Pokémon: 10 Fire-Type Moves Stronger Than Flamethrower

Flamethrower is the go-to attack for fire-type Pokémon, but there are plenty of moves that are better. We've got ten solid examples right here.

When it comes to fire-type moves in Pokémonit's likely that one of the first moves that comes to mind is Flamethrower. It's one of the moves that almost every single fire-type learns fairly early into the game.

However, the reality of the situation is that there is a wide variety of moves that are superior to Flamethrower. Today, we'll be going over ten of those moves in no particular order. Let's get right into it.

10 Will-O-Wisp

Will-O-Wisp is a powerful fire-type move that has an 85% chance to burn the target. This is an incredibly useful move, as burning an opposing Pokémon is good for a few reasons.

Besides the fact that you'll be dealing consistent damage to the opponent, the damage of their physical moves will also be cut in half, which gives you a huge advantage in the match. Unless they have a way to cure themself of the affliction, Will-O-Wisp will put you in a great position, provided that it actually hits. 85% accuracy isn't necessarily bad, but there is a sizeable chance that it could miss.

9 Fire Fang

Look at this Drowzee, he is in pain. He's in so much pain because he's being attacked by Fire Fang, quite a powerful move. While Fire Fang only has a base 65 power, it also has a 10% chance for a burn, and an additional 10% chance to flinch the opponent if you are able to move first.

The fact that the move has an ability to burn and flinch the opponent is very useful, and managing to hit both can set you up in a great position for next turn. This is certainly a move worth a spot on the team.

8 V-Create

Exclusive to Victini and Rayquaza, V-Create deals a massive 180 base power damage before dropping the user's defense, special defense and speed stats by one stage. And?

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That massive damage is 100% worth the drop, especially considering that you're able to just switch out and reset that drop on the next turn. Sure, that strat can be somewhat risky, but V-Create is worth it either way. Add in the fact that Victini and Rayquaza are the ones using this move, and it just helps to further illustrate the sheer power that comes with the use of this attack.

7 Flame Burst

Flame Burst is a solid move that deals 70 base damage at 100% accuracy, which is generally nice, but it comes with another solid effect that hits all adjacent Pokémon for 1/16 of their max HP.

While this isn't anything major, it is a nice little secondary effect that helps the move be a bit more effective during double or triple battles depending on the Generation. While this isn't anything crazy major... it's better than Flamethrower.

6 Flame Wheel

Flame Wheel is another pretty general move, with 100% accuracy and 60 base power. The one benefit that Flame Wheel has over some of the other moves is another 10% chance to burn.

We talked about how useful burns can be earlier, so while it is a very small chance that you'll be able to get the burn, it's always at least worth a shot.

5 Fire Blast

Fire Blast is a 110 base power move that also has a 10% chance to burn. The only problem is that this move has 85% accuracy. It's a gamble, but that 110 base power is pretty fantastic.

There are no other drawbacks to this move besides the accuracy, so it certainly isn't the worst choice to use a move slot on. Of course, if you miss, you're going to be in a very bad situation. This is another one that you'll have to weigh your options on.

4 Fire Spin

Fire Spin is a very different type of move that can really help turn the tide of battle if used correctly. The move has 85% accuracy and deals 35 damage once hit. However, that's when things get real saucy.

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The move then traps the opponent, meaning they can't switch out for the two to five turns that the attack lasts. In addition, it deals 1/8 of the target's maximum HP every single turn. Fire spin can be a very good move, it's just very situational. You have to make sure that you're using it against the right Pokémon, otherwise, it can just be a big waste of a move. This is another move that can be quite the gamble.

3 Blue Flare

Blue Flare is an absolutely fantastic move. It's an 85% accuracy move that hits like a truck (that Mew is hiding under), dealing 130 base power with a 20% chance to burn. This is easily one of the most powerful fire-type moves in the game, but has one fatal drawback. It's the signature move of Reshiram.

This means, duh, that no one else can use it. It's still incredibly powerful and is an easy choice to slot onto any Reshiram moveset. Too bad everyone can't use it, though.

2 Fire Pledge

Fire Pledge is a very interesting move that can only be learned by fire starter Pokémon. It has a base 80 power, and 100% accuracy. When the move is used with Water Pledge or Grass Pledge on the same turn, some additional effects will occur. Grass Pledge creates a sea of fire that takes out 1/8 of the opponent's max HP for four turns, while Water Pledge creates a field that makes secondary effects more likely to occur for four turns.

Both of these secondary effects are great, and they also make the move wildly powerful, going up to 150 base power. It just depends on if the situation will allow for the use of both attacks in a single turn.

1 Incinerate

Incinerate is somewhat of an interesting move. It deals base 60 power with 100% accuracy, and hits all adjacent Pokémon. The move will also burn up any and all berries that the opponent might be holding.

This is a really interesting secondary effect, and really makes it unlike all other moves. Of course, this move isn't always incredibly useful, so it's important to weigh when you're going to try and use it.

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