Pokémon GO: The Best Latios Counters

Pokémon GO Latios

So, you want to add a Latios to your growing roster of Pokémon GO critters? Let’s see how the best players are going about that.

As we know, Pokémon GO has been available since July 2016, and it’s had a heck of a ride so far. "Tempestuous" would probably be the word. On launch, the game was an all-you-can-eat glitch, bug, and crash buffet, and the tracking system (the most vital thing to get right, surely) just wasn’t up to snuff. It’s no surprise that Niantic’s CEO was viciously booed at the July 2017 Pokémon GO fest.

As they say, though, there’s only one way to go once you hit rock bottom, and that’s up. Since those dark days, Niantic has been hard at work implementing all kinds of functionality, from research tasks to trading and PvP. Yes, these are the sorts of things that should’ve been around since day one, but that’s neither here nor there. Better late than never.

One of these major features has been raid battles, and they’ve proven a little derisive. On the one hand, being able to band together with fellow players to whittle down a super-strong legendary Pokémon and capture one for yourself is great. That’s the definition of what Pokémon GO is trying to do (as that Mewtwo trailer demonstrated). Many of us, though, don’t really have that community.

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Still, if you are lucky enough to have a band of Pokémon GO enthusiasts around you, you’re probably going to want to go after Latios. Let’s see how some of the top players are approaching that challenge. For starters, here’s a handy-dandy infographic, courtesy of The Silph Road on Reddit.

Pokémon GO Latios 2
Via: Pokestgo.cl, GamePress & Pokébattler

The graphic says it all, really. If you’ve been keeping up with the game’s raids up to this point, you’re going to have some mighty powerful Dragon-types in your collection. Being a Dragon itself, Latios is weak against its fellow reptilian brethren. So if your Dragonite, Salamence, Rayquaza, and such have been blessed with a strong Dragon move (Outrage and Dragon Claw being the most physically and especially powerful, respectively), they’ll be invaluable in defeating it. So will Latias and other Latios, ironically.

Failing that, Latios is also part Psychic, which means that Ghost- and Dark-types will also counter it handily. Excellent choices, statistically speaking, are Gengar and Weavile, which are known in the main games for their high offense and squishiness. If Arceus has blessed you with these Pokémon and great STAB moves for them, you’re good to go.

Tyranitar is an excellent, tanky pick in general, and will also pay dividends here with its Dark-typing. As a nice bonus, Ghost and Dark Pokémon will also stand you in very good stead for Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie’s arrival, as they’re also Psychic-type legendaries. Good luck, and happy raiding!

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