25 Pokémon Crossover Pictures Every Pokémon Master Will Love

This list shows that Pokémon can crossover with anything. Inside everyone, there can be a Pokémon Master. Artists bring that to life with this amazing crossover fan art.

Don’t pretend you’ve never thought of what kind of Pokémon master yourself or others could be if Pokémon was real. There are tons of quizzes online about what type of Pokémon your team would be and so on. People’s personalities can combine with Pokémon types too, for example, a down-to-earth person could have a Ground Type team. Or if you like horror movies, you would have a Ghost Pokémon on your team. In other words, every Pokémon can say a lot about you.

But what about taking the Pokémon world to other fiction? What kind of Pokémon would certain Disney princesses have? Or what would certain video games look like if they integrated Pokémon? Everything is better with Pokémon and with a little imagination, it can crossover with anything.

There are so many more Pokémon now than there were ten or fifteen years ago. As the diversity of these magical creatures grow, so does the love and fan art. Pokémon have aspects that can reveal stories, personalities, and different traits of a person before even getting to know them. That’s proven in this list, where a lot of these pairings just make sense if you know the characters and the Pokémon.

Below you will find crossovers with video games, comic books, movies, and television series. Enjoy!

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25 Danse’s Pokémon Team

via: deviantart.com

The artist for this piece did an entire series of Fallout 4 companions and what their Pokémon teams would be.

“I put a lot of careful thought into every choice,” wrote the artist. “Clichés were kept to a minimum.”

His Pokémon show that he’s a soldier, he’s prepared for combat, but he also has a soft side. Overall, the team is diverse in types. Maybe a Golurk would also work in his team, but maybe not since Danse does not like robots.

Art was made by momo-deary.

24 Robin’s Bird Team

via: tumblr.com

The artist decided to take Robin literally and give him an all-bird team. The personality is still there though, as a lot of the angrier looking birds are in the team. Ho-Oh is a bit of an oddity here, since it’s a legendary Pokémon.

In the games, Ho-Oh is portrayed as a mysterious force of justice. That fits with Robin’s aesthetic, being a superhero and all.

There are many versions of Robin out there, but this one looked like Robin from Teen Titans. That version rarely smiles, so this picture is extra sweet.

Art was made by dar-draws.

23 Captain America’s Team

via: deviantart.com

“Steve's team! I was thinking up some possible back stories as to how he got his Pokémon, so for Arcanine (and this is headcanon that it's as long-living as Ninetales), it's his old Growlithe from his WW2 days,” wrote the artist.

The artist had an explanation for each of Captain America’s Pokémon.

Besides Arcanine, his Braviary is a descendant of his old one from WWII. Steve’s Shieldon was like him, and was found by the same excavation team that discovered him in the ice.

Art was made by feriowind.

22 Legend Of Zelda Starters

via: topsimages.com

Each element represented of these Pokémon is also represented in the three goddesses in The Legend of Zelda series. Farore is associated with plants, green, and forest. She populated the world with life. Din, goddess of power, created land and is associated with red and fire. Nayru is the goddess of wisdom who created bodies of water and is obviously associated with blues.

The three starters also seem to symbolize the sword, shield, and magic. Was all that done on purpose or by chance?

Artist is unknown.

21 Steven Universe With Pokémon

via: pinterest.com

Here we have the main characters of Steven Universe paired with single Pokémon to match their look and personalities. They are even well color-coordinated! Mega Scizor is an amazing choice for Garnet because its combat focus is also in the hands.

Its mega evolution is also the closest thing to gem’s fusing.

Also, it appears that Steven’s Slurpuff is shiny. A big plot point in the show is that Steven is a unique entity. He’s part gem and part human. He’s a rare outcome, just like a shiny Pokémon.

Artist is unknown.

20 Pokémon Master To Keyblade Master

via: pinterest.com

It’s just a guess, but the artist probably took one look at Spark’s spikey hair and saw a Square Enix character. Spark is not from the main Pokémon games, but from the Pokémon Go app. He is the leader of Team Instinct. Team Instinct is sort of seen as the Hufflepuffs of the Pokémon world next to the more competitive natures of Team Mystic and Valor.

Little is known about Spark’s personality, but fans seem to have agreed upon him having a happy-go-lucky personality.

Artist is unknown

19 Boruto, Sarada, And Mitsuki’s Pokémon

via: pinterest.com

Like his father, Boruto has a high-spirited, stubborn, and loud personality. A lot of Pokémon can fit that description but it seems that cuteness and color coordination was more of a factor for this fan art.

And, big surprise, Sarada is also like her father in the way that she’s a very serious person. Mitsuki is a synthetic clone of Orochimaru.

So yes, these Pokémon do not quite match up in terms of personality and backgrounds but they are just so cute.

Art was made by nipye.

18 Dragon Ball Z Pokémon

via: youtube.com

Piccolo as a flying Metapod in the background is hilarious. It’s a dig at an aspect of Piccolo which a lot of fans find funny. He’s an interesting character, as the son of an ancient evil who turns out to be a good anti-hero. He is a cool view to another species and has a redemption arc. He is even more like a father to Gohan than Goku is. However everyone ignores all of that and just focuses in on the fact that he’s green, so he has to be a Metapod.

Artist is unknown.

17 Final Fantasy 10 And Pokémon

via: deviantart.com

Not only do these characters have Pokémon partners, but they are all dressed like trainers.

The artist wrote what their thought process was for picking the Pokémon out.

“Kimahri- he was a tough one to pair but given the Ronso's affinity for horns I figured Rhyhorn would do."

They gave Wakka a Staryu because the design reminded them of a Frisbee version of blitzball. Apparently, the artist also found Tidus to be an annoying character, so they gave him an annoying Pokémon, Psyduck.

Art was made by andrewryanart.

16 Splatoon Trainers

via: twitter.com

What if there was a Pokémon-themed Splatfest? Like maybe Eevee versus Pikachu since Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu already pitted the two cute icons against each other. There are other possibilities, like Splatoon releasing Pokémon trainer clothes through certain amiibos.

These characters are easily recognizable, despite becoming inklings. From left to write are the female protagonists of Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon: Black and White, and Pokémon: Sun and Moon. The artist made them recognizable through their hair and clothes.

Art was made by sen_squid.

15 Once Upon A Sylveon

via: deviantart.com

The artists for this picture did an amazing series featuring both Disney princesses and Eevee evolutions. What’s cute about Princess Aurora having a Sylveon is that it’s fairy-type and a dragon plays a large role in her fairytale.

Dragons are weak to fairy-type Pokémon.

Snubull, who is also in this picture, also is fairy-type! These are definitely the go-to princess Pokémon since fairy-types are often more girlie and pack a punch while also being adorable. What kind of Pokémon would Maleficent or the prince have?

Art was made by tsaoshin and Flying-fox.

14 Black Panther Meowth

via: newgrounds.com

There are a wide variety of cat Pokémon, but Meowth is definitely the most recognized since it’s from the first generation and plays a big part in the TV show. So it’s understandable to use Meowth, but wouldn’t Persian be a much cooler Pokémon to dress up as Black Panther?

Meowth do symbolize wealth, and Wakanda is a wealthy and well-to-do place. So many Meowth would be a popular Pokémon among Wakandians. To make matters more awesome, they would also have battle Rhyhorns!

Art was made by geogantart.

13 Trainer Jack Frost

via: pinterest.com

Of course, Jack Frost would have a team of ice-type Pokémon. He needs three more to make a full team though. What would those be? Maybe a Glaceon, Alolan Ninetailes, and Abomasnow?

This brings to question what Pokémon the other guardians would have on hand.

Santa would obviously have a Delibird and many winter Sawsbucks. The Easter Bunny would have Chansey and Lopbunny . The Sandman would have Sandslash and Munna. The Tooth Fairy would maybe have Floette and Audino?

Art was made by Isaiah Stephens.

12 Snow White And The Seven Pikachus

via: pinterest.com

Now, this is a cute crossover. This is a Pokémon movie we need more than the live-action one. Finding Pikachus and helping them around the house and crashing there is also far less unsettling than doing that with people.

It could be a sweet story of a girl who does not seek to be a Pokémon trainer, but has a deep connection to Pokémon anyway. Also imagine a Pikachu with glasses named Doc along with a Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, and Sneezy Pikachu.

Artist is unknown.

11 The Little Primarina

via: pinterest.com

A lot of fans were concerned when they saw Popplio for the first time that its final evolution would be more clownish. So many people were happy with Primarina’s mermaid-inspired design.

So of course if any Pokémon were to make friends with a mermaid, it would be Primarina.

Like Ariel, Primarina is a singing Pokémon. Some of its attacks are song-based. According to its Pokédex entries, its voice is its main weapon. It also loves to dance. What better partner would there be for Ariel?

Art was made by Flying Maki Bunny.

10 TrainerTale

via: deviantart.com

This gorgeous piece is for the cover of an Undertale and Pokémon illustration book. While it’s beautiful, it is a little known as to what’s going on. Is Ralts Asriel and the Gardevoir supposed to be Toriel? It seems more like they are Pokémon that belong to Frisk, judging from the other pieces the artist has made.

The artist shared other pieces from their art-book such as Papyrus having an Alolan Marowak, Chara having a Mega Gengar, and Asgore with a Nidoking.

Art was made by sa-dui.

9 Batman And Umbreon

via: pinterest.com

There is no better Pokémon for the Dark Knight of Gotham. Batman is all about darkness and the edgy aesthetic. Umbreon is a dark-type Pokémon that an Eevee evolves into through friendship at nighttime.

Also just look at them together, it’s like they were made for each other.

In one of the Pokédex entries, it even says Umbreon likes to jump out and scare people. Okay, maybe “like” is a strong word for Batman but he definitely scares people a lot.

Art was made by Wizyakuza.

8 Absol And Sherlock

via: deviantart.com

Absol is a perfect partner for Sherlock because it’s a Pokémon that is known to be attracted to disasters. Due to that, Absol would certainly help Sherlock never be bored as he so easily can get. In another sense, the Absol is a symbol of how the police see Sherlock (at least in the first season).

If you love this, then check out what else the artist has done. They have done pieces for Watson as well where his partners are a Cubone and Growlithe.

Art was made by aiwa-sensei.

7 Ice Team Kristoff

via: deviantart.com

“This was a commission I got recently of Kristoff from Frozen and his Pokémon team flying into mountains to gather ice,” wrote the artist. “Lost a lot of blue ink on this one. Their sacrifice will be remembered.”

The commissioner missed a chance to turn Sven into a deer Pokémon.

That would not do the ice team justice though. Kristoff would have a special relationship with Pokémon since he grew up in the snowy mountains. If he treats his team like how he treats Sven in the movie, they all probably get along great.

Art was made by pixelated-takkun.

6 Yusei Fudo And Pokémon

via: pinterest.com

This is a Yu-Gi-Oh character, specifically, he is the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, which has come as the successor of Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

From appearance alone, this looks like it could be a crossover where Pokémon have replaced the cards. Yusei’s Pokemon match his personality in the way that he’s serious, dependable, and protective. Latios is the more serious between itself and Latias and (spoilers) it sacrifices itself to protect Latias in the movie. Also that Pikachu looks way more severe than Ash’s.

Artist is unknown.

5 The Circle Of Pokémon Life

via: deviantart.com

Yes, there are probably enough kinds of Pokémon to fulfill any role in a movie of all animal characters. Here we have a Pyroar family for Simba and his parents. Scar is a Luxray. We’ve got Girafarigs to replace giraffes, Zebstrikas for zebras, and Donphans for elephants.

Last but not least, Rafiki is an Infernape,

Looking ahead in the movie, what would the hyenas be? Probably Mightyenas. Then Zazu would likely be a Chatot. See? Every animal role can be fulfilled easily.

Art was made by lisosa.

4 Pokémon Bare Bears

via: pinterest.com

This is a popular crossover. There is more than this fan art out there of the bears of We Bare Bears as the bear Pokémon. It’s an overall consensus that Grizzly is an Usaring, Panda is a Pangoro, and Ice Bear is a Beartic.

The final evolution of the three bear Pokémon are built to be scarier than cute, to the art did a good job of keeping with the cute style of We Bare Bears while also making the Pokémon recognizable.

Artist is unknown.

3 Trainers Of Gravity Falls

via: pinterest.com

Waddles as an Emboar is a massive change from a small pink creature to an enormous fire boar. Knowing Mabel though, she would love Waddles no matter its evolution. Maybe in this version of Gravity Falls, she won it as a Tepig and raised it to an Emboar?

The touch of having a Jiggilypuff sweater on Mabel is great.

Togetic for Dipper is a less obvious choice. Its Pokédex entry shows that it’s enticed to good-hearted people. It also knows metronome which is a mysterious and random move, which Dipper would be attracted to.

Artist is unknown.

2 Esmeralda’s Pokémon

via: deviantart.com

Made by the same artist who did Aurora and Sylveon, this art shows the similar style of bright colors and features another Eevee evolution. The Skiddo is an important addition since it’s canon that Esmeralda has a pet goat, Djali. All the Skiddo is missing is a gold ear piecing to match Djali.

The Espeon is the adorable center of this dance though. The artist gave it a little bandana to show some personality. Watching these three characters dance together would be adorable.

Art was made by tsaoshin.

1 Jurassic Pokémon

via: pinterest.com

This particular scene of Chris Pratt holding off three velociraptors from Jurassic World inspired many memes. It was an iconic scene used in a lot of the films promotion, so it’s widely recognized. It’s a scene that communicates a lot without words.

It’s an individual in obvious danger attempting to keep the danger at bay.

These cute baby dinosaur Pokémon probably can pack a punch despite their adorableness. Unlike velociraptors though, they can breathe ice and throw boulders.

Artist is unknown.

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