10 Pokémon With The Darkest Origin Stories

Though the Pokémon world was created with a younger audience in mind and as the key demographic, it is important to note that there are several elements of the series that seem as though they were intended for more mature fans.

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The Pokémon universe does not believe in coddling children. Ten-year-olds are sent to fend for themselves while training their creatures, after all! In the spirit of exploring the darker themes that permeate the Pokémon world, here are ten Pokémon backstories that are much darker than we expected them to be.

10 Cubone

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We'll start with the best-known dark origin story in the series. There is no way to phrase this gently, so it is probably best to just come out and say it: the majority of Pokédex entries (and fans of the Pokémon series) state that the skull that little Cubone wears as a creative and slightly morbid hat is a real skull that once belonged to another creature. Cubone's own mother, to be exact.

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Many even go further with this questionable backstory and explain that Cubone wears the skull because it's lonely and misses the mother that it once belonged to. Just to make everything even sadder, here's some fantastic fan-art from Ninjendo to really hammer that concept home.

9 Absol

In a less macabre twist, we have Absol. A sweet little creature who has never wanted anything more than to help those around them, even if the favour was not returned. Absol is a Pokémon who has the uncanny ability to predict/sense disasters before they occur. The type of disasters it can predict are things like forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the like.

When it sensed that the danger was coming, little Absol would run to the nearest humans and warn them so that they would have plenty of time to get out of the way. However, some people began to associate its appearance with the disasters and they believed that the Pokémon caused them. After this belief became the norm, its appearances were no longer welcomed.

8 Gengar

Though the exact manner of Gengar's creation remains a mystery, that is just part of its sinister charm. Gengar exists in the Pokémon world as a shadow demon of sorts. Its sole purpose (or soul purpose) is to rob humans of their essence. It was once human itself, the Pokédex states, and now seeks to take the lives of other humans to create a companion for itself.

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It is best to do everything you can to avoid a Gengar when in the Pokémon world, as victims rarely get a chance to walk away from an encounter with the creature.

7 Misdreavus

The above creature is another on the long list of nightmare fuel contained within the Pokédex. Misdreavus is, essentially a banshee, who likes to spend its days playing tricks on the humans of the Pokémon world.

These tricks are not the typical April Fool's Day prank that one might pull on a younger sibling or a parent. No, these tricks are rather unfriendly in nature and can result in some unwanted consequences for those who are targeted by this malevolent creature.

6 Mewtwo

One thing that Hollywood has taught us (and will continue to teach us so long as we retain an interest in the science fiction and Horror genres) is the fact that splicing genes (or doing any scientific experiments that involve directly interfering with a creature's genetic makeup) is always a bad idea.

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Mewtwo is evidence of this fact. This formidable being is the result of awful gene-splicing experiments performed on Mew. Mewtwo was not a fan of its own creation and destroyed the lab in which it was created.

5 Mimikyu

This backstory may be the saddest one on the list. Even sadder than the Cubone story, and that is saying something. Unfortunately, Mimikyu believes that its true appearance is so unsightly and frightening that it ends up driving away all living things that it comes across. So, it decided to create a little mask for itself to cure its loneliness.

A researcher once caught a glimpse of its true face and did not live to tell the tale. Mimikyu chose to model its mask after Pikachu, because Pikachu is the most universally loved Pokémon. Mimikyu just wants to be accepted.

4 Yamask

That egg-shaped mask that the Yamask carries around is not simply decorative. It turns out that that mask is actually the face of the human that it once was. That bears repeating: The egg-like mask is literally a human face that has been removed from its body.

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If one were so bold as to wear the mask, Yamask would be able to possess you so long as you keep the mask on. Yamask also retains memories from its human life and can often be found near the ruins of ancient civilizations.

3 Cacturne

Cacturne is one of the most fearsome Pokémon in existence based solely upon its appearance alone. When you throw its backstory into the mix, things only get less pleasant for all involved.

Cacturne spend their days lurking and skulking through the desert, searching for lonely travelers who have succumbed to the elements. Once they discover their target, Cacturne pounce on them in a group. What happens next is unknown, but frankly, we don't want to find out.

2 Froslass

Sometimes ghosts exist to help lost people find their way. And sometimes the ghosts sole purpose is to make more ghosts. Froslass is essentially the spirit of a woman who lost her life on a mountain and spends the rest of her existence luring other people to the same fate. This Pokémon seems to be inspired by the Yuki-onna, a Japanese ice spirit.

It is important to note that she prefers ending the lives of men, as most lonely female spirits do. She can also wander through civilian towns during snowy weather and will even be so bold as to show up on peoples' doorsteps at times.

1 Gorebyss

Though its pink color and feminine eyelashes invoke a playful and delicate vibe, do not be fooled by Gorebyss' appearance. It's an unfriendly creature that is, essentially, a giant sea mosquito.

What does this mean? It means that it uses its long, pointed snout to drain its victims of all bodily fluids. Like a fun straw. "The leftover meat sinks to the seafloor, where it becomes food for other Pokémon," the Pokédex reports.

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