Pokémon GO Bug Causes Players To Lose Their Accounts (Again)

That’s right, friends, Pokémon GO is up to its old glitch-ridden tricks again and some players’ accounts are even being lost (again).

Now, Pokémon GO’s had quite a turbulent life, hasn’t it? The app first started rolling out worldwide in July 2016, and its much-anticipated launch wasn’t the smoothest. As was the case with Grand Theft Auto Online, the whole world wanted to get in on the action at launch, resulting in all manner of wacky server issues. Do you remember trying to log into that first tutorial mission? It was a bad, bad time.

Needless to say, GTA Online is doing just fine now. More than fine, in fact; it’s the gravy train that Rockstar always hoped it would be. The same could also be said of GO, which is adding new features and dropping new events all over the place, in an effort to keep us playing (and, more importantly, buying Poké Coins).

The app has come on in leaps and bounds, there’s no denying (even if a lot of these advances really were much too long coming). Nevertheless, even the most optimistic of us remember that this is Niantic we’re talking about. We remember the dark days of those attempts at Pokémon GO fests. We knew it was inevitable that shady happenings were bound to plague the game forever.

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Here it is, then, right on time: a disastrous new bug is causing some accounts to be lost entirely. As Game Rant reports, the issue started to emerge soon after the app’s Earth Day event. It revolves around a certain nondescript error message, which reads: “Unable to sign in. Please check that this Pokémon GO account exists and you have correctly selected New or Returning Player.”

Usually, this sort of technical snafu can be remedied by simply logging out and back in, restarting your system, or uninstalling and reinstalling. However, this doesn't seem to be working this time. One player on Reddit lamented the (seeming) loss of their level 40 account and Niantic’s lack of response to their plea for help.

If you’ve been similarly affected, there may be hope. The player, known only as spadesix, did eventually receive a response, which read:

“Hi Again,

I can understand your eagerness in accessing your Pokémon GO account. That being said, currently, we do not have any update on the issue that you are facing. We are collecting similar reports from other players as well to fix this issue effectively.

Your understanding and patience towards this situation will be highly appreciated as our team is already investigating this issue.

Have a nice day!”

So, that’s at least a little encouraging. All we can do now is wait and see what the Pokémon GO team can do to resolve the issue.

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