Pokémon Anime Fans Think Sword & Shield's Gigantamax Technology Appeared In A Very Old Episode

For the older Pokémon anime fans, one of the creepiest and most unforgettable entries remains the 13th episode, Mystery at the Lighthouse. In it, Ash and company stumble across a derelict lighthouse occupied by a talking Kabuto, who turns out to be Bill, the creator of the Pokémon storage system. The reasoning behind him being there is to watch and observe an unidentified enormous flying Pokémon that appears out at sea singing a beautiful song that initially captures Bill's love for the many creatures of the series.

One avid fan seems to have diagnosed the long-unanswered mystery of that unnaturally large Dragonite—Gigantamax.

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Additionally, there are a number of other episodes with Kaiju-esque "Giant Pokémon," which even has its own Bulpedia page, consisting of Bruno's Onix, Gary Oak's Crabby, Cyrus' Sunflora, and plenty more wild varieties. One of the best examples can be viewed in the episode Tentacool & Tentacruel, wherein a massive Tentacruel decimates a city and warns its inhabitants through psychic control over Meowth never to attempt to control their living habits ever again. Episodes like this one, where even the mystery of gigantic Pokémon still remains somewhat questionable, are what make the series so spectacular.

It's not too hard to believe that Gigantamax would be teased early on, as Pokémon has done this before. There are plenty of examples much like this where showrunners will divulge future content in older scenarios, as can be most exemplified when Ash witnesses Ho-Ho in the very first episode of the series. This, however, would be the first time creators have used older unanswered mysteries later as an in-game mechanic. What better way to explain away an age-old Pokémon enigma than through the use of a thicc Pikachu and elongated Meowth as the unofficial mascots of Pokémon Sword & Shield's newest Gigantamax mechanic?

Not all Pokémon can use Gigantamax, though, as it is limited to only a variety of species. Even for those lucky few Pokémon that can use the Dynamax system, there are certain limitations; Gigantamax-capable Pikachu, Meowth, and Eevee can't evolve, which makes sense given the fact that they would be extremely overpowered. It's clear Gamefreak put a lot of effort into this newfound mechanic, and though the mystery of the enormous Dragonite may still remain unsolved, there are a plethora of unanswered Pokémon conundrums that simply make the series that much more enjoyable.

Source: Reddit

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