You Can Now Make a Dress Shirt Of Your Favorite Original Pokémon, Yes Even Grimer

There are many Pokémon fans who consider the original 151 creatures from Pokémon Red & Blue to be the definitive monsters in the series. The Pokémon ranging from Bulbasaur to Mew are the classic crew to some people who have a hard time accepting anything that wasn’t in the Pokérap as legitimate.

Pokémon fans out there who wish to rep the Kanto Pokédex can now do so in style, as Original Stich is selling a line of shirts that can be customized using the original 150 Pokémon.

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The range of Original Stich Pokémon shirts is meant to be customizable. There are casual, dress, and Hawaiian shirts on offer for both men and women, which can have every aspect of their size chosen when planning an order.


Once the style of shirt has been decided, the customer can pick a fabric with a design based on one of the original 150 Pokémon. The designs aren’t just pictures of the Pokémon that have been taken from a Google Image Search, as they are all original creations based on each Pokémon, with the likes of Ditto imitating other Pokémon on his design or Primeape’s shirt using a pop art style.

The only major oversight of the collection is that it doesn’t feature Mew, which was also in Pokémon Red & Blue. It’s possible that the designer of the collection just didn’t look hard enough when they checked under the van by the S.S. Anne.

The success of Pokémon Go has created a nostalgia boom for the original Pokémon games and anime, to the point where a remake of Pokémon Yellow that combined elements of the smartphone game was released on the Nintendo Switch. The kids who grew up with Pokémon Red & Blue are now adults, some of whom have kids of their own, but they haven’t lost their love for the series.

It’s hard to imagine a formal function where wearing a Magikarp dress shirt would be considered appropriate attire, outside of a Pokémon-themed wedding, but it’s possible that we just don’t get invited to the parties where all of the cool kids show up in clothes that let the whole world know which Pokémon they used to defeat rivals with when they first played Pokémon Red & Blue.

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