Pokémon GO Bug Out Event: All The Quests And Rewards

The Pokémon GO Bug Out event is here, offering players several creepy and cute crawlers to catch. The highlight is definitely the addition of Scyther's shiny form, although Nincada's return is also happy news. Trainers can get both of these from Bug Out's special limited-time quests. We're going to show you how.

The obvious thing to do is catch lots of Bug-type Pokémon. The majority of the quests reward you for doing exactly that. So without further ado, and thanks to Reddit user Titleist12, here are the Bug Out event's special research tasks.

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via: Niantic

Catch 15 Bug-type Pokémon - 1500 Stardust

There's always some sort of Stardust quest during these events. This one is fairly standard. It's up to you if you find it valuable. Since most of the Bug Out quests have you catching Bug-types, you can do double duty. It might be worth keeping this quest to complete it as you do the others. Especially if you live in a more rural area with less PokéStops and aren't spoiled for choice when it comes to quests.

Catch 2 Wurmple - Caterpie (Shiny Chance)

Trading two worms for a caterpillar is an interesting quest, but the potential for a perfect shiny Caterpie is a no-brainer. An easy quest like this is another one that's great for those who are starved for PokéStops.

Evolve 3 Bug-type Pokémon - Nincada

Here's one of the winners of this event. Nincada is notoriously rare, available only through a quest or egg hatching. The Nincada quest has been gone for months now, and don't event get us started on hatching odds. With plenty of bugs around to evolve, this is a good chance to get a Nincada as well as farm the candies needed to evolve it into Ninjask.

Catch 5 Ledyba or Spinarak - Yanma

This one seems a little odd. Yanma are spawning on their own through this event, and in decent numbers. Perhaps those who live in places where Bug-types don't usually spawn really need Yanma candies to evolve a Yanmega. Otherwise, you can probably ditch this quest.

Catch 10 Bug-type Pokémon - Scyther (Shiny Chance)

Another of the better quests in this event. Scyther is a brand new shiny, and you'll want to grasp every chance you can to encounter one. You'll also want candies to evolve a shiny Scyther into a shiny Scizor.

Hopefully this guide helps you get a shiny bug. Happy Hunting!

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