10 First Generation Pokémon That Are Still Some Of The Most Powerful Pokémon

The Pokémon universe has seen hundreds of new creatures enter the fold with the announcement and release of a new generation of games featuring an entirely new unexplored region. With the upcoming release of both Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, the roster of pocket monsters will surpass over 1000.

That's a pretty impressive number considering hardcore fans will make sure to let you know what their favorite generation and team of Pokémon are. Over 20 years later the first generation still includes some incredible partners. Let's look at 10 first generation Pokémon that are still some of the most powerful to date.

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10 Legendary Birds

Articuno, Zapdos, and Articuno are legendary creatures that require some effort and skill to catch and train. All three birds are pretty similar in base stats, so it wouldn't make sense to choose one over the other.

The great thing about them is that they're each a unique type and the trainer can decide which of the three would make the best addition in order to round out their team. Whether you're in need of electric, ice, or fire-type Pokémon each of them would still be a powerful welcome to any given team looking to take the next step.

9 Blastoise

Starters are often the most memorable Pokémon in every generation simply due to trainers seeing them at the beginning of their journey. They may not be able to express why Blastoise is their favorite, but they know why it isn't Venasaur or Charizard.

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Blastoise is a powerful water-type Pokémon who can also pack a mean bite. It'll never be the fastest or best critical striker on any given team, but it will never be the weakest link. Blastoise is a dependable and stable partner who can deliver devastation when it matters most.

8 Scyther

If power was purely based on how cool something looked it'd be hard for Pokémon fans to find a pocket monster cooler looking than Scyther. Scyther is often compared to samurai and despite looking like a dragon, it has more in common with bugs.

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Speed and aggression are Scyther's two best traits and strong-minded trainers can take full advantage of these in any given situation. Throughout the years there have been powerful dragons and bugs, but nothing quite like Scyther. It's still a powerful and unique warrior in the world of Pokémon.

7 Dragonite

Most of the entries on this list are Pokémon that are as powerful in battle as they are to look at. Dragonite is the one entry that couldn't be farther from this model. Dragonite looks like it should be on Dragon Tales and not like it should be included anywhere near the top of a power ranking.

That being said, it's very versatile in the types of moves you can teach it which makes it a great addition to a team because it provides the trainer with flexibility and options. Dragonite may look nothing like its previous evolutions, but that doesn't mean its not a force to be reckoned with.

6 Arcanine

Now, Arcanine is a weird case where they're actually not that powerful of a Fire-type Pokémon. That doesn't mean that their moves aren't useful or effective, but Arcanine is still one of the most powerful Pokémon years later in large part to the move Extreme Speed.

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A Growlithe that is born with a great speed stat can be trained and evolved into an Arcanine that can take full advantage of its own speed and completely destroy the competition with a single move. They often say that looking confident is half the battle, and this good boy has that covered.

5 Snorlax

Snorlax is most notably remembered as the lumbering giant who always blocked your path as you made your way through Kanto. Many trainers often forget that there's a grouping of body weight-related moves that are most effective with Snorlax.

Also, his sleep-related moves and abilities make it a walking self-heal nightmare for opponents. Snorlax is a great option for trainers who love to draw out matches and win based on strategy more often than brute strength or typing matchups. If you don't believe Snorlax is still extremely powerful, give it a rest.

4 Gengar

As a kid, many trainers found it difficult to come across a Gengar as the only way to obtain one was to trade your Haunter and then get it back. Everyone didn't have the luxury of trustworthy fellow trainers. Gengar is worth the effort though because he can be taught one of the best combos available.

You can teach your Gengar the infamous Dream Eater combo where you can put an opponent to sleep using Hypnosis then get maximum damage output and healing by using Dream Eater. Outside of combat effectiveness, almost 20 years later he's still terrifying.

3 Gyarados

Gyarados is the best Pokémon to show your friends if they question whether or not Pokémon can be cool or if they're just for little kids. He's a giant water serpent who's incredibly powerful and literally larger than life. The beauty of Gyarados is that he's the result of clever trainers figuring out how to level up Magikarp.

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He's also not limited to only using water moves and can be taught great ice and dragon-type moves as well. Most trainers would still opt for a Gyarados to be on their team given the option.

2 Charizard

Considering Charizard is such a fan favorite people often argue that his popularity is based more on his design and less on his effectiveness in battle. Charmander is notoriously tough to train and can be really stubborn. For trainers who are willing to tough it out, they're treated to a powerful fire-breathing dragon that can really be a huge asset in dire situations.

Detective Pikachu showed just how great Charizard can be in battle, especially if he's in close quarters combat with a Ryan Reynolds voiced Pikachu who's completely out of their element.

1 Mewtwo

Mewtwo is often considered one of the most intimidating Pokémon and since its creation. It's struck fear into the hearts of any trainer who made their way into Cerulean City Cave following the completion of them becoming Pokémon League Champion in the Kanto Region. The recent release of Detective Pikachu showed an entirely new generation of fans just how powerful and mysterious Mewtwo really is.

As the roster of Pokémon is about to surpass over 1000 unique creatures, Mewtwo still sits towards the top of the list of most powerful Pokémon.

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