Pokémon: 10 Fixes We Want To See In Gen 4 Remakes

Remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will eventually be in our hands... emphasis on the eventually. While we all continue to wait oh so patiently and not complain about any upcoming Pokémon games at all in the meantime... let's talk about these supposed remakes. While Generation Four is one of the most well-regarded Generations of all time, the two games that introduced the generation are not without their fair share of issues. While Platinum came around and fixed many issues found in the pair, with the remakes likely to be based on Diamond and Pearl, not their upgraded version, today we'll be going over ten things that need to be fixed with the release of the eventual titles. Let's jump into it.

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10 Story Pacing

While Diamond and Pearl have a good story, there are major pacing issues between different beats, such as gyms and Team Galactic content. There is some strong stuff to work with, so the remakes just need to focus on that and not let any of the content get bogged down. While you're at it, don't be afraid to add more story elements to the titles. You literally set yourself up for content to work with, Game Freak. You designed a balloon that steals children, let's bounce some ideas around in that area.

9 HM Usage

Bibarel will be (gladly) forgotten if this does happen, but HMs need to be toned down in Diamond and Pearl remakes. Let's be real, they aren't necessary. Sun and Moon didn't even try with their roadblocking. They literally just had someone tell you, "lol no" if you tried to go somewhere out of sequence, so the bare minimum will clearly do the trick here. HMs are a thing of the past, so let's hope that the remakes follow suit with the Generation 7 titles.

8 Keep The Difficulty

This is less of a fix from the original Diamond and Pearl games, and more of a fix for current Pokémon titles. Difficulty level is a bit of a mixed bag as of late with the franchise. X&Y and Let's Go! were trash in this area, and Ultra Sun and Moon provided quite a challenge for players.

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Diamond and Pearl are tough games. Cynthia is terrifying. Keep that energy. Don't follow the Masuda method of "children like smartphones" with this one, please. Maybe give us a difficulty option?

7 Game Slowness

Diamond and Pearl are slow games. With the jump to the DS, Pokémon titles got a bit more intricate. As such, slowdown was prominent in just about every area of the titles. Everything from battling to route traversing was slow. We need N level text speed here. The whole "quality animations" thing is a non-issue with these remakes. We need fast ones. Just pick up the pace a bit for the remakes.

6 Weather Slowdown

While software slowdown is one thing,  developers making intentionally slow routes is another. Foggy areas and snowy areas are stupidly slow to traverse in Diamond and Pearl. It's one thing to make a tricky to navigate and thematically interesting route. Those are great. It is when the developers slow you down purposefully to achieve... something that it becomes a problem. If you want to bring Machoke back to carry us through these segments we won't say no. Love that man.

5 Include The Arceus Event

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Including all of the events that were found in Generation 4 would be absolutely fantastic to see in the remakes. You could also include the Arceus event that was never released because children can't figure out what a flute is apparently. The original titles contained an event to meet the mythical Arceus that was scrapped due to supposedly being "too difficult" to grasp. We're adults now Game Freak. We only use 50 revives when battling Cynthia now. Let us play that flute to summon that big legendary boi.

4 Fire-Types

Game developing 101: when you only have only two fire-type Pokémon lines available in your games, don't make a fire-type elite 4 member. Giving a frighteningly anthropomorphic bunny a fire-move doesn't make it a fire-type. While Platinum remedied this issue greatly, Diamond and Pearl had almost no fire Pokémon whatsoever for the player to use, making picking Chimchar as a starter almost a necessity. When the remakes come around, give us some more fire-types to choose from.

3 General Pokédex Improvements

Scrap that, give us a wider selection as a whole. All in all, the Pokédex for Diamond and Pearl was just a weird one.

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There were all sorts of under and overrepresented types in the region. This is a very easy fix for the developers to make. Just make a wider selection available in the Sinnoh Dex. Give us a nice variety of old and new Pokémon to choose from and we will be happy. Actually, scratch that. Sword and Shield did that and exactly no one was happy. Alright... include 1000 of them and you will just maybe satiate us.

2 Character Importance

Generation Four has perhaps one of the most unbalanced casts out there. Cynthia is without a doubt the best champion there is, Barry is very okay, Lucas/Dawn is fine, the gym leaders play pretty much no role in the story, it's an odd mix. There are a lot of characters in Diamond and Pearl, so giving them all an important role in the story can certainly be a bit of a challenge. However, working with more resources and powerful hardware this time around could give us a chance for a bigger story with more character moments.

1 Team Galactic

Team Galactic is weird. Cyrus is terrifying, that much is obvious, but what are the motivations for this team? Cyrus is big angwy and wants to just kind of destroy everything? There isn't much reason presented in the main story for this. There also is no reasoning for why all of his grunts follow him so willingly. There's a great evil team somewhere in there that hasn't quite been tapped. Expanding the Team Galactic side of the narrative in Diamond and Pearl remakes will give this evil team a chance at redemption.

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