Pokémon Go Players Spend $2 Million Every Day, Grand Total Approaches $2 Billion

Pokémon Go has seen an incredible resurgence lately, and new figures reveal it pulls in about $2 Million every day, and is approaching $2 Billion.

It’s a little odd to think that Pokémon Go has just reached its second anniversary, but there it is. On July 6, 2016, the much-ballyhooed app started rolling out around the world. So how’s it faring two years on? Pretty dang well indeed, judging by this new data from Niantic.

If you’re one of the Pokémon Go faithful who’s been playing since the game’s launch, you’ll remember that things didn’t get off to the most auspicious start. In an unfortunate, Grand Theft Auto Online sort of situation, the hype was unbelievable. This was just to be expected, but at the same time, it was on a level that the team couldn’t possibly cope with.

It was bug, glitch and crash city. Even once things stabilised, Niantic made a range of questionable decisions that really didn’t endear them to fans at all. That shonky tracking, for one thing. This was the crux of the experience, after all, and a disastrous thing to get wrong (and keep flip-flopping on).

Those dark days may have turned some early adopters away, but in all fairness, Go has gone from strength to strength. Simple stability aside, it’s a much more well-rounded experience than it used to be. Just a few weeks ago, the long-awaited friends system was added, which finally brought trading to the table. Granted, these are things that should have been implemented earlier, but they’re here now. For fans, that’s what’s important.

Has Pokémon Go done enough to bring players back? That’s the question. Not everybody, of course, and it does have its detractors, but there’s one thing nobody can deny: it’s still raking in the money.

Sensor Tower brings us some intriguing new estimates, showing just how popular Go continues to be. According to them, the worldwide total spend on the app is over $2 million every day. The all-time total, as it reached its second anniversary? $1.8 billion.

If you’re up for a math lesson, you can check out how this all breaks down. Here’s the bar graph from the findings, demonstrating which countries have spent the most since July 2016:

Via: Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower also adds that Google Play has contributed 58 percent of the total spending, while the App Store makes up the remaining 42 percent. Also, Go is still in the top ten highest grossing apps of 21 countries around the world. You can check out even more stats back at the link, but the message is clear: you thought Pokémon Go was over? Think again.

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