Pokémon Go: 10 Best Shinies (So Far), Ranked

Shiny Pokemon are coveted in Pokémon Go. It might be tough to find them, but many players will tell you that it's worth it.

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9 Cresselia

Cresselia is by far one of the best shinies in all of Pokémon Go. The shiny princess’ purple and blue hues work perfectly together, and really help accentuate and bring out the moon-like aspects of this Pokémon. This one is a rare raid find though, so for those of us that don’t have friends still playing Go (literally everyone in the world)… well… find a different Pokémon.


Another rare one to find in Go is Ho-Oh. This gold and white shiny is another great looking one, debuting all the way back in Gen 2. This one can be found through both research and raid encounters, so your chances are a bit higher on finding this one than some of the other legendaries currently available. Good luck hunters!

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8 Gyarados

One of the most iconic shinies of all time, Gyarados is by far one of the best shiny Pokémon that you can find in the game. This was one of the first shinies added to Go, and can currently be found through normal encounters. The red Pokémon was actually part of the plot in Pokémon Gold and Silver, making it a special shiny in the hearts of many fans. Thus, having this one on your team is well worth the time it takes to find.

7 Milotic

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How do you make the legend that is Feebas any more iconic than it already is? Purple. That’s how. The same goes for Milotic, but more of a blue vibe for this one. This shiny can be found through the regular methods and research, making it a prime candidate for your shiny collection. The difference in the tail and… let’s call it hair, really help make it a fantastic shiny, that is just different enough to make quite the splash (ha).

6 Drifblim

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If you’re a fan of sentient balloons that are feared for stealing children and floating away with them forever, then this shiny is for you. While normal Drifblims are a light purple, the shiny version trades that palette in for a nice gold and blue look that really changes the entire look of the Pokémon. It also makes them much less threatening, but they’re still just as terrifying as they have ever been, don’t you worry. You can grab this shiny from wild encounters and raids as unevolved Drifloons.

5 Sceptile

Sceptile’s shiny is one that you don’t see talked about often, and that’s quite a shame. Usually, the Hoenn starter Pokémon is Green, with the bulbs on its back being a yellow color. The shiny version features a bright blue palette, with red bulbs on its back. The new colors contrast each other perfectly, and the scheme overall provides a completely different loom for Sceptile, which still fits him very well. If you’re looking for this Pokémon, you should hatch eggs and wait for some wild encounters.

4 Eevee

Eevee’s shiny itself is cute, it’s a nice white. However, the great part about Eevee is the ability to evolve it into whatever you want! All of the Eeveelutions are nice. Vaporeon’s purple and Jolteon’s green are certainly two that stick out. You could evolve shiny Eevee into any of the first Eeveelutions, or you could hold out for Sylveon, which has a perfect blue shiny that is superior to all its counterparts. Eevee can be encountered through all the usual methods, and does have a flower crown version as well. What did we do to deserve such generosity?

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3 Rapidash

Ponyta and Rapidash have some of the most understated, yet best shiny forms in all of Pokémon Go. Ponyta’s mane changes to a nice blue color, while Rapidash transforms into a grey color. Both work very well on the Pokémon, and are well worth however long the hunt for them takes. If you’re looking for this shiny, your only method is through wild encounters, so don’t let one slip you by.

2 Metagross

If you participate in community days, it is likely you already have a shiny Metagross in your party. This Pokémon got a huge community day feature a few months ago, and shinies were galore. This shiny form turns the usually blue Pokémon into an awesome steel grey and yellow scheme. While it is a completely different vibe from its usual form, it fits the Pokémon very well. While community day was the best time to catch this Pokémon, you can still grab it up through wild encounters.

1 Charizard

Of course, the best shiny offered in all of Pokémon Go is without a doubt, Charizard. This dragon (not technically a dragon but you know) usually sports an all over orange look. However, when encountered in its shiny form, it takes on an entirely black color scheme that is far superior to its usual look. Charmander and Charmeleon turn gold too, which is a nice look for the two. You can encounter this Pokémon through most methods available in the game, even including research encounters.

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