Pokémon GO: All Of April's Quests And Rewards

Another month is here, and that means Pokémon GO will be seeing some changes. March gave us Grass-types, weather-based research tasks, and shiny Treeko. April looks to be bringing us Bug-types, a new Giratina form, and shiny Bagon. There might be a surprise or two sprinkled in there (Gibble finally!?), but for now, here's what we know about April's research tasks and their rewards.

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For the most part, the quests are the same as March's. Even the Spinda form is still the same. This may change in the coming days as the April Fools' event runs its course and fans have time to explore under normal gameplay conditions.

Here are the quests as of now:

via: The Silph Road
via: The Silph Road

Unfortunately, there's nothing much to write home about. Opportunities for shiny Pokémon are always welcome, but fans are probably sick of the first generation starters at this point. Also, two different quests that give Vulpix is unnecessary. You can't even get the Alolan Vulpix from these quests. Finally, Tentacruel and Manetric are just random.

There is hope on the horizon, however. With the Bug Out event about to begin, new quests will temporarily be added to the pool. Of particular note is the elusive Nincada, a Bug-type Pokémon that is locked to quests or egg hatching. Fans who missed out on Nincada's first appearance might get the chance to catch one again. That is, if Niantic is smart enough to give the quest again during the event.

More time going by also means new shinies being added to the game. Perhaps some of the Pokémon currently featured in quests will get shiny forms. That would add some much-needed usefulness to the quests that give you Jynx or Starmie.

It is worth noting again that these quests are subject to change at any time. Niantic likes to add updates close to one another, and a new raid is coming this week. That could hopefully signal a shift in quests as well. Check back with this article for updates, as we'll be adding quests as soon as they appear.

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