10 Confirmed Pokémon That Eat Other Pokémon

Fans have long speculated about whether Pokémon eat each other, and Pokémon Sword and Shield's Pokédex finally answered that question.

Most Pokémon are based off of animals and it is a well known fact that animals eat other animals. For a while, Pokémon fans speculated what the food chain really is in the games and anime. With the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield, we got some answers.

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From reading the updated Pokédex, we have found that indeed there are Pokémon that eat other Pokémon. There are way more than ten actually, but we picked out ten samples for you to learn about.

10 Corviknight

One of the new and popular additions to Pokémon, Corviknight's  Pokédex entry is not actually the entry that revealed it to be a predator. Instead, it was the dex entry for others like Bunnelby and Steenee. According to their entries, they have evolved to avoid being hunted by Corviknights.

As Corviknight is based off ravens, it should not be that surprising that they eat smaller Pokémon. Ravens will eat a wide range of foods, including mice and bugs.

9 Galvantula

Evolving from the cute little tick Pokémon, Joltick, this spider-like electric Pokémon has a pretty frightening new dex entry. In Pokémon Shield, its entry reads "It lays traps of electrified threads near the nests of bird Pokémon, aiming to snare chicks that are not yet good at flying."

So yeah, this Pokémon eats bird babies. Yikes. Despite the entry though, we have a feeling that this will not ever be touched upon more in either the anime or games.

8 Bewear

This Pokémon was already well-known to be dangerous. In fact, it is known to be one of the most dangerous of all in the Alolan region. As for its diet, the dex is not so descriptive. However, it does mention "prey" in the Shield version of its entry.

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It says "The moves it uses to take down its prey would make a martial artist jealous. It tucks subdued prey under its arms to carry them to its nest."  According to other entries, its arms are strong enough to crush bones to the point where even getting hugged by these guys is dangerous.

7 Duskull

Ghost-Type Pokémon are already scary, but now we have learned that some of them actually eat. Well, that may not be so surprising when you see them eat curry next to you in the games. Still, its dex entry in Shield mentions "prey" and how it hunts. It states "Making itself invisible, it silently sneaks up to prey. It has the ability to slip through thick walls." It is also said that Duskull spirit away bad children, so one could theorize that it doesn't eat people, but just spirit them away. Or maybe both?

6 Sizzlipede

Despite being so small, this a predator Pokémon. If you know a lot about animals, you would not be surprised that certain centipede can really pack a punch in the hunting world. Its a good thing it does not hunt humans, because its dex entry is pretty horrifying. It says, "It wraps prey up with its heated body, cooking them in its coils. Once they’re well-done, it will voraciously nibble them down to the last morsel."

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On the bright side, if you have one of these guys on your team . . . maybe it can cook for you?

5 Woobat

Obviously based on bats, what this Pokémon eats is not that surprising. Its not fruit, but Bug-Type Pokémon! It's entry in Pokémon Shield reads "It emits ultrasonic waves as it flutters about, searching for its prey—bug Pokémon."

So while it may look cute with its little heart-shaped nose, maybe it is best to keep it away from your Bug-Types while camping. It may eat the curry, but its instincts may want it to have something a little more crunchy and alive.

4 Sneasel

Sneasel is pretty interesting as it does not exactly eat Pokémon themselves, but it steals and eats their eggs. This actually was not new information from the Sword and Shield games. It has been part of the dex's information since Pokémon Silver.

This was likely inspired by real weasel behavior. While they will eat bugs, they love to eat the eggs of birds and other smaller animals. Like the weasel, Sneasel waits until the eggs are not being watched and quickly steals them away to eat. Maybe not the best Pokémon to put in a Nursery.

3 Cramorant

Unlike most of those written about on this list, Cramorant is loud and proud about eating its fellow Pokémon. We see it actually eat Pokémon as a part of its battle strategy. It looks absolutely silly, and that is probably why Game Freak decided to make it visible to all. It does not even chew, it swallows the fish whole.

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It also is not that intelligent, as it sometimes swallows other Pokémon accidentally that are not its preferred prey. Its preferred prey are Arrokuda.

2 Heatmor

Based off of the real anteater, Heatmor's prey of choice should come as no surprise. It eats the ant Pokémon, Durant. Durant also do not really stand a chance against Heatmor either. Heatmor is Fire-Type and Durant is Steel-Type which is weak against Fire-Type. According to various entries, Heatmor melts through Durant's hard shell and devours their insides. Sounds nightmarish, but nature is like that sometimes.

1 Vibrava

This Ground and Dragon-Type Pokémon is in the middle between the evolution line of Trapinch and Flygon. Its first entry that mentions "prey" was actually in the FireRed and LeafGreen games. After it makes prey faint, it melts them down with acid. Yikes.

In the most recent entry in Pokémon  Shield, it reads "To help make its wings grow, it dissolves quantities of prey in its digestive juices and guzzles them down every day." Well, those gorgeous wings that Flygon has really has a price to pay!

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