sense that she would have her own set of Teddiursas for Pokémon. They’re pretty much the closest to actual bears.

To be fair, she’d make a solid bear-themed Pokémon trainer.

She’d be a playful yet firm trainer who’d also be a high spirited motivator. Kuitsuku certainly shows the former with their photo here. What’s more, can you just imagine how things would be once they evolve? She would have her own squadron of Ursaring bodyguards. She pretty much has the title locked here.

12 A Cute Little Family

via: teentitanlover1990.tumblr.com

Now, this is a lovely little family photo here. What? You were thinking it as well. Ya-ssui is a clear fan of both Pokémon and Teen Titans, and knows their shipping. Besides, even if you’re not a big fan, a cute picture like this is easy to appreciate with its humor. You can practically hear Beast Boy lecturing the grass type Pokémon into eating its healthy meal for its own good. Meanwhile, Terra is taking the good cop approach. Well, since a lot of Bulbasaurs can be stubborn, it’s easy to see how this ended up happening.

11 Green Meets Green

via: pinterest.com

The fact that Peridot looks so bewildered and is holding the Chikorita like a strange plant is just perfect. That, and the way that the Chikoritas’ faces are designed more like kittens rather than their original look just adds the icing to the cake.

It’s basically an alien meeting an alien.

Well, more of an alien meeting a different sort of creature, but you get the picture. Clearly, the trio of leaf Pokémon has claimed the green gem as their own. Anyone think that the Chikoritas think that Peridot is basically one of them? It’s plausible.

10 Small And Precious

via: pinterest.com

Art pieces like these are the types that can’t help but make you smile with how precious it is. The fact that the inkling made a little jar aquarium for the Luvdisk to swim around in shows prime caring. And seeing as there are two of them in the jar, you can already see them doing their little butterfly formation to entertain their trainer here. Honestly, Luvdiscs are one of the more unexpected Pokémon to be dished out by the franchise. Paired with the Inkling here, though, they work.

9 A Cute Animal Friend

via: pinterest.com

It’s epicness at the front, cuteness at the back, and it is perfect. Rowlett looks like such a happy camper in their little nook. You would expect for Link to have an evolved Pokémon, but this works well.

Every hero needs a good animal companion, after all.

What's more, the little grass type Pokémon would make for a solid guard bird. It’s always the cutest of Pokémon that give the most surprising hits. What’s more, can you just imagine people’s reaction to the great hero having such a cute companion? Solid fun.

8 An Unwanted Cloak Switch

via: twitter.com

Out of all of his renditions, Link in Breath of the Wild is pretty much the most stylish of the lot. If you may recall, Link has a short but fitting cloak in the game. Now, what Pokémon do we all know has a cloak and pretty much flaunts it? Okay, really, mmimmzel created a hilarious and adorable piece here. Decidueye is sporting the perfect deadpan look. Meanwhile, Link is looking like a little wood elf, with the whole leafy thing, but it’s clear the whole cloak switch was not their idea. Kudos to you, mmimmzel.

7 It's A Shipception

via: narplebutts.tumblr.com

Ash and Misty are pretty much one of the first OTPs we fell in love with. They had a fun sort of dynamic to them that caught a lot of shippers’ eyes. Next to these two, the main characters from Cardcaptor Sakura are also a highly shipped couple from the classic cartoon/era. Seriously, back in the 90s to 2000s, just about everyone was shipping these two pairs. The artist basically went shipception here with Misty and Ash taking on the latter’s roles. Who knew that Ash would look good with a sword?

6 A New Friendship Of A Lifetime

via: tsaoshin.deviantart.com

These two are both amazing, so of course they would end up as friends somehow. The two of them cosplaying as the other is just the cherry on top. Seriously, the two have a whole in common, seeing as they can be both cute and dangerous.

They’re pretty much-kindred spirits, the two.

They both had a rough start with their human companion, they’re both highly loyal, and both their friends get in way too much trouble. TsaoShin’s photo here pretty much captures what kind of friends they’d be. Silly yet relatable, a new and true friendship.

5 Long Neck Buddies

via: tomycase.deviantart.com

What better way to make a new friend than to have something in common? Just look at those smiles; Tomycase did a great job in pairing these two. There’s no shortage of Undertale and Pokémon crossover photos featuring popular characters, but it’s always nice to see photos of side characters like Lesser Dog once in a while. Communication might be a challenge, but it’s easy to see the two become the best of friends. They’d relate on all kinds of things, and think about it: neck hug greetings. They’d make for one strangely cute pair.

4 Pretty Pink Sweetness

via: pinterest.com

Anyone else feel like they’re getting a cavity from all the sweetness going on here? On the other hand, this could also be something really unnerving given how Jigglypuff is pretty much becoming part of the dessert here. Yeah… let’s move away from the line of thought and focus on the cuteness, shall we?

They can be as silly as they are sweet, after all.

Maybe the two decided to be silly by fully enjoying the sweet treat by literally immersing themselves in it. That seems like something the two would exactly do. Just sweet pinkness all around.

3 A Fitting Match

via: oekaki-chan.tumblr.com

Lance is one of those characters that you can’t help liking after learning the depth of his character. Heck, the guy pretty much has his own squadron of fans who’ve adopted him in the fandom. If he were to ever get a Pokémon, of course it would be a Vaporeon. They’re pretty much water cats and would make for a great friend for this complex boy. However, there’s the chance that Clef chose Vaporeon for Lance just for aesthetics. Either way, it’s obvious here he’d make for one doting trainer.

2 True Innocence

via: pinterest.com

So pure it’s almost hard to look at. And they even have matching shades and flowers too. Of course Izuku would have Shaymin as a Pokémon. They’re just as unassuming as he is. Anyone who’s a fan of the green haired guy knows how much of a cinnamon roll with spice he is.

This is pureness personified right here.

The way that the sunlight is shining on them doesn’t help things. There’s just so much sunshine and happiness going on here that it’s hard to choose what to focus on. One thing’s for sure: this is a truly precious boy.

1 Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

via: pinterest.com

There’s only two words that would best describe this precious picture here: owl buddies. Just look at these feathered darlings; all that’s missing is either a big nest or a fluffy blanket to swaddle the two. If anyone is wondering who exactly the tiny owl with the rainbow orb is, that’s Feh from the Fire Emblem games. He’s basically the mascot of the game. Here though, the little fella looks like they’ve become best friends with Rowlet. Just imagine the two of them having a conversation; the artist is a genius for pairing these two together.

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