10 Bad Gen 4 Designs Pokémon Fans Let Slip By

There are some epic Pokemon in the fourth generation... but these are definitely not some of them!

When it comes to the lineup of Generation Four Pokémon, they're a very solid group. There's really only a few duds in the crowd. Thus, when it came to making the Sinnoh edition of this list, it was a bit more difficult than the other Generations.

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However, there are always the Bibarels of any given region. As such, today we're still going to be looking at ten different Pokémon designs of the Sinnoh region that are just lacking a bit. Let's jump right into the list with the most expected entry by far.

10 Bibarel

Look, Bidoof is an absolute icon. He is killing it and no one can even come close to this untouchable legend. However, he grows into an absolute monstrosity. Bibarel is such trash. Beavers are great animals, they did not deserve to be done so dirty by this thing. The ridiculous teeth, the vacant eyes, absolutely no respect for beavers in this house. The only play that this thing ever got was as an HM slave just to make your way through Sinnoh. When eventual remakes are released, this poor guy better get a Mega Evolution or something, otherwise he's going to be completely ignored.

9 Ambipom

One of the many completely unnecessary Generation Four evolutions we got for Pokémon from the previous Generations was Ambipom, as an evolution for Aipom. Sure, Aipom probably could have gotten a bit of a stat boost. But... did he need to look like this in order to get one? The gross little tail hands, the straight across bangs, they turned an adorable Pokémon into a nightmare. The nose, the little hairs, all of it. Completely unnecessary. While there were a lot of these weird evolutions in this Generation's Dex, this is the only one appearing on this list.

8 Glameow

Look, we're definitely going to be talking about both of the Pokémon of this line on this list, but let's just start with Glameow. This Pokémon is a cat with a... springy tail. Looking like Spoink over here. Glameow is just kind of weird.

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Like, where's the appeal of this Pokémon? It honestly just seems like a really cocky cat that thinks that it is truly that girl. However, Glameow should absolutely not think like that because Glameow turns into Purugly and WOW that's what we call a glo-down.

7 Purugly

Y'all serious? What happened here? Pure ugly is right, this thing is atrocious. While there wasn't that much going on for the design of Glameow, it was at least a pretty Pokémon. This thing is just downright gross. Everything about it just basically falls apart (even if it is still rocking a fantastic smokey eye). There just seems to be no real reason that this even happens. What is the progression for this line? Why did Glameow allow this to happen? Purugly is just a mess from head to toe. While its design alone is bad, the weird transition from Glameow is even weirder, making this an overall rough Pokémon from the Sinnoh region.

6 Hippopotas

As previously stated, we don't have too many bad Pokémon to choose from for the Sinnoh region, so we kind of had to nitpick to get to ten. Hippopotas is one of the ones we had to nitpick for, so this is going to be a soft critique, as he isn't too bad. Um... your eyes are weird. Your evolution is much better designed than you. The print on your skin is weird. That is all. Thank you Hippopotas on to the next one.

5 Lumineon

Okay, be honest. Did you remember that Lumineon was a Pokémon? When looking at the Sinnoh Dex to compile this list, it was a surprise to see Lumineon because... what is this thing and when has this ever been in a Pokémon game? Is that lack of knowledge of its existence partly due to it having a bad design? Well, it's fine, but certainly not striking in any way at all.

4 Happiny

We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this list. But there is a legitimate question to be raised here. Happiny, why do you exist? What was your point?

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You do nothing but waste time, as now in order to breed a good Chansey, we have to go through you first, which can be somewhat tedious. In Happiny's defense, they were rocking the high pony long before Ariana Grande came on to the scene.

3 Bronzor

You're kind of weird-looking Bronzor, you know that? Anyone else get a vibe of extremely adorned metal plate when you look at Bronzor? His evolution is fine, sure. However, they could have maybe just put a bit more thought into the design of Bronzor. It just doesn't have anything special going on. Well, that's the life of a pre-evolved Pokémon for some. The next Pokémon, though, is a strange case of a fully evolved Pokémon.

2 Cherrim

Cherrim. Hmm. Interesting. Cherrim is a cool Pokémon, with a neat design choice of changing forms and powering up when exposed to harsh sunlight. However, the downside to this decision is that most of the time Cherrim is in its base, non-powered form, and it is just so boring to look at, as it is literally just leaves hiding from the sunlight. They could have given it at least something memorable in its base form. Cherrim's overreliance on its form change is what nabs it a spot on this list.

1 Kricketune

Most of you probably remember Kricketune from its screams. That is completely valid they are very hard screams to forget. However, you might not think much of this Pokémon past the screams, and that might be due to its design being... not so good. It's just weird looking. Who in the Game Freak offices said, "Okay everyone, someone get to work on designing a red grasshopper Pokémon that screams and also has a mustache that is very important to the design." Whoever it was... you designed Chandelure too didn't you? You give off a very Chandelure vibe. Maybe stop.

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