Pokémon: 10 Mechanics Introduced In Gen V That Are Missing Today

Each new Pokemon game removes some old mechanics, which is a shame. Here are 10 Gen V mechanics that you won't find today

Pokémon Black and White, and their sequels, are some of the most radically different Pokémon games in the entire series, and introduced a lot of new features to the series.

While many of these were interesting and really switched up the formula, a lot of them aren't around in the current games anymore, which is a shame. Today, we'll be going over ten of those different features that only older players or franchise completionists may remember. Without further ado, let's get into it!

10 Triple Battles

Triple Battles were one of the main gimmicks of Generation Five. Despite what you may think, Triple Battles featured three Pokémon on each side, duking it out. Certain moves could hit certain spots on the field, so where your Pokémon were placed was very important.

These battles became monstrously slow when models were introduced to the series, and have been completely removed from the games as of now. Hopefully, we see these return sometime soon, as they didn't come back in Sword and Shield. Well, there's a lot that fans want to see come back in the next games before we even talk about Triple Battles...

9 Rotation Battles

Rotation Battles were the ugly cousins to Triple Battles. Rotation Battles were still a 3v3 battle, except only one Pokémon could attack a turn, and you had to switch them around to put one in the front... okay? Like, thank u, next. 

Why did this need to happen exactly? Triple Battles were fun, so these can go away anytime. Well, just kidding, they already went away! They've been gone for awhile, just like everything else on this list. Cute. What's next on the list to make us sad?

8 Seasons

Pokémon Black and White were all about the Aesthetic. The games were very pretty all around, and one of the ways that this was furthered was through the use of seasons.

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The games would change periodically between the four seasons, and the overworld, msuic, Pokémon spawns and more would change in response to this. This feature was a nice little touch to make the titles feel a bit more immersive and lived-in. It wasn't any sort of major shift, it was just pretty.

7 Interactive Music

Throughout different areas in Generation Five, such as important places like towns, you could find NPCs playing instruments. If you talked to them, they would actually join in with the music of the area, and whichever instruments that they were playing would join in to make the music feel much fuller.

This was a small, missable touch that went such a long way. Being able to dynamically shift the game music to how you'd like it to sound really changed things up in a great way.

6 C-Gear

Pokémon Black and White's version of Generation Four's Pokétch was the C-Gear. This item was one of many in the series that allowed you to interact with the game's multiplayer functions, both local and online.

This feature took up the game's bottom screen, and allowed players to customize it with different skins based on their likings. It also worked in tandem with another item that we'll have a little bit later on the list.

5 The Dream World

Generation Five really just did anything, huh? For no reason at all, Generation Five featured a system that allowed you to transfer your Pokémon to a website called the Dream World. Here, you'd be able to collect items and meet unique Pokémon with their Dream World abilities... sure.

This mechanic actually did become very important competitively, as those abilities came in clutch many a time, but still... what a weird function for a Pokémon game to have. The service is no longer available, unfortunately.

4 Pokémon Musicals

Pokémon Black and White decided to ditch Pokémon Super Contests from Generation Four, and instead opted to implement Pokémon Musicals. While they're different from the Super Contests mechanically, they were actually a pretty similar concept, as you'd dress up your Pokémon and make them dance for an audience.

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This brand of torture is the exact same type that was carried out in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, so Pokémon Musicals were a pretty natural step for the series to take. Too bad we have nothing of the sort to mess around with nowadays. This side aspect of Pokémon games was always fun to mess with.

3 Pokémon World Tournament

This was such a cute little feature. Introduced in Black 2 and White 2, the Pokémon World Tournament allowed players to face off with every single gym leader (save for Koga) and champion (save for Iris) that the series had given to players at this point.

This was purely included in the games for fanservice reasons, sure, but it was still super fun. Getting to see all of our favorite characters come back to take us on again was a nice little touch to see from a region that was so far removed from every single one that had come before it.

2 Xtransceiver

Many different generations of Pokémon feature some sort of phone-like device (Sword and Shield just cut out the middle man and made it a phone) that you can use to call important (or very unimportant) trainers that you've met on your travels. Generation Five's was the Xtransceiver.

This was used throughout both game sets for major characters to discuss things and move the plot forward. If players were using DS systems with cameras, they could also talk to and see one another through wireless functionality, which was a fun little touch.

1 A Very Separate Region

While Black 2 and White 2 changed aspect this in a few different ways, the original Unova Region of Black and White was its own region entirely, completely separate from every single region that had come before it.

The original Unova Dex actually only featured brand new Pokémon as well, which is something that we hadn't seen before. Unova can be appreciated for being wholly its own in so many ways, and not tied to any other region, both physically and lore-wise. Then Black 2 and White 2 threw all that right out the window.

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