Pokémon: Every Shiny Starter Evolution, Ranked

Shiny Pokémon are pretty much the best, and shiny starters are by far most people's favorites. We ranked all of them!

In the Pokémon franchise, the only thing better than catching a Pokémon is catching a shiny Pokémon. A shiny Pokémon is extremely rare and features a unique coloration that differs from its usual appearance. They are difficult to obtain as they have less than one percent chance of appearing.

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In the case of starter Pokémon, it is also possible to acquire shiny versions of them. Unlike regular Pokémon, shiny starters can only be obtained through either breeding or by starting the game with one. Both methods require a lot of patience and especially a lot of luck. Here are 10 shiny starter evolutions, ranked that are worth the effort to try and catch.

10 Typhlosion

Cyndaquil is well known for having the highest speed stat among the Johto starters. After evolving into Typhlosion, it's base stats are superior to those of Meganium and Feraligatr. While it may only have a single type, Typhlosion is a popular choice for trainers due to its high speed and special attack stats.

It’s also known for having a distinct shiny form. In terms of appearance, the changes to Typhlosion are subtle and not noticeable at first glance. The fur on its back changes from dark green-blue to a sort of brimstone red. Despite the minimal change, its shiny form blends nicely with its fearsome appearance and fiery disposition.

9 Emboar

While Tepig is adorable, its evolutionary line is not as popular as those of its fellow Unova starters. Its final evolution Emboar may be powerful in terms of its attack and health stats, but it suffers from weak defense and speed stats. Not to mention that it is yet another fire-starter with the overused fire/fighting-type combination.

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Despite this, there are some players that spend a lot of time trying to obtain its shiny form. At first glance, a shiny Tepig does not seem all that special. It is not until after it evolves into a shiny Emboar that its true value emerges. Its body design and orange flames turn blue, giving it a mesmerizing, yet intimidating appearance. (Image Credit: Funymony at DeviantArt)

8 Serperior

Most fans agree that Snivy is the most popular of the Unova starters in terms of its shiny form. From its usual green colored design, a shiny Snivy becomes mostly bluish in color. Its overall design further improves every time it evolves. After evolving into Serperior, its overall appearance becomes further enhanced. Its main body takes on a lighter green color while its backside and frontal patterns gain a dark-blue hue. Shiny Serperior is both elegant and majestic in a way that it can’t hope to match in its regular form. Overall, it is more than worthy of its classification as the Regal Pokémon. (Image Credit: Elsdrake at DeviantArt)

7 Incineroar

Litten and its evolutions Toracat and Incineroar feature some of the most unique shiny forms in the series. Instead of their usual combination of red and black-furred bodies, their appearance now features an orange fur color with white stripes. The orange and white colorations complement each other nicely and help further enhance this Pokémon's usual design.

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Incineroar is normally a fearsome Pokémon. However, its shiny form also adds a majestic and regal appearance to its regular design. Incineroar is one of the strongest dark-type Pokémon and most players would jump at the chance to have a shiny version of one on their team.

6 Delphox

Fennekin's final evolution Delphox, is another example of a fire-type starter with a unique type combination. Delphox benefits from being a fire/psychic type, which is a combination that it shares with the legendary Pokémon Victini and Zen Mode Darmanitan. The only thing better than regular Delphox is a shiny one.

Appearance wise, shiny Delphox is one of the most distinctive shiny Pokémon in the franchise. Its regular yellow and dark-orange fur give way to spectral silver and dark-purple robe-like fur that is an enchanting sight to behold. It already had a very appealing mystical design and its shiny form only further enhances it.

5 Feraligatr

Totodile and its evolutionary line are well known for their high attack and defense stats. Unfortunately, it is not as versatile in terms of its moveset. Even so, this does not stop players from jumping at the chance to acquire one in its shiny form. Compared to Cyndaquil and Chikorita, the shiny forms of Totodile and its evolutions are by far the best among the Johto starters.

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As Feraligatr, its normally blue body becomes turquoise with blue spines replacing its usual red ones and the yellow highlights on its jaws and belly help tie it all together. Shiny Feraligatr sticks out not only as one of the best shiny starters but also as one of the best shiny Pokémon in general. (Image Credit: ShinyhunterF at DeviantArt)

4 Sceptile

Similarly to Feraligatr, Sceptile is yet another example of an evolved starter whose shiny form differs greatly from their original appearance. Instead of its usual green colored body, a shiny Sceptile’s body becomes mostly a light blue color with yellow highlights and red bulbs on its back.

Overall, its shiny form is majestic, distinctive and draws inspiration from real-life as Sceptile looks similar in design to real chameleons. Furthermore, as one of the few starters capable of mega evolution, shiny Sceptile’s already distinctive appearance becomes even cooler. With such an appealing design, it is worth the effort to try and farm one.

3 Decidueye

As the most popular of the Alola starters, Rowlett and its evolutions are especially useful in helping players face-off against the first three Kahunas in Pokémon: Sun and Moon. From its original grass/flying-type, its final evolution Decidueye develops a rare grass/ghost combination.

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This archer inspired Pokémon possesses high attack, special attack and speed stats, as well as strong moves like Phantom Force, Leaf Blade, and its signature Spirit Shackle. Its wow factor increases even further for those lucky enough to acquire a shiny one. Sporting a mix of black and dark-blue coloring, Decidueye’s shiny form is a sight to behold. If anything, its shiny form is even more fitting for its ghost-type than its regular form.

2 Charizard

Charmander is both the best and first Fire-type starter to appear in the Pokémon franchise. Hence, it is no surprise that players spend weeks, if not months trying to acquire a shiny one. Both shiny Charmander and Charmeleon are well known for their yellow, almost golden-colored bodies.

After evolving from Charmeleon into Charizard, its body goes from yellow to black. It is only fitting that one of the best Pokémon in the game would have one of the most distinctive shiny forms in the franchise. Furthermore, it's already impressive design has become even cooler after it mega evolves into either Charizard X or Y.

1 Greninja

During its debut, Greninja quickly surpassed Charizard as one of the most popular and most powerful starter Pokémon. In addition to its high attack, special attack and speed stats, it also has the Hidden Ability Protean, which allows it to change its type based on the moves it uses.

Greninja’s popularity increased even further after the reveal of its shiny form. Pokémon with dark shiny forms, like Charizard and Rayquaza, are some of the most popular of the franchise and Greninja is no exception. Pairing nicely with its ninja theme, the design of its jet black body makes it worthy of being the top shiny Pokémon among all the evolved starters.

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