Pokémon: Every Ultra Beast, Ranked

In the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games, players encounter powerful Pokémon who’ve traveled to the region of Alola via Ultra Wormholes that connect the Pokémon world to an extradimensional world known as Ultra Space. These otherworldy Pokémon are known as Ultra Beasts and pose a significant threat to the Pokémon World.

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Multiple organizations and prominent individuals have dedicated their lives to fighting against these ferocious monsters, and even the player is tasked with traveling to other dimensions to combat these Pokémon. While all Ultra Beast Pokémon are considered incredibly dangerous, some are far more powerful and hostile than others.

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11 Stakataka

This Pokémon is a bunch of smaller beings that have combined together to form a large stone tower with legs. The legs can collapse down so that the Pokémon can camouflage as a stone tower or part of a wall. This ability to camouflage can make this Pokémon incredibly dangerous, along with its hatred of anything that rests on top of it.

The reason Stakataka ranks so low is because, if someone can climb on top and stay there while it tries to buck them off, the Pokémon will come to respect that person and become docile.

10 Pheremosa

Pheremosa is a strange-looking Pokémon that resembles a white cockroach or other insect trying to imitate a lithe woman. This thin body and incredibly long legs allow Pheremosa to run at incredible speeds. It also possesses a pheromone that causes anyone affected by it to stare at Pheremosa in awe.

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Ironically, this insect-like creature is thoroughly disgusted by the Pokémon world and is extremely hesitant to touch anything. While her pheromone abilities and high speed make her dangerous, this odd personality quirk could likely be exploited by attacking with Muks or other garbage Pokémon.

9 Blacephalon

This eccentric Pokémon roughly resembles a brightly colored harlequin with a spherical head covered with multi-colored dots. This Pokémon utilizes its strange appearance to disarm opponents by behaving in a silly manner while getting closer and closer. Once in range, the Pokémon will explode its head violently.

While the opponent is distracted, Blacephalon will sap the prey of its vitality and regenerate its head. It’s an alarming foe to be certain, but if the prey stays focused and keeps their distance, it negates Blacephalon’s primary method of attack.

8 Naganadel

A dragon-like creature with an abdomen resembling a bee or wasp, Naganadel is a dangerous Ultra Beast. The oversized abdomen houses a large sac that can store hundreds of liters of poisonous liquid that it sprays at opponents with its needles over large distances.

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What’s worse is that the venomous liquid is extremely adhesive, meaning once it latches onto an opponent, that poor soul will become quickly poisoned and have a tough time removing the toxic substance. The reason it doesn’t rank higher is that it can communicate with humans telepathically and be reasoned with.

7 Buzzwole

Buzzwole is an insect-like creature that walks on four spindly legs and has swollen muscles on its arms. This Ultra Beast is incredibly strong and is capable of pulverizing a dump truck in one punch.

What’s even more alarming is that it also has the ability to use its proboscis to stab opponents and drain their energy to further enhance its already bulging muscles. There’s no telling if there’s a limit to Buzzwole’s strength, given enough living beings to feed on, which is immensely concerning given that its base strength is already powerful.

6 Poipole

Poipole is small compared to other Ultra Beasts, but by no means less dangerous. Poipole has a number of spikes on its head that it can use to launch a poisonous substance that’s very adhesive, similar to Naganadel.

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What makes this Pokémon more dangerous is that it cackles madly while it coats its enemies with venom, suggesting that it takes joy in poisoning its victims. While it can communicate with humans, it's likely that it would be like trying to reason with a madman.

5 Kartana

Kartana is an Ultra Beast that sort of resembles a human samurai made out of origami paper. Similar to the Poipole, it’s very small for an Ultra Beast, but every inch of its body is paper thin and razor sharp. This makes attacking it a difficult task, as it can easily dodge attacks and damage Pokémon that come into contact with it.

One swipe of its blade-like arms was said to have cleaved a giant steel tower in half. It doesn’t rank higher because it has a strong weakness to fire and water.

4 Zurkitree

Zurkitree is a very large Pokémon that looks like a stick figure made of wire and sparks. This electrical Ultra Beast is capable of delivering massive shocks of electricity and can hijack power plants and other sources of energy to recharge and boost its powers.

It sits at number four because, while the Zurkitree can deal impressive damage, it does need to recharge. When low on energy, it will ‘plug’ itself into the ground and absorb electrical currents from the earth. This weakened state would be a prime opportunity for opponents to attack, assuming they survived the massive discharge prior.

3 Celesteela

This flying Ultra Beast roughly resembles an alien housed inside of a strange rocket. It can use its arms to propel itself through the air at incredible speeds. These arms also store a highly flammable gas that it can use to set fire to entire forests.

A potential weakness lies in its surprisingly plant-like characteristics. Celesteela is said to draw nutrients from soil similar to the Zurkitree and could be attacked during that feeding.

2 Guzzlord

Guzzlord is one of the largest and heaviest of all the Ultra Beasts. The spherical dark dragon Pokémon is said to possess an insatiable hunger and is constantly eating anything and everything it comes into contact with.

Its voracious appetite and size enable the Pokémon to consume mountains and entire buildings, making it an incredible threat. It ranks number two for its slow movement, meaning evacuations are possible, and because of how powerful the next Ultra Beast can be.

1 Nihilego

Nihilego is an Ultra Beast that resembles a humanoid jelly-fish and has mannerisms that resemble a little girl. What makes the Pokémon so dangerous is that it’s a parasite that will latch onto a human or Pokémon, inject a neurotoxin that controls all thoughts, and brings out the violent tendencies of the host. This fusion also increases the power of both Nihilego and the host, as seen in the games when Nihilego infests a young girl before fighting the player.

What makes this Ultra Beast the most dangerous on the list is that it’s capable of taking over other Pokémon. Imagine the destructive potential of a Nihilego that manages to infest, say, a Buzzwole, one of the mega Mewtwos, or another powerful human-sized Pokémon. The games and anime don’t explore this concept at all, but it’s a terrifying possibility, to say the least.

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