The 10 Best Dark Type Pokemon

The Dark Type of Pokemon is only one of eighteen types, and these ten Pokemon best exemplify the Dark Type's greatest qualities.

Ah, the dark type. The edgiest type of Pokémon. It’s not really an element like fire or water, it’s just straight up dark energy. In fact, in Japan, the dark type’s literal translation would be ‘evil’. But, we love and support our dark Pokémon in this house, and while they have enough edginess to rival Shadow the Hedgehog, there’s so much more to them than that. They’re powerful fighters with awesome attack moves to take on any battle. And who doesn’t enjoy that deliciously villainous vibe? Here are the best of the best of the dark type Pokémon.

10 Incineroar

Who would have thought we’d see Incineroar in Smash? But it’s happened, and while this final evolution of Litten is known for its fiery nature, it’s a dark type as well. Incineroar has good, well-rounded stats, making it a good fighter to keep in the team. As an evolution of a starter Pokémon, owners of Pokémon Sun or Moon have easy access to this one.

Descriptions of Incineroar say that it’s been known to sometimes attack opposing trainers. Yikes. It’s very aggressive and hard to control, but who wouldn’t want a beefed up, uncomfortably humanoid cat on their team?

9 Weavile

Weavile is an interesting mix of ice and dark type, two of the smallest types in the series. They’re both pretty underrated, too. According to the Pokédex, Weaviles hunt in groups like funky two-legged wolves, and they leave scratch marks in trees and boulders to communicate with each other.

Weavile’s best stat is its speed, so it can almost always get in the first hit, giving you the advantage. It also has strong attack, so combined with its speed it’s a swift and powerful fighter.

8 Greninja

The final evolution of the starter Froakie, Greninja is a combination of dark and water type. Its hidden ability, Protean, allows it to change to the type of the move it is currently using. So if you use a ghost-type move like Lick, Greninja will become a ghost-type pokémon until its next move of a different type.

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This allows for some real tactical moves, considering which types will make you vulnerable to different attacks. It also allows the same-type bonus when you use that move to attack. Besides its abilities, Greninja is… well, a frog ninja. What’s not to love?

7 Zoroark

For starters, a werewolf-looking creature with a red punk ponytail looks pretty cool. Zoroark is the ‘illusion fox’ Pokémon, reminiscent of the Kitsune in Japanese folklore. It’s got great speed, attack, and special attack, so it’s a good fighter right off the bat.

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A purely dark Pokémon, Zoroark has a load of dark moves that it can learn as well, such as Feint Attack and Foul Play. It can use illusions to its advantage by tricking opponents, and makes a really good addition to your dark team.

6 Houndoom

From a dark fox, to a dark dog. Again, Houndoom has good speed and attack stats, and its dual typing means diversity in its moveset. Fans love the design of Houndoom, since it’s essentially a really big dog, but the most metal looking dog you’ve ever seen. Who knows what it would do to the mailman?

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Being a partial fire type, it’s got some awesome attacks. Oh, and if you’re burned by its flames, the pain will last forever. Wow. That certainly is… dark.

5 Hydreigon

You can’t deny, an edgy dragon is a pretty cool idea, and Hydreigon doesn’t disappoint. All its stats are in the green, especially special attack. It’s known as the ‘brutal Pokémon’. Save for a few weaknesses, the combination of dark and dragon type means that a lot of opposing attacks will be ‘not very effective’ on Hydreigon. That will make defense easier in most matches.

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Hydreigon can be taught Draco Meter, a devastating fan-favorite move that lowers special attack while dealing serious damage. It also learns a lot of normal moves to avoid that pesky ‘not very effective’ message on the enemy.

4 Darkrai

It seems our favorite dark types have some pretty nasty powers; Darkrai can cause those around it to have deep, terrible nightmares. A true dark Pokémon, it’s known in the Pokédex as the ‘Pitch-Black Pokémon’. You can’t get much darker than that!Being a legendary boosts Darkrai up the ranks, making it a much sought-after Pokémon.It’s also the only Pokémon that can use Dark Void, a move which puts opponents to sleep, and can affect multiple in the case of double battles.

3 Tyranitar

Tyranitar has decent stats in all areas, with only its speed being slightly lower. It can learn a decent mix of moves with several types, particularly dark, rock, ground and normal. It’s very strong, and has hefty defense as an ‘armor Pokémon’.

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According to some Pokédex entries, it will even bring down a mountain just to make a nest. It sounds like a mountain-destroying beast would make a good teammate. Many fans also appreciate its slightly brighter color scheme, as a fresh break from the moody kind of colors we’re used to seeing in dark type Pokémon.

2 Absol

Absol is a big fan favorite, despite its name as a ‘disaster Pokémon’. It’s pretty special, able to sense oncoming natural disasters and warn people with its horn. However some Pokédex entries describe it a little more negatively, saying ‘it brought disaster’, and people began to associate it as such. Maybe that’s the reason it rarely even leaves the mountains. Apparently, the elderly actually ‘detest it’. Despite all that, Absol does have high attack, and can really pack a punch in a fight.

1 Umbreon

Umbreon is not only a popular dark type, but one of the most popular Pokémon in general. The kinds of places that sell awesome Pokémon merch will often have Umbreon plushies and onesies up there with the greats like Eevee and Pikachu.

This eeveelution has great HP, defense and special defense, and can learn a variety of different moves. It learns Sand Attack at level 5, which is great for reducing accuracy of enemy attacks. It’s got a cool vibe, great attacks and stats, and deserves the spot at number one.

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