Pokémon: Every City In Sinnoh, Ranked

The Sinnoh region in Pokémon is a breathtaking adventure but which of the cities can be considered the best to visit?

Sinnoh is the region where the Legendary Pokémon of Time and Space reside. A recurring trend in Pokémon games since Red and Blue is how important the towns relate to their respective games’ overall themes.

Generation 4 marked a significant turn in the franchise’s trajectory. New moves and abilities shook up the gameplay. New Formes and evolutions for fan favorites were introduced. The stakes are high with the protagonist needing to stop a man from destroying reality.

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History, emotions, tradition, and progress are consistent themes in this region and its games, and that is also reflected in deeply in the design, architecture, and personality of these locations.

Here is every city and town in the Sinnoh Region ranked!

15 Sandgem Town

Bland, simple and boring. Those are the only words that come to mind when one thinks of Sandgem Town. Yes, it is where Professor Rowan’s lab is, but it’s also a glorified pit stop for the player and their Pokémon.

While Sandgem’s beach serves as a gateway to post-game content, that doesn’t make up for the inherent bore fest it is. GameFreak starts correcting the trend of boring second towns in Gen 6, but for now, players can happily forget Sandgem Town.

14 Twinleaf Town

Twinleaf Town is not much better from Sandgem. Like the beachside town, it is the hometown of the player character and starting point of the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games. It isn’t supposed to be too significant or spectacular, because the player isn’t going to be there for too long.

The only thing saving it from being on the very bottom is its green and arboreal theme; that and the fact that right outside Lake Verity. Lake Verity serves an important role in the story and is where the Legendary Pokémon of Emotion, Mesprit, is found.

13 Pastoria City

One would think that the City of the boisterous and eccentric Crasher Wake would look a little more visually appealing. While the Safari Zone is located in this city, the Great Marsh is literally west of Pastoria. The Pokémon in the Great Marsh are arguably better than the ones in the Safari Zone, and the area itself is more interesting and exciting to traverse.

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Pastoria does not have any unique design to its surroundings, buildings nor environment. When Platinum came out, there were some visual changes made to some cities and towns. Unfortunately, Pastoria only got the new vanilla house models and nothing special nor distinctive. Pretty disappointing.

12 Resort Area

The Resort Area is fresh and clean. There is a distinction to its appearance and presentation, which makes sense considering it is focused on Pokémon Contests and Coordinators rather than battles and Trainers. In keeping with the theme, there is no PokéMart to purchase items. Even an Ace Trainer comments on its absence.

While this is all fine and dandy and cute, the Resort Area doesn’t serve much gameplay-wise. The most players can do here is purchase a ridiculously expensive Ribbon in Diamond and Pearl. Now, players can get their own house and battle multiple trainers in Platinum, but that’s the most trainers are going to get out of this isolated area.

11 Snowpoint City

Players can’t help but be in awe of Snowpoint City. How can a stable, sizable and peaceful city exist with a blizzard howling in its routes all the time? While admirable, Snowpoint City isn’t an interesting location. Bland houses are simply covered in snow, and the most distinctive area is the S.S. Spiral, which can take the player to the Fight Area.

While it doesn’t have many features outside the Move Tutor, the Snowpoint Temple is a fascinating addition to the general area. Unfortunately, players cannot access the Snowpoint Temple unless they have the special event Regigigas that will trigger the appearance of the other Regis. At least there’s diamond dust.

10 Veilstone City

Veilstone is a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, it has many useful gameplay elements and story-driven moments: the Galactic Headquarters, the department store, the Game Corner, the Massage Girl, a Porygon, and an area with meteorites that allow the player to change Deoxys’ Forme when visiting them.

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On the other hand, while it is distinctive in its ground textures, the city itself has a strange duality. It’s description literally means “surrounded by rock” with a dull atmosphere while having flashy and significant locations: a casino, a shopping mall, and the enemy’s communications center. It doesn’t mesh well and makes Veilstone more confusing rather than memorable for the right reasons.

9 Oreburgh City

Oreburgh City is an early game city and therefore won’t have a lot of features. Players can visit the Mining Museum to learn more about the city and get a glimpse into the history of Sinnoh. They can also get an Abra from a little girl and visit the Oreburgh Mine to train.

The strength of Oreburgh City, however, does not lie in its connection to the story nor its specific features. The general design of the city nails the look, feel, and grit of a mining town. A giant coal pile, large vents to filter in fresh air into the mines – perfect.

8 Floaroma Town

Floaroma is exactly what is advertised: a small town bursting with colorful flowers and lovely scents. Players practically perk up from the vivid colors after traveling through the dark and dreary Eterna Forest.

It’s a pretty refreshing sight, in terms of gameplay and story. Not only is Eterna someone mysterious, but the number of trainers and Pokémon encountered drains the player’s resources. Players will be begging for a PokéMart. While the town doesn’t offer much besides almost endless flower fields, it does feel nice for the player to just stop and smell the roses (or daisies?).

7 Canalave City

Canalave is a great place for both background lore and setting personality. Known as the “town that rises from the water,” this once-bustling port city has ships docked and moored everywhere and is divided by a large canal. A drawbridge connects both sides with a library on the left side. The library holds a lot of the Sinnoh Region’s archived history.

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Strange enough, the description for the city says “It has a distinctly exotic air of foreign culture.” But one does not see that reflected in the architecture nor mannerisms of the residents. Players can also use the port in Canalave to take a ride to Cresselia and Darkrai’s islands with the necessary items.

6 Celestic Town

This is arguably one of the most important locations in the game. The Gen 4 games have more of an emphasis on regional lore and history than previous entries and regions. Therefore, arriving at the place where the people dedicate their lives to preserving ancient Sinnoh traditions and legends is pretty significant.

Champion Cynthia’s family is from this tiny town, and she even tells the player the history of the frescoes in the ruins. According to the game, Celestic Town may have dated back before Sinnoh was even a region. Fun fact: the grandparents of Elite Four member and Dragon-type specialist Drasna are from Celestic Town.

5 Solaceon Town

This humble town is more than what trainers sometimes think. It has a simple but fascinating history. The town came to be when Pokémon and people came together, forming a community around the large road that cuts down the center of the town. Cowboys and rural folk populate the area; according to Bulbapedia, the town used to be surrounded by large ranches.

The Day Care is here, and the path is perfect for farming steps to hatch eggs. The Lost Tower is here, which is the “tomb of deceased Pokémon”; so yeah, this town doubles as the Lavender Town of Sinnoh, except infinitely less creepy and dour. Players can also enter the Solaceon Ruins to find Unown and explore the near Hallowed Tower, which is where Spiritomb is located.

4 Hearthome City

Comfort, camaraderie, and presentation – these words and a few more embody Hearthome City. Hearthome is one of the more exciting cities in the mainline Gen 4 games. For starters, trainers aiming to be Coordinators can make Poffins and participate in Super Contests here. Players can stroll through Amity Square with some of their Pokémon and get a Happiny Egg.

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Hearthome also has some memorable set pieces in the city, including the paved roads, fabulous Contest Hall, Amity Square itself, the Pokémon Fan Club and the Cathedral. It feels like a real, vibrant city every time the trainer comes back.

3 Jubilife City

Based on Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan, the “city of life” is the largest city in the region. Jubilife City represents the lively and boisterous nature of urban life. The city has a distinctly modern look to it, long winding roads and several skyscrapers. One would think the department store would be in the city, but unfortunately its too early in the game for that.

The Global Trade Station, Pokétch Company and Jubilife TV is located in this massive city. Not only does the location embrace its namesake, but the major buildings themselves are large, bright and brimming with personality.

2 Eterna City

Eterna City itself is a living contradiction. According to the description, the town is tying “the past to now,” but struggles to hang on to its traditions and dated culture. Two large statues of Dialga and Palkia rest on the east side of the city, where grand festivals used to happen.

Even the Grass-type Gym Leader Gardenia has a mix of traditional and modern clothing in her attire. You can even sense the historical and dreary condition of Eterna City with its brown and dark colors and traditional Japanese houses.

Mt. Coronet, an important feature in Sinnoh’s identity and history, is also to the east. Players can get a bike and Explorer’s Kit while also visiting the Name Rater and Herb Shop in Eterna.

1 Sunyshore City

Sunyshore’s design, themes, and concepts intertwine very well. The Sunyshore Gym Leader is an Electric-type user, and there is a lighthouse that is said to “light all of Sinnoh.” While the port city lacks space, they have suspended roads that are powered by solar energy. Ingenuity and overcoming adversity; seem like fitting values before confronting the last Gym, Team Galactic, and the Pokémon League.

Sunyshore also has a similar layout to Olivine City in the Johto Region. Speaking of Olivine, the player will meet the Steel-type Gym Leader Jasmine in Sunyshore. She remarks that Sunyshore reminds her of Olivine City and will gift the player HM07 Waterfall after defeating Volkner.

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