• Pokemon Go: 10 Generation 4 Pokemon Released So Far

    Pokémon Go was released back in the summer of 2016 and despite its cynics, it’s been going strong ever since with more and more users joining Niantic’s hit game—and more and more updates to the game from Niantic themselves.

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    Recently, they’ve unleashed the first batch of generation 4 Pokémon to the game—the creatures originating in the Sinnoh region! Like most previous generations, the Pokémon are being released in bursts, but Niantic has given users a generous helping of gen. 4 to get us started.

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    Turtwig, The Grass Starter

    Like all generations, gen 4 comes complete with 3 new starters and for the grass type, meet Turtwig! Yes, everyone loves fire, but c’mon – grass needs some love too.

    Turtwig evolves into Grotle and then eventually to Torterra, and is seen frequently throughout the Sinnoh games (depending on you and your enemy’s starter choices) and even the anime, since Ash captures one.

    So far, Turtwig hasn’t seemed to be a particularly tricky capture in Pokémon Go, with plenty of sightings. Sometimes the starters in a released generation seem rare, sometimes not – and apparently this time, not so much.

    But of course, they might become more sparse as the rest of gen 4 is released!

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    The Fire Choice, Chimchar

    Then there’s the fire starter, Chimchar! Chimchar seems to be the most popular starter, as fire usually is – there’s just something about that Pokémon type. It evolves into Monferno and then Infernape, and there’s no doubt these Pokémon are pretty tough to go up against. I guess it’s understandable that fire is the favourite…

    And if you haven’t checked out Chimchar’s animation in the app, you should. It’s movements are so much more enthusiastic than the other Pokémon, and it definitely provides a laugh out loud moment on first viewing.

    Like Turtwig, it’s pretty common to see a Chimchar around. You should have the evolutions in no time.

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    The Water Starter, Piplup

    And lastly, there’s the adorable water starter, Piplup. Evolving into Prinplup and then Empoleon, it’s also a pretty common feature in both the anime and the Sinnoh-based games – and now, it’s here in Pokémon Go!

    Fun fact: this penguin Pokémon is actually very proud and extremely hard to train in the show. Better get using your best tactics to get to that Empoleon and make this Pokémon love you.

    The good news is though that there are piplups aplenty, especially when it’s raining and that water boost is on. Finally, some good news for those of us who live in countries where summer is already long over!

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    Possibly The Cutest Pokémon Ever, Pachirisu

    According to reports, this Pokémon is one of the regional exclusives, and only available in Alaska, Canada, and Russia – lucky for those of us who live in those places! Unfortunately for the rest, there’s no way of getting this Pokémon just yet, which is a shame because, well – look at it!

    Although it looks like some sort of Pikachu evolution (and is an electric type, just to confuse you even more), this Pokémon doesn’t evolve into anything or from anything, so those of you who have been saving candies from the previous generations – they aren’t usable on any of these releases quite yet!

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    Starly, Generation Four's First Normal/Flying Type

    It’s customary for every generation to have some sort of flying type – and in this case, we have Starly! It evolves into Staravia then Staraptor, and all of these have become available in this initial gen four release. A normal/flying type might sound kind of mundane next to the electric and fire types, but think about it – how did you get anywhere in the Pokémon games without eventually having a flying type? They were essential.

    Wow. If only they could make those work as transportation devices in Pokémon Go.

    Starly is a must have, common, and only needs twenty-five candies to evolve, so happy bird finding!

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    Chatot, A Particularly Pesky Pokémon

    Chatot is another regional exclusive which makes sense since it resembles an exotic toucan or parakeet. The areas it can spawn haven’t been solidified or confirmed by Niantic, but it seems like it’s generally in the southern hemisphere.

    Chatot has a few cool quirks, like being able to mimic the cries of other Pokémon and being the only known Pokémon to be able to learn the move ‘chatter’. In Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, the originally released Sinnoh games, it can only be found during the day, but this hasn’t been confirmed to be the same in Pokémon Go. We’ll soon find out!

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    The Electrifying Shinx

    Shinx has been added to the game! Unlike the others, this Pokémon can’t be found in the wild – it has to hatch from a 10km egg, or it can be caught after a rad battle. This generally means that Shinx is a rare Pokémon and definitely hard to obtain, much like its evolutions – Luxio and Luxray.

    Better get on catching one of these before the Nintento Switch game, Pokémon: Let’s Go, is released – they’re going to require 10 km of walking (probably over and over again to hatch many eggs until one births a Shinx), and when the Switch game is released, we’ll be glued to our consoles again. Get that walking in now to get one of these!

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    Carnivine, A Rare Find!

    Carnivine is the final regional exclusive, and has been reported in the Southeast United States and in the Bahamas.

    Regional exclusives being released can be frustrating for those desperate to catch ‘em all, but that’s why trading was released – and sometimes Niantic hold events where, for a limited time, regional exclusives can be caught in other areas of the world! Let’s hold out hope for one of those. But in the meantime, if you want the elusive Carnivine and don’t live in the southern United States or in the Bahamas… it’s probably time to either book a plane ticket or just wait it out. How dedicated are you?

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    A New Raid Boss: Buneary

    Bunneary is the cutest Pokémon ever, and here it is in Pokémon Go! It’s been showing up in raids, but don’t think you have to run out to your nearest gym and wait for a raid to pop to catch one of these – I’ve seen a good handful in the wild today, and they seem almost as common as the starters. It’s unclear why Niantic decided to make them raid bosses too, but maybe they’re going to get rarer as the release hype dies down. Only time will tell.

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    It involves into Lopunny and in the original games, could only do so when it had a high friendship level with its trainer. Awww.

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    And Finally, Another Eggs-And-Raid-Only Find, Riolu

    And finally, one of the rarest releases. Like Shinx, it can only be found in raids and 10 km eggs, so time to get walking and incubate as many of those 10 km eggs as you can. They’re pretty rare to get these days, however, so your best bet might be a gym. If you see a raid with one of these as the boss, time to run towards it and make sure you snag one! Otherwise, who knows how long you’ll be waiting.

    And this monster is worth it. It involves into Lucario who, let’s be honest, is pretty epic. You’re gonna want one of those.

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