Latest Pokémon Direct Seems To Confirm An Old Leak, So We Might Know The Starter Evolutions

Pokemon Starters

Did the most recent Pokémon Direct confirm an old leak? And if so, does that mean we might now know what the starter Pokémon will evolve into?

A couple of weeks ago, a leak popped up on 4chan and the Fireboards that revealed a bunch of info on the upcoming release of Pokémon Sword & Shield. Much of what was said sounded a little outlandish, not the least of which being something called “Dynamaxing” that turns your Pokémon into giants.

Then the Pokémon Direct confirmed that yes, Dynamaxing is indeed a thing and yes it will turn your Pokémon into an enormous beast. It will also give it powerful “Max” versions of the moves it knows to combat at full strength in Galar’s gyms.

Besides Dynamaxing, the leak also confirmed raid battles, the name of your rival (Hop), the name of the current Pokémon League Champion (Leon), as well as Milo as the Grass-type gym leader.

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One thing that wasn’t confirmed on the Pokémon Direct were the evolutions of the starter Pokémon, Grookie, Sobble, and Scorbunny. There has been a lot of speculation on what these starters will evolve into, with the leak stating that Scorbunny will turn into a Fire/Fighting-type, Sobble will become a chameleon named Sizzile and then Intelleon, and Grookie will become a giant gorilla that beats a wooden drum.

We took a stab at our expectations for the starter’s evolutions, and besides Scorbunny becoming yet another Fire/Fighting-type, we were way off. We thought that Sobble would turn into a Water/Ghost-type, but from the leak, it’s more sounding like it’ll become an interesting new Water/Fire-type.

For Grookie, we thought it would become a Grass/Fairy, but it seems now it will either remain a pure Grass or possibly gain a Grass/Normal typing. It doesn’t seem like this grass gorilla will be violent enough to warrant a Fighting-type, but you never know. Maybe Sword & Shield becomes the first Pokémon game to make every starter a fighter.

Pokémon Sword & Shield comes out November 15th.

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